I bet you think it’s Greeblemix Day, don’t you?

But it’s MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

See, along with several other ladies from Colorado, I have become a “Wii Fit Brand Enthusiast.” What is that exactly? It means I learn about the Wii Fit, and I share what I have learned about the Wii Fit, we talk about all the cool things the Wii Fit does, and what we wish the Wii Fit would do better. Mostly it means I type Wii Fit a lot.

Oooo! That’s better.

It also means that I will have someone come to my house this week and teach me how to use the darn thing. Because, even though I have had it for a while, I still don’t know how to use it. OK. Truth. I mostly know how to use it but I am lazy. I need someone to come over and make me use it – in front of several friends. You’ll see photos of this embarrassment later.

In the meantime, here is our family of Mii’s to amuse you.

Why did Bryan decide he should look like Wool Hat from the Monkees? I have NO IDEA.

OK, Miis Schmiis – enough yammering on. I will get to the point. WHY should you care about all this? Because Nintendo loves you and it’s the holiday season and GUESS WHAT, HOLY COW, I HAVE A WII AND WII FIT BALANCE BOARD TO GIVE AWAY TO YOU ALL!

I repeat. *A Wii and Wii Fit.* You read that right.

And you came here for a measly Greeblemix, didn’t you??? Ha ha! I TOLD YOU THIS WAS BETTER.

OK, here are the rules. Big scary rules.

1. One winner will receive one (1) Wii and one (1) Wii Fit Balance Board 3.

2. To enter, comment on this post. You may comment as many times as you like.

3. BUT! I want to hear WHY you would like a Wii Fit. What you would use it for. None of this Dooce-esque “pick me pick me” business. Real answers, por favor. How it might help your exercise routine. What you think sounds cool about it. Why it will work with your schedule. Whatever. I DON’T CARE. It just needs to be a real answer that you thought about for more than the time it takes to type “pick me pick me!” Meaning, I reserve the right to delete mindless or repeat comments. Or at least make fun of them.

4. Contest will end Noon, Mountain Time, December 5th, 2008. Yes. IT GOES ALL WEEK, FOLKS.

5. At which time, I will use a random-number generator to pick one winner – randomly. Bryan will not touch this with a 10 foot pole.

6. No anonymous comments.

7. No relatives or coworkers of Greeblemonkey may enter.

8. United States residents only. (Sorry, foreign friends!!!!)

9. Fulfillment will be handled by Nintendo, so you must be willing to provide your real name, phone number and mailing address if selected as the winner.

10. Nintendo expects to ship the prize two weeks after notification of the winner’s details! Look at the calendar, peeps!

11. And yes… Five randomly selected runner-up winners will receive a Christmas Music Greeblemix. BUT WHO CARES! It’s the Wii Fit we are talking about!

Have fun, happy holidays and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. karichuckroryskylar

    I would love to have a Wii Fit, mostly because I love the idea that I can exercise after my kids have gone to bed and my husband is still at work. I would love to use the yoga program and get feedback on whether I am doing the poses correctly. With something as fun as this it would be much more motivating to exercise everyday. thanks!

  2. anne

    Oh, love it. I mean, I LOVE the Greeblemixes, too, but this just takes it to another level of cool.

    Okay: so my expanding backside could very much use this Wii and balance board. Running used to be my exercise of choice and kept me from butt expansion, but now that I have a newborn and no jogging stroller (yet) and the traditional stroller sucks at running AND the weather isn’t always cooperative AND I can’t afford a gym membership (nevermind the child care question)… well, you can see how a Wii Fit would be on savior level for me.

    Plus, I love video games and anything associated with them, so even more motivation.

    Plus, I could tell my husband that this is HIS Christmas present, winning the Wife of the Year award, and still get in shape (while he plays video games at other times).


  3. Janel R

    I have a Wii and I have been researching the WiiFit board. I think it would have lots of health benefits including distressing. I am a graduating student from the Art Institute THIS DECEMBER and I am all stress. I can uses the zen aerobic stress reliever of a WiiFit Board.

  4. Immoral Matriarch

    Oo! Pick me! I need one because I’m too embarrassed to go to the gym and it’s way to cold to go outside. I’ve been diagnosed diabetic now because of my weight and the endocrinologist is convinced that if I reach a healthy BMI that it will go completely away. I need to lose at least 60 lbs btw.

    Plus, the girls love yoga, and it’d be fun to actually participate in it with them. 🙂

  5. Immoral Matriarch

    Oh and I’ve been unable to comment on your site in Firefox. Today I tried it in IE and it worked perfectly. Maybe it’s just my crappy internet.


  6. Giyen

    I totally want this because:
    a. I don’t feel like I have enough avatars of myself and would like to add to my collection.

    b. Now that I got rid of cable, the television just sits there like a sad lump. Give it another reason to live.

    c. Would love to have a way to melt the fat off my butt. lol.

  7. Tug

    I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been trying to lose weight for MONTHS, & have only lost about 3 pounds because I just.don’t.exercise. I have a gazelle, but when my grandkids visit I’m afraid they’re going to get hurt swinging on it, so I really need to get rid of it. The Wii not only would help me exercise, but it would be more fun than the old school Nintendo (1st made) that I inherited from my daughter.

    Thanks for the chance!

  8. Rhiannon

    Dude, you guys aren’t wearing any pants.

    I would LOVE to win this. Since getting my Lupron shot in September, I’ve gained 9 pounds. Sadly, my doctor’s response to this is: “you’re just going to work out harder!” And, well, I’m burnt out. I’m burnt out because I worked out HARD from August on, and as it turns out, I gained weight and my body fat increased. That’s SAD.

  9. Velma

    I’ve come to realize that I badly need to get fit to set a good example for my daughter. This past year, she has become riddled with anxiety, and one of the things she obsesses about is my being healthy. I’d love to have something I could do at home for her to see that exercise can be fun AND good for you, and that no, I won’t be dying anytime soon.

  10. Jozet at Halushki

    I need a Wii Fit because I need to look hawwwwwt for BlogHer so I can complete my bid for world dominations. Because, let’s face it, having a bitching blog is one thing; but if I’m not in shape enough to keep up my partying stamina over three days, I’m a goner. I might as well just join Facebook and forgettabout it. Oh wait…I did join Facebook.

    Anyway, I could use me some Wii Fit so that I can be Queen of all Cyber Media. Thank you very much.

  11. miznyc

    This is ridiculously awesome. I am a stay at home mom and my family doesn’t really have the finances right now to pay for a gym membership. I work from home part time but my work involves a lot sitting around and consequently I realized I’ve gotten out of shape. Eeek!

  12. Sizzle

    You’re big time now, girl. You’re giving away a Wii!? 😉

    Of course I would like to throw my hat in the ring because I live in Seattle – the land of dark, cold, rainy days where many many people suffer from S.A.D. I would use the Wii to combat my winter blahs.

    (That’s reason number one.)

  13. miznyc

    also, I don’t do well with monotonous exercise. Sit ups that involve staring at the wall usually go south pretty quickly.

    This looks like fun fun fun!!!

  14. Suzanne


    I have a Wii Fit-it’s one of the few things that I can actually do a no impact workout, like the doctor ordered.

    However, my SIL needs to exercise and is on more severe restrictions than I am. If I won this, it’d go to her. She’s supposed to get some major surgery, but has to get in shape first. This would help…

  15. MPPs Mom

    Well my reason is that I have a 6 mos old and I haven’t been to the gym in at least 6 mos (really much longer)…even though I’m still paying my membership fee (sigh…I know I’ll be back I just don’t know when…..) And so having the wii fit at home would be so efficient and helpful to my life….Not only would I be fit and buff, but my husband might start getting some action too, if you know what I mean. But I see that the “i have a kid and need to work out at home” comment has already been used several times….and so here’s another reason…..Does Nintendo really want to allow my newborn daughter to go through life not knowing about Wii? She could grow up knowing it is a necessity just like the telephone, electricity, running water, …….. in her eyes it could become more important than the (gasp) Television.

    hope that made you laugh.

  16. April E. :)

    Oh boy!!! A Wii AND a Wii Fit!!! What lucky peeps we are!!!
    Here’s why I would LOVE one!! I have lost 35 pounds and I have been working hard at it…but I am hitting my plateau and it seems it is time to add some working out to this regimin. I have been working and very busy volunteering, so to able to work out at home and spend time with my husband at the same time and potentially lose more weight! What could be better!! What an awesome chance, what an AWESOME giveaway!! Thanks!

  17. miznyc

    Reason #3 – my family of Miis would look pretty awesome.

  18. stickysweetdiabetics

    This is such a cool giveaway.

    I would love to have the Wii Fit because I could motivate my mother & grandmother to use it with me. We are all diabetics and exercising is strongly recommended but it’s hard to get to a gym because my mother also suffers from fibromyalgia and my grandmother takes care of my severly handicapped uncle (born with hydrosyphillis, Scoliosis, Cebral Palsey). So time away from home is not an option on most days for either of them. And only two of us would be able to go at a time since my uncle can not be left home alone. We all live together and this way we could exercise without leaving home. Thanks!

  19. samantha jo campen

    Holy cow this is awesome.

    Okay, why I would be a perfect pick for the Wii and Wii Fit:

    I had a baby in March. While my weight is mostly down, my body has shifted in ways I’m not thrilled about. I work full-time and love being home, so I’m not too eager to leave my son and husband to go work out. This would be great for me (and my husband too! We BOTH should be working towards being healthy)so I can stay home and work out while Theo is napping or in bed at night. I want to build more strength and endurance since I’ll be running around after a toddler soon enough.

