We were driving to school the other day and Declan was in a chatty mood.

Well, let’s be honest. He’s ALWAYS in a chatty mood that time of the morning, when everything is dewy and fresh – and I am half asleep and barely coherent.

He’s kind of leaning on the window, with his forehead on the glass. I notice that in the rear-view mirror because it always surprises me that his head can actually reach, and also how much further up the glass he can touch every time I look.

“Mama, do you think time needs fuel?”

I think for a minute, wondering what he means.

“Like, do you think it takes fuel from the world or somewhere? Because sometimes it seems like it is faster and sometimes it seems like it is slower.”

I have always thought Declan is an old soul, that he has been around the block a few times.

But when he makes such esoteric statements on quiet, chilly, Fall mornings… I know it down deep in my bones.

Even more importantly, I know he’s right.

Purple Tulip

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  1. Amanda

    When they winnow through the haze and pierce your soul with their musings, that’s when you experience the magic of wonder and potency of the human spirit.

    SO beautiful.

  2. Caleb

    Love this. What a smart kid.

  3. Anonymous

    That is lovely Aimee (and Dex) – m

  4. Aaron Bailey

    This made my day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Leslie

    Ahhh, those philosophical car chats. I know them well. I think Dex and mantelope would be two peas in a pod if they could hang out together.

  6. Stephanie

    That’s an astute observation. Old soul indeed 🙂

  7. Tree

    Thanks for sharing. I am so glad you did.

  8. Mixtape Jones


    And is it using MORE fuel when it moves fast, or more when it moves slow?

  9. Julie Marsh

    Love when their deep thoughts provoke deep thinking in us too.

  10. tiddleywink

    I look forward so very much to seeing where Dex goes in life, and hope that he’ll bring the rest of us along with him.

  11. Kim Hosey

    Wow. You’ve got a pretty special one right there.

  12. I Dream of Diapers

    Love this! What a smart little man.

  13. michele

    Kids can be very perceptive about life. Looks like you have a child with a deep soul.

  14. amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay

    lovely lovely old soul speaks xo

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