GUEST POST: Let’s Talk

How do I love Kristin, let me count the ways. Her blog is like poetry, her photos are art, she is a sweet and kind friend – oh, I could go on forever. Let’s just say I love her lots.


Let’s Talk
by Kristin Zecchinelli aka Maine Mama

Lets talk.
I am a mom.
A wife.
I am “curvy”, aka chubby, my words.
I wear mom clothes (for reals), but I once was a card carrying member of the Doc Marten fan club.
You may know me from my blog or my photos or even in real life, but i have a little bit of a freaky side… Do you?
I love roller derby girls. I think they rock.
I love a nose piercing, I even had one not so long ago and am seriously thinking when I will have it redone.
I would love to dye a streak in my hair some crazy wild color, like purple.
I know, I know, I see you all shaking your head, thinking ‘mid life crisis’.
trying to hang onto to “cool”, when that was so ten years ago for me…
I like to think it is just who I am, a mom yes, but so much more makes me tick.
I really love ink, as in tattoos. If I had great arms I would have a sleeve, oh yes i would.
Lately I am really craving words on skin. A fabulous quote or saying that speaks to me.
I am drawn to others who are inked up. I find my eyes go right to their tattoos. I want to study their art, find out the stories behind their choices, read their words.
What words would you choose to have forever inked on your skin?
Share won’t you? I’d love to hear them.

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” – Jack London

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  1. Paul Merrill

    The only hard thing about words on skin is that you may not always believe them. Then, the removal is painful and very expensive.

  2. kristin

    yes that is true paul. i like to think of my ink as stories. stories from pages of a particular time in my life.

    thanks aimee! hope you are having a fruity cocktail out of a coconut right about now.

  3. Ken Fujikawa

    Please tell me how to put a share button on your blog

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  5. Hannah

    I want to have simply the word “enough” in ink. It is something I need a constant reminder of. I already have “victory”, in Hebrew- the language of my grandfather’s ancestry.

  6. Lee

    One of my tattos is the sybol for strength, located on my baby toe. My best friend and I both have the same tat in the same place, because she and I went through so much together. I also have a heart with eagles wings (my dads) with thy word mother in it, for my mom. My final tat is on my calf, the tree of life. On it are symbols for my family. A crown for my oldest daughter, my princess. A dove for my grandmother, who’s passed but always present bringing me hope. A hammer for my father, a symbol of strength and accomplishment. An old candle, lit and half burned away, for my husband…my light in the dark. A piece of quilt for me, the soft comfortable place to fall and be cared for. As my family grows so will my “family tree”, and tree of life. One and the same.

  7. かわやま

    激安 大人のおもちゃ
    大人 の 玩具 販売
    ゲイ 体験
    アナル 拡張

  8. monstergirlee

    I have 8 tattoos but none of them are words. However if I decide to have one last tattoo, it’ll be a family tattoo with the names of my children and husband.

  9. Mixtape Jones

    I think this is really great. I think it’s important to maintain our interests and modes of personal expression as we get older. Just because we have kids, or are over 35, or 40, doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to express ourselves in certain ways anymore. Please continue to express yourself freely and truly.

  10. kristin

    love all the comments.

    thanks and yes we need to keep on being just who we are no matter the age. and think of what cool stories it leaves for us to share one day with our children and their children!

  11. ~Blur Principessa~

    This reminded me of one of my favourite sayings currently. “My Prince Charming will have at least 1 tattoo”. Oh yes, he will =)

    As for tattoo words, I think I would go for ‘HOPE’ in swirly letters.. Its means something different for everyone, and yet, carries much personal sentiment =)

  12. Lisa

    I too want to dye a streak of purple in my hair. Or neon pink. I have dark brown hair so I think I might be able to strategically place it so I can hide it for work. If it was purple, not so much the hot pink. I don’t think my employer would really care but my direct boss is really old fashioned and uptight.
    I have 4 tattoos, got the first one when I was 35. It is a fleur de lis, got it at my first Mardi Gras. I love it but I think I would have gone with a different style of fleur if I had to think about it more. It was kind of a spontaneous thing. The second one is a turtle playing the trombone. My best friend and I got it, we designed it, it represents two bands that brought us together from across the country to become best friends. She lived in Seattle and I lived in PA.
    The third one is a Phoenix. I got it after Hurricane Katrina to represent the strength and resilience of my favorite city and second home, New Orleans. My favorite singer was quoted as saying “like the Phoenix, New Orleans will rise from the ashes”.

    The last one is a hibiscus. Its the beginning of a bigger plan. Its way down below my belly button, its going to be a garden of flowers when its finished. Why hibiscus? I don’t know, I just love hibiscus tats. I wanted pink and orange and purple flowers in a secret place where only my husband will ever see.

    I have ideas for a few more, I am in no way finished. I have a shooting star design with some song lyrics from one of my favorite songs, a dolphin design and I want the word FAITH on my wrist.

    I don’t regret any of my tattoos. People ask me if I will be embarrassed when I have grand children who have a tattooed grandma. I say, I hope they tell people, “my grandma was freaking cool”

  13. Splintered-Heart

    “Maybe I’m dreaming…”
    That’s what I would get inked…well actually no not inked. Carved, as in scarification. (:

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