    So yes. That is why I’d put a Wii and Wii Fit to good use!


  20. Christina

    OK, I’ll admit that I already have a Wii Fit. But I’d like to win this so I can give it to a friend of mine who has been wanting one. She wants to get in shape, but can’t afford a gym membership and has practically no time by herself.

    She just found out her job is being consolidated with another one, and therefore she’s out of work, right before Christmas. She’s a single mom with a four year old son. I’d love to win this for her.

  21. Jen

    I’m thinking I would love a Wii and a Wii Fit for getting back into shape after I have my first baby in like, oh my god, a month. Perfect timing!

  22. SaraBeth


    immediately i can think of many reasons why i would love a wii fit.

    1.) i know it would be a great motivation for me. i keep saying i want to exercise more and get in shape, yet i can’t seem to find that motivation. i like the thought of doing yoga, but i always get way too bored when watching those instructional videos and am way too self conscious to take a class.
    2.) in our house, a wii/wii fit is a want very badly but not a need. since it isn’t a need and is over 300 hundred dollars, we will never buy one.
    3.) my sister-in-law is getting married in march, and i would like to look something other than “stout”.

  23. velocibadgergirl

    So last week I tried out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, right? And they said I had the bouncy curly hair and the big boobs, but that I needed to work on my dance moves in a BIG way. And lose ten pounds.

    So if I win the Wii Fit, it will help me achieve my lifelong dream of strutting my stuff in really tiny tops and cowboy boots in a job you can actually tell your grandma about. Please pick me!

    Okay, for real. My husband and I are hoping to start trying for a baby early next year, and it would be really great if I could get into better shape before and during the pregnancy.

    We are trying to save up money for the sprog, and therefore can’t afford anything super useful like a gym membership or pool pass.

    If I had a Wii Fit, I would definitely exercise more, because I could do it at home even when it’s too dark and cold to do any outside exercise.

    Think of the baby!

    And also, you never know…the cheerleaders might call me back…

  24. Michelle

    WAIT- I can’t believe this is happening…this might be my most perfect day EVER….my son is going to wake up THRILLED that he can finally open a damn window on his advent calendar after a month of begging, I have the privilege of taking our car in for an oil change and admitting to the smug worker people that I do indeed need help changing my rear windshield wiper as it is like a torturous mind puzzle to me, AND I have the honor of helping in the classroom at my son’s preschool, which means that I will become surrounded and possibly eaten alive by 16 4-year olds in a matter of hours. BUT WAIT….”just when I thought this day couldn’t get any stupider- it goes and totally redeems itself” – ok, I was only partially plagiarizing there. Any way, I digress…. I would be ecstatic if I won the Wii. I think it is such a great idea and technology never ceases to amaze me! I am going to keep my fingers crossed! Thanks so much for bringing these great offers our way!

  25. Michelle

    Oh I forgot…Can I tell you??? Ever since hopping on that thing at BlogHer and having embarrassing video taken of me during my hula hooping challenge, I have been in L-O-V-E. I also played the boxing game with a friend once (she stole the console from her nephew while they were on vacation and the middle aged women couldn’t get enough!)- anyway, I was SORE for a week! My arms! Oh how they love the Wii. My ass- oh how it NEEDS the Wii. Did I mention, that I am too cheap to pay for a gym membership, so that boxing game made me buy a punching bag for the garage to try and recreate that oh so good type of sore muscle feeling. Did I mention that I am too cheap to join a gym- that’s expensive people! Did I mention I would share it with my friends if I did get it- inviting them over and making fools out of ourselves together and sharing the videos with the entire Internet afterwards. Did I mention we live in Seattle and it rains a LOT here. What an awesome contest- THANK YOU!!!

  26. Kate

    Why I need the Wii Fit: (1) 20lbs…’nuff said, (2) work-from-home mom and the gym daycare has very inconvenient hours, (3) my 30th bday is coming up in a few months and I would really like to look gooooooood for it, (4) I really want to lose all the extra before getting pregnant again.

  27. joansy

    1. I need to renew my driver’s license in February and I’m not going to be happy with either the weight or photo. Dammit.

    2. I’ve started working out at the gym, but I’d like to find something physical to do with the kids in the evening. I think the wii would make them enthusiastic about exercising.

    3. It has a hula-hoop game. My hula-hooping could use some work.

  28. Margo

    I would love a Wii Fit!! Or even just a Wii… It would be a great excuse for the whole family to get in shape together. And a very healthy excuse to play video games!!

  29. Autumn

    Wow, just when I didn’t think you could possibly get any cooler you do this! Thank you for giving us all a chance, my husband and I have been going back and forth about buying a Wii in this economy. We are just scared to death of spending too much this Christmas if something happens to one of our jobs.
    Anywho.. here are the reasons I need this.
    1. My ever expanding muffin top.
    2. Fun with my son, we need something to do as a family during the cold winter months.
    3. I will be the coolest mom ever in my sons eyes.
    Thank you! you rock.

  30. Chris

    Okay seriously? I might as well smear everything I eat on my buh-hind because that’s where it’s going anyway, so wouldn’t it be nice for me to have a Wii and Wii-fit to fix said buh-hind? I certainly think so. Plus, my kids would be SO jealous and that would be kinda’ cool. lol.

  31. Meghann

    Why do I need a Wii Fit? I’m an Army wife, and mom to 4 kids, and we homeschool. There is about zero time in there to go somewhere to exercise. I’m lucky if I get to pee by myself.

  32. Gwen from MD

    I work, wipe, cook, clean, fix, plan, coordinate, follow-up, remember, smile, hug and kiss for OTHER people all day, every day. I need something to do for ME.

  33. Mrs. Wheezer

    I would love to win this great little gift, but not for me. We already have (and love) our Wii Fit. This would be for my amazing sister and her fabulous son.

    My family has loved having the board and cheering each other on. I know my sister and her boy would, too.

  34. Jen

    I {Heart} Wii Fit….especially the hula hooping…and the skiing and the step aerobics (in fact I e-mailed Nintendo and asked for a whole Wii Step game) – but the soccer…I keep getting hit by Pandas…

  35. Shutter Bitch

    Oh this is awesome.

    I would like to win because I’m about 100 pounds overweight. I’d like to say some of it is due to baby weight, but let’s be honest. My daughter is 11 months old, and I weigh the same as I did the day she was born. It’s not going anywhere. In fact, I probably weigh more than I did the day she was born, how humiliating is that?

    Anyway, with 2 kids and what amounts to 2 jobs (accounting and photography) I don’t have time for a gym. And for Christmas? I’ve asked for an exercise ball, some hand weights, and some exercise DVDs to finally get in a healthy body for my kids. Because this pattern I’ve started? I don’t want my kids learning it.

    Having a Wii and Wii Fit would definitely help me on the way (weigh) to losing this weight, providing fun and motivation to get me off the couch and out from in front of the computer.

  36. Shutter Bitch


    Yeah, it’s not healthy.

  37. Shutter Bitch

    Oh, and also?

    I’ll do just about anything for blog fodder, including document my use of the Wii and Wii Fit on my own blog.

    Are you reading Nintendo!? I would be a perfect candidate to get a promotional Wii and Wii Fit and another one to give away! Promise!

  38. Sue at nobaddays

    I’m not putting myself in the running — just wanted to say that I think this is cool and love you (in a kinda semi-detached Internetty way, of course) for doing this1 I just know that someone who could really benefit will get it. I’m sure there are many others but my money is on commenter #1 MB 😉

  39. wingsof_freedom

    Why do I need a Wii Fit? Because I absolutely refuse to go to the next size pants! I seriously need something that is going to motivate me and I really think this will. Thank you for doing this!

  40. abbersnail

    I need a Wii Fit because I work long hours, seven days a week. Despite my best efforts to go to yoga classes, I can’t seem to fit them into my schedule. And in order to afford gym membership fees (or, to be frank, regular yoga classes) I would be forced to work even more. While my financial fitness is getting more and more sound as I bring in enough money to survive in San Francisco, my physical fitness is suffering the consequences. A Wii Fit would allow me a structured workout at convenient times of the day!

    Thanks for this utterly fantastic giveaway!

  41. Caligirl

    I would love a wii because I am going to DC in April and would like to exercise a little so I don’t pass out at the Lincoln Memorial.

  42. Lori K

    Okay, this is just a crazy awesome giveaway. I would like a Wii Fit because:
    1) My cholesterol is too high and Doc says “exercise, exercise!”
    2) My 3 monkeys, ages 11, 7 and 5 need something to keep them from bouncing off the walls on cold, snowy days.
    3) I want to see myself as a chubby mii and then evolve into a skinny, fit and healthy mii!

  43. Beth Fish

    Pick me! Pick me! Because the kids might be fascinated enough by what was on the tv that I would actually be able to do this and halt my recent highly-troubling ass-expansion.

  44. Ginger

    Why I need a wii fit:
    1. I have gained 15 pounds in the last year.
    2. We have had to cancel our gym membership for cost saving reasons
    3. I really would like for my pants to fit again someday
    4. I think it’s gotta be funny to have a video game tell you your balance is bad.

