Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve had a very nice Mother’s Day so far. The boys made me breakfast of pancakes, eggs and turkey sausage… they gave me lovely cards (Declan even wrote out his sentiments to me – see below)… Declan made his first piece of pottery for my gift (also see below – I am so proud – a coil pot!)… and Bryan gave me this cool scarf thing that has gel beads inside that either stay hot of cool depending on what type of water you soak them in… which will definitely come in handy in Mexico – or the next time I need to impress a science geek. Then we went to the park and played (and I laid flat on the jungle gym and stretched out my back – what I want to know is how can someone be sore from shopping?) Then we had lunch and now Declan is peacefully sleeping and I am about to join him in slumberland, too.

But before I do, I just wanted to send big hugs, kisses and love to my Mom, Aunt Heidi, Aunt Kitty and all the other lovely ladies who were involved in raising me. I sincerely appreciate everything you do.

And to all my Mommy friends out there – I have three words for ya: You kick ass. I know how hard you all work at making the world a better place… not only for your own kids, but for my kid too.


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