Fun Things I Do With Clients

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I started going to classes at Stone Leaf Pottery in 2004. I know this because Dex was about two years old when I was ready to get out and find some creative time for me. Since then, Dex has become Stone Leaf’s official kid mascot and I can’t find the time to make any pottery. I have been lucky enough, however, to help Stone Leaf Pottery with their web site, marketing and social media – but most importantly, all the folks there are friends.

When Ingrid and Sophia, the mother and daughter team who co-own the place, asked me to accompany them to a tattoo parlor, I must admit my eyebrow raised. I have nothing against tattoos, I like them, I think they are pretty, I have never found anything I like enough to have one put on me personally. But it just wasn’t something I expected a client to ask me about. However, this duo had an amazing year on top of a series of amazing years, so they decided to have it commemorated with a tattoo.

That is rad!

Even more cool? I got to help refine the drawing of Ingrid’s leaf (you know, as in Stone LEAF) for them to use as their tattoo art. Even cooler? Several long-standing employees decided to have the same tattoo of Stone Leaf’s “leaf” that night as well.

I came along and photographed.


StoneLeafTattoo_06 StoneLeafTattoo_04


Congrats to Stone Leaf Pottery for all your continued success, and thank you for having me along for the ride!

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  1. Karen

    That is neat!

  2. Kriddie

    That looks like so much fun, you & Declan must love spending time together, getting creative! Love it!

  3. Janie

    Love the pics in progress! Go girls!

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