  45. Sarah K

    OHHH you are gonna have so many comments.
    I need a Wii fit b/c I am too lame to drive to the JCC anymore. My 3rd child has thrown off my metabolism and I am tired of my pilates video…yes..video (not dvd).

  46. Sarah K

    Also, and I forgot to add, I wouldn’t mind having a Wii because then my son will quit asking to go to your house to play it. Plus I am really good at the boxing game-it is quite a workout for me as well.

  47. MPPs Mom

    WAIT, hold the phone.
    Wii fit has a hula hoop game? OMG I need this. So my third reason is I want to regain my title from 3rd grade where I was reigning hula hoop champion!!!!!!!!

  48. Mary

    what a fantastic giveaway! I would LOVE a Wii Fit and use it to exercise. 20 lbs isn’t a lot but it sure is a pain to lose!!!

  49. MB

    how completely cool is this?

    Here is why it would be PERFECT for me: I’m a single mom. My kid’s in daycare, so it’s not like I’m going to take her to the daycare at a workout place at night. I like to run, but can’t do that with her (yet). I got the tandem extension for the bike, but we’re pretty much limited to that. I want to be able to do my workout at home! With feedback! Wii does that!!!!! Wii Fit is the answer for single moms who want to work out at home!

  50. Marge

    Ask FruitLady, I need this. NEED. I started changing my lifestyle and making a concerted effort for fitness back in August. With a support team, calorie counting and walking. I’ve kept up with it better than any other effort in the last ten years. I’m doing well with the calories but I am struggling with the exercise.

  51. Lori

    I want a Wii Fit to do yoga in my living room, and to zen out when my kids misbehave.

    Sometimes when my kids misbehave, I forget to breathe. So if I am the winner, my kids have a better chance of me surviving the exasperating moments and calming down.

    And maybe I’ll learn golf, too. You know, to ramp up the stress again.

  52. Marge

    Really struggling. I have an extremely inconsistent schedule and live many miles (at least 15) from the nearest gym and even if it was closer I wouldn’t go very often. I’ve wasted a lot of money on gyms because I can’t motivate myself to go. I have tried at least 4 different st-home dvd-style workouts and even found one that I like, but I’ve been using it offand on for 4 years and I’m really bored with it.

  53. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    You should pick me because try as I might? I missed my one and only work out opportunity of the week the past two weeks. Two weeks ago I missed my train coming home from Chicago (GARRRR!) and last week? I was stuck in the worlds longest grocery store lines (but I guess I *was* shopping by myself for a change – that’s a plus, right?) My midsection STILL resembles flarp, even though I can technically do “plank” and other really easy pilates/yoga.

  54. Marge

    I desperately need to shake things up. Since beginning in August I have lost 10 of the 110 lbs that I need to lose. With the holidays and feelings of depression I desperately need to shake things up.

  55. Marge

    With the exception of a computer and an ancient antenna TV, we are a very low-tech family. No video games, no cable, no iPod, none of that. Believe me, the rest of the world has made it very clear to us just what we are missing out on. Wii and Guitar Hero are at the top of that list.

  56. Marge

    The idea that I could rationalize, even justify having a Wii for fitness reasons is AWESOME. Except that there is a list of very necessary things that have to be paid for first like repairing the furnace, snow boots for the kid, and bills to pay.

  57. Marge

    If I WON the Wii Fitness though… well then there would be no guilt. And no excuses about losing those 100 extra pounds I’m carrying around, would there.

  58. Marge

    I have been overweight since junior high. Which means many years to become an expert at making excuses NOT to be healthy. Only recently have things changed. I’m determined to lose this weight.

  59. Marge

    140 is a long way away right now but a little here, a little there, and I will overcome. I don’t know what it is to look sexy. I never have. I don’t know what good fashion is because clothes don’t look good on this body. But I look at photos of my mother when she was my age and hot damn! To think THAT body might be lurking under THIS fat? I’m determined to find out.

  60. Marge

    Winning a Wii Fitness would help. And of course I would have to blog about my progress and the big part Wii Fitness plays. 😉

  61. Shelly

    Normally I email my fitness buddies with my daily progress report. For the previous day, I tell them how many calories I ate, how many I burned, and what the net is. (My goal is burning 1000 more than I eat).

  62. Marge

    Normally I email my fitness buddies with my daily progress report. For the previous day, I tell them how many calories I ate, how many I burned, and what the net is. (My goal is burning 1000 more than I eat).

  63. Marge

    Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting my progress reports here too. Stay tuned.

  64. kristin

    oh wow i keep hearing about these things and well I am computer game challenged. but i would love one for the following reasons. i have a teenager who thinks i am uncool and behind the times always. perhaps if we could Wii together that might bring a slight step closer to uncool , plus she like me struggles with her weight so it would be a great sneaky way to get in exercise AND try to look like a hip mom to my teenage daughter. and if you need more well honestly after 3 kids i have let myself GOOOOOOOOOOO. i need to lose more than a few pounds, why do you think all you ever see of me is my head??? well now you know. so maybe some months with a Wii and i could do a decent self portrait i was proud of.
    so being fit and having fun??? oh yes please! random thingy selector pick me!!!!!!!! LOLOL

  65. Corey~living and loving

    how exciting.

    I NEED this because blogging has made my Butt big! 🙂

  66. Nahgiel

    Hello! My daughter’s wedding was in August – I lost 14 lbs before the wedding and am desperately trying to keep it off. A WiiFit would be perfect for me!

    THANKS for the opportunity!

  67. kessligan

    I think that a Wii fit may be the only way I can motivate myself to lose the weight that I have been carrying around. I just can’t handle going to the gym where people might look at me!

  68. Naomi

    Rockin’ Giveaway!

    We would love a Wii Fit because our family loves to be TOGETHER, but we are challenged in the exercise department.

    I would just love to be able to turn it on, and enjoy some healthy time together … and burn calories, tone up and lose weight together!

  69. talesofmy30s

    Why Rachel deserves a Wii with WiiFit:

    1. She didn’t win one at work for November because the inside sales guy she picked did not pick up the most sales for the month.

    2. It would provide the opportunity for A for a Wii Fit Buddy nearby ;).

    3. I need to get back in shape and need something new to keep me motivated and excited about exercise.

  70. Kathryn

    I’m the perfect candidate for your Wii Fit! I commute 2.5 hours each way to work every day (to a job I love) and that makes for a very long day. The only way I’ll ever get in any exercise is to have fun with it- everything else seems like a chore! PLUS! It would have the added benefit of being able to share what little bit of time I do have at home with my teenage son and husband, so we can bond, exercise and laugh together!

    It would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. Kelly

    I would love a Wii fit to do the yoga I so miss since moving from CA. I’m not a big ‘studio’ person. I AM a little concerned about the fact that it will tell me EXACTLY how much I weigh, and that I favor one side of my body, and that my body fat is, well, THERE. lol

  72. Doodaddy

    I totally don’t want that. I haven’t ever worked out, not a day in my life, and no high-tech gadget is going to make me start now. No way.


    Nah. Nope. No way. You’d better not give it to me.

  73. MamaMaven

    Well now that triathlon season is over its winter and time to work on flexibility and strength and the Wii Fit seems to be a good way to go. Also, being winter, my desire to leave the house to exercise has gone down significantly. So, please, PICK ME!

  74. Hope

    Oh Boy, do I need this right now. I would love a fun way to lose a few lbs. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the wii fit..

  75. Shalet

    First off we don’t have a Wii and apparently need one desperately. But the reason I want a Wii Fit? To get my eight-year-old daughter excited about exercise. This is something we could do for fun, as a family, smack dab in the middle of winter. What could be better?

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. Kimmylyn

    I would love a chance to win the Wii Fit.. Having the two monkeys it is hard to get out and excercise..especially in winter when it is too cold to run. This will help me shed the excess weight I have gained and show the boys that being fit is fun!!

  77. margalit

    I want to win a Wii and a Wii Fit for many reasons. First, I’m very poor and can not ever begin to afford one myself, but honestly need one desperately to help with my continued weight loss (70 lbs and counting). Second, I have a congenital heart defect and congestive heart failure and I absolutely have to exercise to build and strengthen my heart muscle. But I also live in a very cold climate where I can’t go outdoors in winter because I can’t breathe, so any way to actually exercise in my teeny tiny house would be so excellent and awesome, I can’t even begin to express how much this could save my life. And I mean LITERALLY save my life.

    I desperately want to entice my children, who have a 50% chance of inheriting my hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, to do some daily exercise. As teenagers, they are both sloths and this is something we could do together that would be fun, slightly competitive and healthy for the entire family. My kids also are ADHD and need to take up some sort of exercise that would allow them to burn up the excess energy they have, especially in the winter.

    On a fixed income of Social Security because I’m 100% disabled, I have no chance of ever getting a Wii on my own, but really would be so appreciative if I won one. So pick me, please!

  78. Upside Up

    My sistah. I know your random number generator loves me as much as you do. Right?

    You see, I have two full-time jobs. Also I have 6-yr-old twins. Also, I have a house and a husband and a family that eats dinner at the dinner table every night. All this means that I don’t have more than about 30 seconds of me time in any given day. Now that it gets dark at, like, 3pm, I certainly can’t use those 30 seconds to go outside and exercise. And go to the gym or yoga class? Sorry – hard to take those 30 free seconds and go to another building with them. Also? My husband would now love you as much as I do bc you would be bringing a Wii into his life.

