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Hoodoo Gurus at Bluebird Denver

Are you ready to dive into a whirlwind of nostalgia and infectious rock? That’s exactly what I experienced when I was finally able to see the legendary Hoodoo Gurus in Denver at the Bluebird. As a longtime fan of their music, the anticipation had been building for years, if not decades. They had to postpone the show a few times due to COVID, but it was worth the wait.

The setlist (below) was filled with songs from their latest album, Chariot of The Gods, but plenty of old goodies too. My two fave Hoodoo Gurus albums are Stoneage Romeos and Kinky, so you can bet I was happy. Those unmistakable guitar riffs and Dave Faulkner’s distinctive vocals instantly transported everyone back in time, and the entire venue became a sea of dancing and singing fans.

What struck me the most about the concert was Hoodoo Gurus’ undeniable chemistry and showmanship. It was evident that they were not just performing, but reliving the moments that had shaped their music. Each member of the band brought their unique flair, contributing to a fun and well-rounded performance.

I’m so glad that – after over 40 years of love – I finally got to witness it for myself.

Hoodoo Gurus – Denver Concert Photos

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Hoodoo Gurus Setlist
Bluebird Denver – May 16, 2023

(Let’s All) Turn On
Answered Prayers
Another World
Out That Door
Chariot of the Gods
Mars Needs Guitars!
The Right Time
In the Middle of the Land
Got to Get You Out of My Life
I Want You Back
Miss Freelove ’69
Come Anytime
Poison Pen
I Was a Kamikaze Pilot

My Girl

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