Hopefully 4th time is a charm…

I had my temporary teeth fixed again yesterday. That was the 4th time. Basically I keep grinding this one tooth off – obviously that tooth is the crosshairs of all my centrifugal grinding action, all night long.

Basically that poor defenseless tooth has been exposed to the elements off and on for two weeks straight.

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to have dental work done on a tooth that is so sensitive, it is is vulnerable to mere air intake… Don’t bother trying. It’s not as fun as it sounds. I was arched out of the dental chair like an 80’s video vixen, and every pore in my body was sweating, even those on the bottom of my feet.

The dentist finally decided to permanently bond the temporary tooth on. Sure, OK, whatever it takes, dude. The net-net is that he will have to numb me to get them off next week (when he puts the final veneers on). I can live with that if it means my tooth will actually stay in my my mouth.

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