    Thanks for offering your goodness. xo!

  79. Becky

    Ooh pick me pick me!


    All my son wants for Christmas is a Wii so a Wii Fit would be perfect! I need to lose weight. Need to be healthy for my son especially as a single mother. Can’t afford a gym right now.

    Have I tugged on your heart strings enough? 🙂

  80. Ashlie- Mommycosm

    Wanna know why I want it?

    My mom just lost about 35 pounds. She gave me her “fat” coat…and it fits. Wearing it right now.

    I work from home while the kids are at school and totally don’t have the time to go to the gym. I’ll be damned if I take any more of my mom’s fat clothes!!!!

  81. Kini

    We have finally got our grubby mitts on a Wii for the family Christmas gift this year. Yay.

    A Wii Fit would be so awesome because it will enable any and all of us to workout and have fun doing it! What better way to get exercise in than playing games and not realizing it?!?!!

    Fun aside, there are no fitness facilities near us and who couldn’t use more fitness in their lives?

  82. rachael

    this is so fantastically awesome! i cannot believe you are hosting such a cool giveaway!

    why would it be perfect for us? we found ourselves suddenly in a large family with the birth of our triplets a little over a year ago, so we cannot really afford to pay for gym memberships and classes. not to mention the lack of time we have to do things outside of the home. this would be perfect for our family to get back into exercising. i also know that our 12 year old would be beyond awestruck at such a cool xmas gift should we win!

  83. k

    I would love to have a Wii and Fit board to help with my roller derby training.

  84. Tracy

    I would love to have a Wii Fit, with five kids it’s hard for me to make it to a gym. My father is probably going to lose both of his feet to diabetes, that scares me and I don’t want my children to have to go through the same thing. Maybe if it’s a game, my husband will exercise with me. What a great example that would be for our children!

    Thanks for running this contest!

  85. Miss Britt

    OK, first I want to say that it is TOTAL BULLSH*T THAT NINTENDO CONTINUES TO SCORN ME!

    WHY NINTENDO!??! WHY!??!?!

    *hysterical sob fest break*



    I want a wii fit because I have agreed to sell the unused treadmill and am looking for a way to exercise that I might actually, ya know, USE.

    (P.S. Nintendo. Call me. Seriously. WTF?!?!)

  86. samantha jo campen

    I’m totally not even kidding, but all of a sudden I got love handles today. Ironically, the day you decided to give away a Wii Fit. Methinks it is meant to be.

    I have a 9 month old and can’t get out of the house to exercise. Bryan and I need to work out. It’s a match made in heaven!

  87. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! I would love to win a Wii Fit. After seeing the demo at BlogHer, I was pretty smitten, but not sure I really needed it. But since winter is upon us and going outside to exercise is not always an option (even here in Northern California), I would love to have a Wii Fit to workout indoors. Also, I am particularly interested in the balance and yoga tools, as I find as I am getting older, those are the two things I find to be the most useful….

    Happy Holidays!

  88. Jill - GlossyVeneer

    I got to try a Wii Fit for a few brief minutes at BlogHer and was immediately hooked on the idea. I have been practicing yoga for 11 years and thought I was pretty solid on my balance… but after standing on the Wii Fit board I realized I had room to improve, it gives really great feedback to help improve my practice. I’m obsessed with the idea of the Wii Fit, those Nintendo folks know what they’re doing… give me a tiny little hit for free to begin the addiction… 😉

  89. mb

    I want it to get me out of this funk I’ve been in, and back into actively losing weight and getting fit.

  90. Kini

    I would love to use the balancing stuff! I have an injury to my foot and I really need to build up strength in it again! With feedback, it would be AWESOME!

  91. amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay

    I would use this to help get my chubby butt in gear for 2009. I think that the whole family could use a good new form of fitness here. I really need it- like fer realz.

  92. Rockin' Mama

    I have struggled for the past year trying to lose this excess baby weight. I don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym and the time I do have (when I’m not working) I’m busy around the house. I also like to reserve much time for my family. Having a Wii and Wii Fit in the house would allow me to work out late at night when my son and husband are asleep.

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  93. Missy

    Well first of all, I played a Wii Fit for the first time this weekend and I wanted to take the darn thing home!
    It is something my husband, kids and I can use to get a little fun with our fitness. I think having one will keep us motivated and that really excites me!
    Even my 3 year old wanted to hula hoop!

  94. Heather

    I need a wii fit to help get my family (and yes, I do mean all of us — at least all of us that I get to be in charge of) healthier.

  95. Stephanie

    I’ve used DDR for exercise in the past, and love the challenge and the changes that can present themselves. I like to keep things new all the time. DDR on random can surprise me with what songs are coming up. I would hope that Wii Fit would also be able to keep things new and interesting. I think the yoga and balance board is especially intriguing.

  96. Kathryn

    I need a Wii Fit because I am chubby and don’t venture out of my apartment often, other than school. I am also a single mom and full time student so I do not have enough money to buy one. Since I live in Hell, aka, Arizona, it would come in handy in the summer where melting is an issue if you go outside. Thanks! 😛

  97. daria.

    Wow, this is sweetness. I’d say need need a little wii fit in our household because my husband and I are both on student loans (grad school) and would appreciate some fitness time between writing papers. It’d be great to do something physical together, without paying the money (that we don’t have anyway) for a gym, etc. Fun and exercise = a happier family, community, and WORLD! 🙂

  98. SGyurkovitz

    I’d love a Wii! I still have more than a few pounds to loose since our handicapped son was in the hospital.

    We have six children at home so getting to the gym is almost impossible with a husband in school full time.

  99. KiniWoman

    Not just a Wii, but a Wii Fit would be a fabulous way for us to have fun and get fitter over the winter months! 🙂

  100. joansy

    I would like to come up with a brillant comment, but my brain is mushy. I think it would be less mushy with exercise: thus the need for the wii fit.

  101. Chrissey

    I need it to help evict the flab that live on my belly!!!

  102. lizzledinwizzle

    Here is my grand plan if I get a WiiFit….Lose a lot of weight, become hot. Find the perfect guy, have lots of babies. Lose baby weight (with the Wii Fit of course). Become a mommy blogger. What? You wanted a serious reason?

  103. joansy

    I would like to play that rabbit game with my butt – and I apparently need a wii and a wii fit to do it.

    That was not a heart wrenching, or even good, answer but it was an honest one.

  104. L^2

    OK, must delurk.
    I always check out the music on your Greeblemix list (I’m usually too late to enter), but this is just… Wow!

    I’ve wanted a Wii Fit for a while now actually, but well, being poor sucks! LOL

    I run and/or swim fairly regularly (although now that it’s gotten cold, I’ve slacked off a lot) and this regiment has helped me lose about 40lb over the last couple of years. However, I’ve been looking for something new/different to add to my workout routine to keep me motivated, especially something I can do indoors for the winter months (because I HATE cold weather). I thought Wii Fit might be perfect for that, since I live in a small town out in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t have a “gym” or anything.

    Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  105. Monique

    Ok, here is why I should win this one. I’ve never heard about it before reading this post. I am always looking for ways to keep up with a workout routine, Jazzercise, roller derby, treadmill….but I am out of shape, and most of the time it is much easier to do my sweating in the privacy of my own home and not with an audience. Sounds like fun!

  106. Lori

    Perfect giveaway right before the holidays. I would love to win this because my husband needs to lose weight but hates to exercise. He would definitely play a video game with the kids though…even if he was getting healthier in the process!

  107. Beth

    I would be so excited to have a Wii Fit! I have let myself go and this would be a way to get back in shape. It looks like lots of fun!

  108. Michelle

    I would love to win a Wii/Wii Fit because we cannot afford to buy one and I would love to use it to help me in my quest to go from a size 26 to a size 12. I live out in the boon docks and there are no good gyms locally. Not to mention all of the snow piling up outside, makes it hard to go work out outside.

    I think my kids would have a good old time laughing at mom in her quest to get skinny, and it might be good for the hubby too. He could use to lose a lot of weight too. I think it could bring us closer together.

    And video games are totally addictive, thus we could get addicted to working out!

  109. Anonymous

    I would like a Wii fit, because I need to do some exercise and I have no time to go to the gym with three kids and a full time job. I need more bonding time with my 9 year old Son, who ignores me daily for his Wii. Hence, it would be nice to do something with my son while doing something for myself.

    I have a really hard time working out, and the Wii fit looks like fun. No to mention that I have gained 20 lbs in the last 4 months due to numerous factors. Please help me!!

    Jen Goldstein
    Golden, CO

  110. Alison

    I would love a Wii Fit, because it’s something I’ve had my eye on for a while now. Rather than going into the dank basement to work out on the NordicTrak (how very 1990s!), I could exercise in my cozy living room!

    Also? I totally need to lose about 50 pounds, which I gained during my divorce. I’m happily remarried now, and the Wii Fit would be a great way for me and the new hubs to get in shape together. Besides, ahem, that other thing.

  111. carrie

    I NEED a wiifit because I hate going to the gym, even though I pay for the stupid membership each month. 🙂

  112. carrie

    I wouldn’t mind winning a Greeblemix either, because Aimee’s taste in music is awesome! 🙂

  113. KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

    I really need the yoga and cardio. Badly. My butt-thigh and keg need to be glutes and abs.

  114. Allan

    I think our grossly overweight cat Luci (no really, she weighs something like 23 pounds) would benefit from using the Wii Fit as much as Alison and I would.

