Grace In Small Things #1

You probably have seen these posts popping up all over the interwebs, where people are talking about the little things in their lives that are positive, special, and worth remembering to overcome the noise and bitterness that is sometimes all-too-easy to overwhelm everything else. The brainchild of Schmutzie, a little bundle of grace herself, you can do posts on your own blog any way that works for you – and/or join the Grace In Small Things Ning group just to watch the spasms of love.

As for me? I adore the concept. ADORE. But I am also really really really bad at keeping up with “official” things in an “official” way. Which is why I have never done a 365 project on Flickr, even though I take (and post) photos almost every single day.

So, my guess is I will have Grace posts on weekends, and/or whenever the mood strikes me. Most certainly they won’t take over, either. Because I am much too cynical for that.

For my first Grace post, I just have one thing to be thankful for. It’s something that has carrying me through so many hard times, fun times, in between times – it is always there for me to go back to, to lean on, to stretch for and to think about.


I was telling a friend recently, I really feel like there is a time and place for every kind of music. A mood, a feeling – there is no right or wrong. I love it all.

OK, maybe not it ALL. But A LOT.

The other night we saw James Morrison and Adele perform at a very small club here in Denver, and yet again, I remembered how much music can touch me. Or even touch someone like Bryan, where both these artists are so far from his normal style – yet he stood there mesmerized.

It really is magical.

Here are my two favorite video clips from that night. I have many others on my YouTube account if you want to check them out. Be sure to watch in high quality, because P.S. the Flip Mino HD rocks.

James Morrison – Broken Strings (normally a duet with Nelly Furtado)

Adele – Melt My Heart To Stone

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  1. Sizzle

    I agree about music. It’s transformative. And I love both of those artists!

  2. Sheila @ Dr

    I always forget too! I’ve been looking for some new music on my Ipod- time to go looking. Any hints??

  3. leaca

    I agree and was just thinking the same thing. Music inspires me in a way I can duplicate with anything else.

    I love Adele and the whole album is wonderful.

  4. Anonymous

    Love this idea!!!

  5. Grey Street Girl

    What a great blog idea and I so agree about music. Magical! It can shape your mood on the worst and best of days.

  6. zenrain

    You know I’m with you here!!

  7. ~Sheryl

    I am a gigantic music lover and I also believe in fate… Now power at work today so we were sent home. I went to my bloglines and read your post, clicked on the YouTube video and watched James Morrison. I have the tv on Ellen (mostly for noise) and guess who her musical guest was? Go ahead, guess? Yep, James Morrison.

    Amazing musician. Thanks.

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Sheryl – when he was on the radio here, he mention he was doing Ellen this week! YAY!

  9. Schmutzie

    I love how transformative live music can be. I definitely don’t see enough of it.

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I ‘m seriously falling for the growing community over at Grace in Small Things on Ning.

  10. zipper

    great video clips, thanks!

  11. metalia

    I *adore* Adele. Her voice completely blows me away/gives me chills.

  12. nutmeg

    Every time I see the Grace badge on somebody’s blog I think they’ve posted a photo of their birth control pills. I was just thinking about how I found James Morrison through your blog. I’ll have to write about that!

  13. Anonymous

    what a great ideas! thanks for sharing.

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