    In fact, I am sure that it is her (Luci’s) only chance to shape up.

    You wouldn’t want our cat to die for lack of a Wii Fit would you?

  115. Sassy

    I would love a WiiFit so that my husband and I could exercise together in the comfort of our own home (read: no judgmental looks at the gym) and have fun together. We SO need to have more fun together right now.

  116. Tech Savvy Mama

    Ok, here’s my honest answer…I am a busy mom of 2 kids and abandoned exercising when I went back to work part time. Instead of running trails, I run around a school like a maniac fixing teachers’ computers and helping 3-5th graders in a computer lab. Hardly counts as exercise! Then when I get home, I spend way way way too much time blogging. As much as I love Being Savvy, it forces me to spend too much time on my duff writing. I mean really…Posting 5x a day does take a toll! So really I’d love to win a Wii and Wii Fit so when I’m done writing for the night, I can head downstairs and get zen again with some yoga. Thanks fellow Savvy Editor! I know you know my pain! 🙂

  117. Regina

    Way cool and waaaay generous. 🙂

    Sofie, my babe, turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. You and I have exchanged virtual words in the past about prematurity, Sofie born at 26 weeks, etc.

    I lost my groove once she came along. I struggle to manage my time… to find and claim enough ME time. I could have never imagined what it would be like adapting to life at home with a new baby let alone a premature one. Fortunately, she’s turned out to be happy and healthy.

    As for me, I’ve never recovered any sense of normality for my own personal schedule. Unfortunately, I tend to grasp for ME time from about 11pm – 2 am, once everyone’s asleep. Of course, by that time, it’s not of the best quality, and I thus remain in ME-time deficit. And until I can get my time thing together, I just can’t feel I have enough of ME – the best ME – to offer my family.

    Wii Fit just might be the ticket. I can imagine pulling it out after everyone’s gone to bed… using my ME time constructively, have fun to boot, tucker myself out, and be satisfyingly recharged for me and my family.

    Oh yeah, and I seriously need to get in shape. :p

    You so rock for offering this opportunity, and cheers to whoever is the lucky recipient. 🙂

  118. Annie


    So many reason I could use this…

    First being the fact that I have gained about fifteen pounds since July. Sad, I know. I even declared November “Annie’s Month Of Excess” as it seems all I did was eat and drink and enjoy the company of fabulous people.

    I need to get back into shape and I think Wii Fit may be a good morning routine as I am far too unmotivated to get myself out of bed to work out before school, so maybe 20 minutes on the Wii would be a solution.

  119. Anne Mc

    Me! Me! My family doesn’t yet have a wii… it’s on all the lists for Santa. Wii fit would be so much fun… and good for all of us. We need fitness!

  120. Christina

    I’m cracking up because there are already 82 comments in here!!

    OK, first off, it’s what the family all wants this year. Ok, by “family”, I mean me!! Single mom who can’t stop volunteering to sit on the boards of the various sports leagues that my son is in. Which means that between work, driving him to his practices/events and then time spent supporting the leagues, I don’t get to take care of me. BUT…I am pretty good about working out at home and I know I would use this a ton. The cool thing is that this is a video game that I hear about from all of my girlfriends – not my son or his friends – MY peers (and I’m 43!) So I know I would love it.
    OK, that’s enough blathering – just pick me? 😉

  121. Jenfarnam

    I would use it to get rid of the “Baby fat” I’ve carried for the last 12 years. I used to be athletic, but let my kids and husband take over my body, and I’d like to reclaim it before I turn 40!!

  122. zenrain

    I need a wii fit at home, because we have one in therapy at the nursing home where i work, and it would be so wonderful to have TIME to figure it out at home because i don’t ever have time at work to figure it out!!

    that, and because at 4:45 this morning when i was not sleeping, and contemplating whether or not i should get up to go to “boot camp” at the local gym, i thought to myself, how nice it would be to have a wii fit and i could just go downstairs and exercise all by myself!

  123. zenrain

    oh, and i thought bryan was trying to look like the edge in an orange hat… 😉

  124. kapgar

    Well, I feel kinda bad that my first comment is for a contest. But, as I’ve learned as a blogger, there is no better way to tease out the lurkers than with freebies.

    So why do I want a Wii Fit?

    1. I’m not fit. I’m trying, but it hasn’t been taking too well this time through. And the gym just gets boring.

    2. You said something anti-Dooce, so clearly we’re cosmic soulmates.

    3. I fell in love with Wii Fit over the summer when they had a bunch at a local summer festival for people to try out. But I haven’t been able to find any at stores. Not that I’ve been haunting places like I did when I went to wait in line at 4 a.m. to buy my Wii, but still.

    4. The contest ends on my birthday! What better way to celebrate!

  125. Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children

    You are such a rock star giving away a Wii!!

    Okay, why I want this…

    I actually NEED this to get in shape. That’s right, NEED. I really think that it will be a great way to get away from the computer and exercise. No excuses that I don’t feel like going to the gym or that it’s too cold…I can exercise in the comfort of my own home!

  126. samantha jo campen

    Also! In addition to my other answers, I think this could be my blog calling. I can document my before, during and after progress with the Wii Fit in hopes of getting others to exercise as well. Kinda like Sundry but, you know, with more Wii. So if I were to be selected, the WHOLE BLOGOSPHERE could end up healthier.

    No pressure.

  127. anne

    Oh, love it. I mean, I LOVE the Greeblemixes, too, but this just takes it to another level of cool.

    Okay: so my expanding backside could very much use this Wii and balance board. Running used to be my exercise of choice and kept me from butt expansion, but now that I have a newborn and no jogging stroller (yet) and the traditional stroller sucks at running AND the weather isn’t always cooperative AND I can’t afford a gym membership (nevermind the child care question)… well, you can see how a Wii Fit would be on savior level for me.

    Plus, I love video games and anything associated with them, so even more motivation.

    Plus, I could tell my husband that this is HIS Christmas present, winning the Wife of the Year award, and still get in shape (while he plays video games at other times).


  128. Sizzle

    Here’s another reason: I need to lose weight.

    See? Totally need a Wii Fit.

  129. Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer

    Funny .. we’ve been wanting a Wii for SO long but can’t ever seem to even find one. This weekend we went to my Dad’s for Thanksgiving and they had one – everyone played and it was a BLAST. NOW I really want one … but not just for the games, I mostly want it for the Wii Fit. I am working out of my house and really don’t get out much except for when I have shows. I don’t have a gym membership because I have other priorities that need to be met first, so this would be awesome to win.

    Then I could spend time each morning before I step into the office doing the Wii Fit and maybe even talk my family into playing in the evenings to spend more “family time” too. 😀

    Win Win

  130. carrie

    Because I can’t do yoga without it . . . isn’t that reason enough?

  131. Britt

    Hi, I would love to win a Wii Fit because I love to exercise but over the last year I haven’t been able to do it because of my old knees and my old dog. My knees are getting back to working order but my dog is not. We used to run around City Park but now that he is fifteen he can only make it around the lake once and then he starts to limp. I feel guilty if I go without him so I tend to just take short walks for him. I think Wii fit would allow me to exercise while he relaxes and while I get fit and fab.


  132. Sparkliesunshine

    My body is chunkfabulous minus the fabulous.

  133. LorenaB

    Oooh, I really want one of these! Here are my reasons: I have had the year from hell (serious health issues) and I am waaaay out of shape right now. I have another big surgery coming up in the spring and really want to lose weight and get my body stronger by then. I do belong to a gym, but as a single mom with a full-time job, I don’t make it there nearly often as I would like to. This would motivate me to exercise at home, and maybe even get my seven-year-old son to join me.
    Also, my son is a serious tv addict and I’ve been considering getting rid of my cable as a sort of intervention. I’d be happier if he spent his time playing active games on the Wii rather than watching those nasty shows on Cartoon Network.

  134. EatPlayLove

    Why? Because they are sooo cool. And I really want to play tennis, but won’t be found dead in public playing. Oh and my 5 year old just beat me at bowling the other night, maybe I can beat her at Wii. (Probably not).

  135. Kelly

    Oh, AND want to beat my boyfriend at Cyber sports! lol He thinks he can beat me. um…NO I’m gonna be a good Wii bowler!

  136. Eden

    I was all set to go buy a Wii & Wii Fit early in November at a special event at Best Buy. The day before, my husband went into the hospital. He eventually went into the ICU and was there for several days. He came home a week ago today.

    Now he’s off work at least through January and on IV antibiotics through Christmas. We won’t be getting anything for ourselves for Christmas, which is 100% fine b/c we’re just happy to have him here & at home.

    The reason I wanted a Wii Fit in the first place was b/c finding time to exercise w/ two small children to care for has been next to impossible. While that’s still true, my husband is interested in a Wii Fit now b/c he lost 25 lbs in 3 wks, most of it muscle. We need to find a safe, low-impact, convenient way for him to get some of that muscle back.

  137. Clayjack

    I’d love to be included in the contest and all, but

    (*whispers*)did you know that none of your family Wii characters are wearing any pants?

  138. Sew Fab Martha

    Well, now you have my attention!
    Reason number one, is I live in the pacific northwest and it is pouring rain as we speak!
    Reason number two, I recently discovered Flickr and now I need a good reason to get up off my chair!
    Thanks for the fabulous offering!

  139. Suzi

    My folks have a Wii Fit and will be getting us a Wii for Christmas. It is the one game that my whole family will play and nobody fights! Everyone takes turns, laughs at each other’s goofines and cries when a higher score is acheived. Seriously, we have some great fun…and the kids don’t even think of it as exercise, just fun! It would be awesome to play this in our home whenever we wanted to.

  140. Bridge

    WOW! I had a 12-year-old child come home from school last week to tell me our house was too boring because we did not have any video games. I told him it is on the list after braces, soccer fees, summer camp, trumpet lessons, baseball and the new baseball bat.

  141. samantha jo campen

    Again, I had a baby 9 months ago. ’nuff said.:-)

  142. Saucy Britches

    I need a Wii Fit so I can amuse my husband by hula hooping and down hill skiing while huge and pregnant! Wouldn’t that be hilarious??? Also, it will help me get into shape after our little Mini-Cooper is born…And I’m gonna SERIOUSLY need to especially considering all the Cheetos, Chocolate-covered cherries, and other junk food related things that start with “ch”. 🙂

  143. Marilyn (aka slackermama)

    I’ve been wanting a Wii Fit since last spring! I also had a baby last spring. (eek) So I think it goes without saying that I definitely NEED it. I think a Wii Fit would work better for me getting back into shape because it’s SO hard to leave the house with two very small children. Shoot, it’s hard to take a walk with two very small children! I could easily whip this out while their down for their afternoon naps. Plus the whole “tracks how you’re doing” thing would be so handy since I am not at ALL organized and it would be nice to have a machine do that for me. 😉

  144. BarbaraCA

    I bought my kids a Wii; they love it. I need to exercise, but you know? I let it slide. Yes, because I am sometimes lazy, but more than that, because it is just one more thing I have to do; one more thing that is tugging on me. And that’s ridiculous, that taking care of my physical health has become a chore, and at bottom of my list because I don’t ever put *my* stuff at the top of the list.

    So, I would like Wii Fit because I don’t have it in my budget to buy it for myself, and because I would like one of my “chores” to actually be FUN.

  145. WiredMonkey

    Wow…what an amazing giveaway. Yet another thing I’m thankful for – access to technology that continues to make my family’s life better and better.

    I would LOVE to win this package…very much so. We’ve been looking for a Wii Fit around here forever and a day. We don’t want to overspend on one, and that’s why we haven’t ordered one online at an inflated price. If we one this, we could be able to GIFT the Wii, as we already have one…and that would make someone’s Xmas very, very happy. Could be very cool!

  146. Crystal D

    No way! OK, I need this because for each of my sweet, adorable, three children I have “retained” 10lbs after their births. Yep, 30 total.
    Now 10 weeks has passed after having my little Charlotte and I need to get my arse off the couch and put down the donuts. I need to lose 35lbs so I look better than I did BEFORE I had my kids.
    OK… and I’ll even let my girls use it this winter when we can’t get out to play.

  147. Crystal D

    Oooohhh wait, I have another reason… It would be great for my marriage. I neeeeed to see my husband doing the hula hoop thing. How can I ever stay mad at a man who would use an imaginary hula hoop? See, good for my marriage!

  148. Momma, The Casual Perfectionist

    I would love to win the Wii Fit, because it really looks like a cool way to keep us active when it gets cold out. Yes, yes, it’s always sunny here in Colorado, but the thought of bundling up to walk around outside is daunting. And, I take Claire to all kinds of indoor play-places, but this would be something we can do in the comfort of our own home.

    And, something tells me that Claire will find this to be more fun than watching Momma do her Tai Chi video. 😉

  149. tildamonster

    My bro and I worked our butts off on his Wii fit the other day! It’s really fun to compete against each other, but it’s also fun to track your own progress. I would like to work on learning the yoga poses in the privacy of my own home. Especially on those snowy days where all you want to do is bake and watch movies!

  150. Tricksie

    I would like a Wii & Wii Fit because I’m horribly masochistic and I’d like a snarky little game telling me that I’m overweight. I’d say, “Oh yeah? Well take this, you game!” and it would make me exercise. And then I’d totally awe the game and it would tell me I’m the coolest. Or something like that.

    I think it would be both fun and funny to own, so it would be cool if your random number generator generated my number.

  151. Katie

    So here’s why I need a Wii Fit:
    1) I live in Denver. So we can play with the Wii Fit together. My offer to take the Wii Fit off your hands also comes with opportunity for camaraderie. That’s something, right?
    2) I’m a grad student… a lazy, lazy grad student. I need something to encourage me to burn off the beer without, say… actually going to the gym.
    3) I could do the whole sad “I used to be a soccer player in high school a hundred years ago and now I’m out of shape boo hoo hoo” spiel, but rather: I need to not look so bad in family pictures.

    Happy choosing, random number generator!

  152. amy

    Wow, very cool!
    I’ve been totally eyeing these Wii Fit dealies… How great would it be to actually get fit by playing a video game? Sounds very, very fun!

  153. charm free

    The wii fit would be perfect for me because with 16 month old twins and a three year old that goes to school I have little to no time to go to the gym. Not to mention I recently injured my wrist so I am unable to pick up my babies with one arm. Ever tried to get twins to walk themselves into the gym? Not happening, the wii fit would work because I could work out after I put them to bed at night the only time I really have to myself. After twins I could really use the help.

  154. Cathy

    Okay. Reason #1 I need the Wii and the Wii Fit:
    The Wii is on my list of things I would love to own, but would never be able to justify paying for. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one without a Wii system, but apparently there are at least 140 other people who still don’t.
    Stay tuned for Reason #2 coming up tomorrow. =)

  155. The Fam

    I am a grad student writing my dissertation. I have two kids and a husband who need lots of things from me. Wii Fit would be the perfect “escape” for me!

  156. Sarah

    I am too cheap to buy a gym membership and i really need to get back into shape so i can feel better about myself and my body. and also trick my husband into exercising with me.

  157. Kim

    Wow, a lot of people want one, LOL! Including me 🙂 What a fantastic contest!

    Now that it gets dark early, I’m getting NO exercise at all – my day is filled with kids and work and kids again, and by the time they go to bed, I am unable to muster up the energy to drive down to the Y (25 minutes away) to work out. My self esteem is suffering, my dh is suffering as a result, and my body is suffering. I have been drooling over the Wii, particularly the Wii Fit, for some time now, but haven’t been able to justify spending the chunk of change required to get started.

    So, random number selector thingee, hope you land on mine 🙂

  158. editdebs

    I so would love a Wii fit. I need to lose weight to help with the diabetes. I can’t get myself motivated to get up early to work out–it’s cold and dark here in Chicago at 5 in the morning! After work, I want to spend time with my family. Plus, who else is going to make dinner, fold the clothes, help with the homework, and watch all the really bad Christmas movies this time of the year!

  159. MPPs Mom

    Oh here’s another reason.

    We are video game newbies……We wanted to get the Wii for my 7 yo son after I had a baby this summer. We liked the concept of the Wii because it was much more intreactive than the game systems you can sit in a chair for hours playing. I have since learned that not all Wii games are interactive. I guess my rookie assumption was that all the Wii games would be programmed differently. However, since the Wii Fit IS a game that’s interactive like the Sports game, it’s one we’d love to have. I hope they come out with even more games that operate this way.

  160. Annie


    Another reason I could use a Wii/Wii Fit…My husband.

    My husband, also a Brian, was laid off a few months ago. While it has been a good opportunity to get his own business going, it has also been a hard time for him personally and for both of us financially. This would be a great Christmas gift as well as a good way for him to become more active.

  161. Rebecca F.

    I love your Wii fit family!! So cute.

    I’ve looked and looked at them but simply cannot afford it for this Christmas’ budget. Both my seven year old and I both could use some motivation and fun to get a little more healthy. My friend raves about her Wii fit and I’d love to be able to have one for our family.

    Thanks for the great contest!

    Rebecca F.

  162. bacioni

    The first time I heard about the WiiFit, I got all excited. To think that I could do exercises in my own home! And that means I could pick yoga back up! I used to do yoga regularly, but have fallen (figuratively, so far) out of practice.

    I did recently get a used treadmill, and I have been using that regularly, but I think the WiiFit would be a great and FUN addition to my exercise needs.

    Thanks for having this contest!

  163. miznyc

    reason #4 – I’d like to set a precedent of my son seeing me be active!

  164. Every Day Goddess

    I really have been wanting to purchase a Wi. I did the Wi fit at a friends house and LOVE IT!!! I work from home and try to exercise on my breaks and this is the PERFECT, and I do mean PERFECT!!! thing to use. (Not to mention I am dying to beat my husband at bowling and this maybe my only chance!!)

    Thanks for such great contest’S you put on! And thanks to Nintendo!

  165. caroline

    i lost my job and can’t afford to buy this item. i need one of them to stave off the depression that is forming. and i hate the gym.

  166. daisymae

    I would love the Wii Fit because I am a stay at home mom of a 16 month old and a 24 month old. After being pregnant for basically 2 years, I am still finding it hard to lose that weight. I have about 2 hours a day during nap when I can get anything done…so it would be the perfect time to excercise!

  167. daisymae

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. daisymae

    I would love the Wii Fit because I am a stay at home mom of a 16 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. After being pregnant for basically 2 years, I am still finding it hard to lose that weight. I have about 2 hours a day during nap when I can get anything done…so it would be the perfect time to excercise!

  169. Autumn

    Coming back today because I really need this. Last night I put on a sweater I bought last year and this year I see roles… the roles must go.

  170. KiniWoman

    I have wanted to get a Wii Fit every since I heard about them… problem was that when I could find one of those, I couldn’t locate an actual Wii….

    So, this would be an awesome, awesome, AWESOME thing to win! BOTH! 🙂 You Rock!

  171. Barb

    I am the PERFECT candidate for the Wii and Wii Fit! I have twin 5 year olds, a full time job and a husband that travels 2-3 days each week (and when he is home, he’s working on his computer catching up from his travels). So with feeding the kids, getting them to and from school, helping them with homework and reading, bath-time, etc, there isn’t enough time in the day for me and exercise!

    I would love to have the Wii to be able to get up in the morning before the girls wake up and get some exercise in to jump start my day (plus losing about 10 pounds to fit into my clothes CORRECTLY wouldn’t hurt either!)

  172. Barb

    When having frineds over for dinner, we could play on the Wii to burn off some of that wine that was drunk during dinner!

  173. Barb

    My husband would love to learn new sports (without the cost of buying all that new equipment!)

  174. Janel R

    Stressed College grad needing some Wiifit zen…

  175. Ms. Maxwell

    I really just want the Christmas Greeblemix, but for good sport I’ll play along on the Wii thing. I guess if I had one I’d actually be able to make a dent in the egregious lack of coordination in my tall, clumsy Scandahoovian body. But then again, I *so* enjoy tripping over carpet lint and shadows.

  176. Ally

    I’d love to win this because I need all the help I can get. I’m getting married next year and the more exercise the better. I think it would be an awesome tool to help with the lb shedding.

  177. Lori

    I would love a Wii Fit! I want to improve my fitness routine and get stronger for hockey, and I want to entice my husband to do the same. I suspect the novelty of it will appeal to him, and next thing he knows he’ll be EXERCISING. Woo!

  178. Sizzle

    Did I mention that I work for a non-profit? Because I do.

  179. akimbo

    I totally need a wii! My BF just got a new 40″ lcd and an xbox (becauase the wii doesn’t have enough blood and gore!). I totally need something to annoy him and amuse him with my lack of coordination!

  180. John

    Wow — thanks for this great giveaway. I think my family of 5 would be a perfect ‘fit’ for your Wii Fit! My kids (4yo twins and a 2yo boy) are just about at the age where they understand what exercise is and what it means to be healthy, and I’d love to have this tool to help us stay active together. Plus, I know my wife would really get a lot of use out of it … unlike our gym membership! : )

  181. Jessi

    Jessi said…
    First of what a perfect giveaway this time of year. You need to send that Wii and Wii Fit my way and I will tell you why. First off I am the biggest competitor and I need to win. Secondly our office is running a Biggest Loser weight loss contests running now until April. This would the perfect weapon in are arsenal to win. If I received the Wii I would place in our conference room to use everyday. We (me and two other women) are 1 of two female teams to participate. We need to beat the men big and bad. Winning the Wii will not only help to get us moving but will be that stepping stone to get us moving and in shape and have a better lifestyle.

    I forgot to add how to get ahold of me.


  182. Chrissey

    I have a gym membership that I use sometimes frequently, sometimes infrequently because I don’t like to do videos and such at home. However, I do like to be entertained while I exercise and I think that Wii Fit will give me the ability to get some exercise done at home while having fun. A working mom has little time to squeeze everything in. This gives me an option to multi-task fun and exercise, lol.

  183. amanda

    my sister’s have a wii that my mii is on. They hate it that when they are doing the wii fit, my personality laps them and mocks them. I personally do not have one but would love it.

  184. Tisha

    I could give you the answer about how I work full time, have two kids, and am trying to get my art career off the ground so can’t get to the gym and need to loose some pre-middle age weight before it is too late and my metabolism stops working completely (all of which is true)…. but the honest truth is that I am also inventing a Wii sex game and need the system and fit to test out my new game.

  185. JenFarnam

    A great way to get my 12 year old off the couch and exercise with her Momma!!

  186. MB

    #1 never wins, especially in a random picking kind of thing, so I’m posting again. I need a Wii really, really bad.

  187. Ursula

    I want the WII Fit because I am sooo clumsy. The balancing activities would help to strengthen the muscles that assist with coordination and balance. It would be awesome to not trip over my big feet!

  188. Ursula

    I love playing video games. I appreciate the fact that Nintendo has created this amazing system that allows me to perform formerly brainless activities in an active way, both mentally and physically! It takes away the guilt complex that I have alays had about sitting on my butt for hours.

  189. Ursula

    I love music but I am not musically inclined. Guitar hero allows me to experience what it would be like to have learned to play guitar. Feeling like a rockstar? Priceless!

  190. Ursula

    Yoga- who doesn’t need to meditate a couple of times a week to get the crazy out of their system? Living in NYC I need the yoga to balance out the hectic pace of the city.

  191. J at www.jellyjules.com

    Way to get 208 comments so far, missy! HA!

    I would love to get a Wii Fit. My workout routine consists of a walk in the morning, and working out with Gilad on FitTV. As the days grow shorter, my walk time is crunching up against that time for WORK, which I must do in order to pay the bills. So if I had a way to workout with the Wii and Wii Fit, I could keep up my workouts even when it’s dark and cold. Brrr.

    My husband being out of work, we are sadly out of date on the game consoles…we have an old xbox, and that’s it. No money for 360, wii, anything like that. You would totally make our Christmas.

    Of course, a CD would be lovely as well, if I don’t win the Wii. But still…pick me!

  192. Ursula

    I have a gym membership but sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym. The WII would allow for a nice change of pace in my routine. It would make sure that all of my muscle groups were getting trained, not just the main ones.

  193. J at www.jellyjules.com

    OK, I’ll comment again, since you said I could. My husband would LOVE a Wii as well. And my daughter would be THRILLED. it would make up for her not getting the phone her tween heart so desires. 🙂

    Mostly, though, I want to try the yoga…I’ve heard it’s great.

  194. Ursula

    I’m from TX. We don’t ski in TX. Skiing is something that I have always wanted to try but have been too afraid. I think that getting some practice on dry land will give me the confidence to go out and give the real thing a shot!

  195. Ursula

    I have lower back problems due to a car accident that occurred years ago. It limits the type of aerobic activity that I am able to comfortably perform. The Wii would be ideal for my problem.

  196. Ursula

    This winter is going to be extremely cold in NYC. I know that you are no stranger to the cold and how difficult it is to motivate yourself to go to the gym when it is literally freezing outside. I would love to be able to keep up my routine without having any excuse not to.

  197. Sarah Bellum

    I do believe I deserve a Wii because my avatar on them looks pretty freaking adorable. That’s enough reason in my book!

  198. Beth

    I’m selfish. I want a Wii Fit for me. My husband is constructing his “man cave” (ie. our family room has been down to the studs since last Thanksgiving) so if I had a Wii of my own, I’d put it in my office and never come out. It’d be MINE, DANGIT, MINE!!!!!

    (I’m really not a selfish trollop. I’m a giving person. In fact, I might actually let him borrow it on occasion, but only for Wii Bowling.)

  199. aimee estes

    I am 40 lbs overweight and I don’t think the baby weighs 40 lbs. I would love to use after baby arrives since I don’t have a part time sitter this this time around! And it sounds like a lot of fun!

  200. Julie

    It would be nice to have because my body has never been the same since the twins were born.

  201. WiredMonkey

    Another reason my wife and I need to get a Wii Fit:

    My wife is still working on trying to get rid of the weight gained from having our son last year (I am too for that matter – sympathy pounds are a b*tch). Getting a Wii Fit would be a great way to get into a health habit, and show our son that the big glass tube in the living room isn’t just for sucking time away.

  202. Joyce

    I’d love as WII just to try something new. My cardio routine is stale and with 2 little ones, it’s challenging to find time to get out of the house, and waht a great tool to show them that being active is cool!

  203. Kevin C

    There are 4 reason why I would like to win the Wii and the Wii fit and they are Kiersten, Drew, Abby and Ryan. Our 4 children keep us very busy and winning the Wii would allow us to have fun and burn a few extra calories.

  204. Jen F

    What a super offer!

    I think a Wii Fit looks like a great general fitness “toy” that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It would be convenient to be able to exercise more at home without all the extra gear!

    And… A Wii just looks like something I can “do”. I am NOT good at the button pushing video games but think I could swing a Wii remote around with the best of ’em!

    Fingers and toes crossed… here’s hoping! 🙂

  205. zenrain

    OK, another reason I need a wii fit, i went shopping today and left with no clothes…..


    wow, a new reader and look what i so luckily stumbled upon! 😉

    it would be so awesome if i randomly won this contest. i’m the “super auntie” of nine wonderful nieces and nephews and recently quit my job to go back to school full-time. while i used to be one of the best christmas giver in the family, i’ve broken the news to all the kids that there will not likely be any gifts from me this year… for anyone.

    being in charge of our holiday party, i’m also having a rib and pasta cookoff. i was just talking to my eldest nephew about a prize for the winning family and this would be AWESOME!! it would be a gift for the entire family but would “live” in the house of the cookoff winners. otherwise, bragging rights it is. haha.

    good luck to everyone and thanks for a great giveaway. this is fantastic!



  207. Sarah

    A Wii Fit would help me lose weight after this baby comes, which is soon. And is necessary. Because I can’t keep wearing these stretchy maternity pants forever, much as I may be tempted to.

  208. SweetSpikette

    Oh! This is super cool.
    I would LOVE to win. It *might* just change my life. The hubster and I are both in social service based professions (read: low paid), and we cannot afford one of these. He recently took a new job 3000 miles from “home” and we moved. I haven’t found work yet and am feeling super depressed. I need motivation to get up during the day, let alone work out. Aaaannd b/c our income is so tight, I can’t afford a gym. I’ve packed on 15lbs since August. boo! This would be perfect! Ew, I feel like such a Debbie Downer. I’ll stop with the sob story now. Thanks for listening.
    :: fingers crossed ::

  209. Heather Bragg

    I have three kids – 3yrs, 9 mo, and 9 mo. My husband and I work full time, and so I have no time and no sanity. I absolutely need to stay in shape to have the energy to keep up with the whirling dervishes, and an exercise routine at home would really help. I have a yoga DVD, but that’s it for home workouts. As an added bonus, I could try to wear my three year old out with the Wii Sports. Come on now, what better cause is out there than to wear out another mom’s toddler?

  210. Lori

    My son, who is in the USAF, very much wants a Wii for Christmas. I would love to be able to get one for him!

  211. jessicam

    Last night I was watching a Wii Fit commercial and mentally listing all the way it would be perfect for me. Since I became pregnant with my second child I am too tired after work to hit the gym– yoga classes are too late at night, I never know when I will suddenly need to go sit down. After this baby comes I will be at home for two months trying not to fail miserably at breastfeeding again, recovering from a c-section and wondering when I will ever go to work out again. With a Wii Fit I could do yoga, pilates and even fabulous hula hooping– all great KEGEL accompaniments– on my own time if only for 15 minutes at a time. I realize this is not as compelling as stickysweetdiabetic, but it’s what I’ve got!

  212. Corey~living and loving

    NEED WII! it Rains here…all the time…..SO NEED inside exercise.

  213. EatPlayLove

    Now I realized I am too cheap to buy one, but I would love to own one. And I still want to beat my 5 year old at bowling. LOL!

  214. Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children

    Commenting AGAIN! Whee! Another reason I want the Wii is because my husband would LOVE to have this for our family. It would give him some entertainment during these cold winter months!

  215. Tisha

    Oooh I heard that Cirque du Soleil was creating an add on game for the fit! That would be too cool to play with.

  216. Sarah

    I need a swift kick in the pants to get exercising. I think the Wii Fit is precisely the kick I need!!

  217. Sarah

    I need to lose weight. I need to be healthy again. I need to get my husband healthy again too, but in disguise. I need him to be around for a very long time.

  218. stephla

    Yay…. I’ve never used the Wii fit. I would like to be able to work out at night after I put the little ones to bed. Most importantly, I’m hoping I can get my husband in shape. With each pregnancy he has put on the lbs and has done nothing to take them off. I’m hoping a Wii fit will get us working out together within a reasonable time schedule.

  219. Judith Shakespeare

    Dude… Yesterday, I caught my rear-end trying to sneak up on me. I have this odd suspicion that it may want to devour me. Whole. And it can totally do that. Because it’s big enough.

    A Wii Fit would surely save me from a tragic death.

    And I don’t want to die.

  220. Busymomma66

    This is way cool.

    I would love a Wii fit. Why? Because quite plainly I am overweight, going through a divorce, not getting any child support (he’s not working). I don’t have money for a gym, it’s getting too cold to walk the dog. I have two kids who love me as I am, I would just like there to be a bit less of me around to love, and that lessness here longer.

    Can I whine a bit longer? Thanks for listening!

  221. Rachael

    I totally need a Wii Fit! I am too poor to buy one myself, but I hate working out in public because I am embarrassed of my weight and how out of shape I am. I would love to be able to use something in my own home after my son goes to bed. Plus I like video games.

  222. dotkar

    My husband and I have started walking for exercise over the past couple of months. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so we’ve started trying to eat better and get some steps in each day. We’ve talked about the Wii Fit, but don’t have a Wii yet. It would be nice to have something to get us moving even more!

  223. alejna

    I didn’t know I wanted one of these until I read this post. But now that you’ve made me think about why I’d want one, I want one.

    My husband and I used to work out regularly, but since our daughter was born almost 3 years ago (followed 3 months ago by her brother), we haven’t found enough motivation to get back in shape. We are such tech junkies, though, that a shiny new toy could be just what we need!

  224. Marta

    The Wii Fit would be perfect for me because when I try an exercise program I get bored easily and have to change things up often. I think the Wii Fit would solve that for me as there are so many options in one.

  225. Sarah K

    Holy Frackoly thats a lot of comments. this is #229 in case you need to know.
    I thought of another idea of why I need the wii fit and wii.
    I ran in the freezing cold this morning and my legs are still numb 1 hour later. Too. cold. to. run.
    Also, read my son’s xmas letter to santa and wii is the only thing on it except the sentence “or your choice Santa”. 🙂

  226. Marge

    I was in the shower yesterday thinking to myself:
    One little piggy went to market
    One little piggy stayed home
    One little piggy had roast beef
    One little piggy had none because she was on a diet
    This little piggy was exercising and loved her Wii Wii Wii all day at home

  227. Marge

    I said I was going to post my daily calorie reports here. And then got really busy and didn’t.
    Mon: 1852 eaten / 2464 burned (Net: -612)
    Tues: 1788 eaten / 2664 burned (Net: -876)
    I’m not being very consistent about the exercise thing. The snowy weather isn’t helping.

  228. Marge

    I think I’ll do a DVD workout today and use my overactive imagination to pretend it’s a Wii.

  229. Beth Fish

    Have I won this yet? Because I just ate a stack of brownies bigger than my head, and I’ve heard the Wii Fit makes all the brownies you eat just magically disappear and that is totally what I need so that I can go eat more brownies.

  230. Turnbull Clan

    I would love to get a wii and a wii fit because I have been a victim of wii envy for almost 2 years now! Also the addition of the wii fit would be great motivation for me to exercise because I tend to do that more when it’s fun. I haven’t done much exercise since we downsized our budget and my ballet class hit the chopping block. I could really use said exercise seeing as I have been pregnant for a total of 2.25 of the last 5 years and I miss my stomach muscles!

  231. JenFarnam

    I need a WII fit to help me get off my hiney that is always plopped in front of my laptop. I have a deep addition to flickr and photoshop and should detox on the fit!!

  232. Gwen in MD

    Just trying again…
    Need to get healthy so that I can get some life insurance

  233. MPPs Mom

    ok, I really just want the wii fit….so I’ve been thinking of who I could donate it to, should I be so lucky to win…..and I remembered that my MIL loves to play…and her senior center doesn’t have one. I bet those folks would love to have it. They could organize their own bowling tournaments and never have to lift a ‘real’ ball!

  234. WiredMonkey

    Another reason I’d love the Wii/Wii Fit package – with the new year almost upon us, I’d be able to kick it off with a new resolution (the sleeker, fitter ME), and finally KEEP a resolution for once. 😉

  235. redheadrev

    I would love this because I have a hard time with having enough room to workout in my house. This looks like just a little square of space would work. I’ve been wanting one for some time. It would be great to do with the hubby, too. It would get us using our competitiveness for good. 🙂

  236. Sizzle

    I want a Wii Fit because everyone knows exercise is good for increasing ones libido.

    Wii Fit = More Sex

    It’s a win/win!

  237. Teresa

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! I have been dying for a Wii fit after trying one out @ BlogHer!! I played the game where you have to get the balls in the hole by moving your weight around on the board (which was actually harder than i thought it would be), but think that I would get the most use out of the yoga….

  238. Angela

    The Wii Fit has been haunting my brain for days! During my last appointment with the headache specialist, she asked if I have a Wii. Apparently, the Wii Fit yoga program is great for those who suffer from tension and migraine headaches! (Who knew?!) Excellent! Sadly, ’tis the season during which we have no extra cash. SO, I’m thankful for this opportunity!

  239. Jennifer

    I’ve been wanting a Wii Fit for a while now. It’s time for me to get in shape. My plan is to work out during naptime every day. I really want to be able to fit into cute clothes again. I’ve never won anything in my entire life. Maybe my luck could change and I’d be able to get back in shape this New Year 🙂

  240. the MomBabe

    Um, I need it because I need to be able to exercise at my own house. No really, I’ve tried the whole gym daycare thing, but with 4 little kids in there? I’m getting called out every three minutes. So I never actually “work out” But if I had it at my house, I KNOW I could find time…. Plus then I could have Wii parties like you.

  241. Torrie

    I need the Wii Fit. My life in insane. I have a toddler. My husband works a ton. I have no help. I have no time to work out. The Wii Fit will change my life.

  242. painted maypole

    oh… pic me, pic me!

    seriously, I could so use this because it is rather obvious that I am never going to actually use the gym and I’m getting really tired of my elliptical machine, and I need to shake up my workout a bit (so that my middle parts shake a wee bit less, please)

  243. Diane C.

    I would LOVE a Wii Fit and here’s why:

    – I’ve had 3 children within the last 4 years and desperately want to get my body back.
    – My oldest doesn’t nap anymore and I really don’t get any me time, much less time to workout. I could get him to workout with me!
    – I have a newborn and this will allow me to workout at home instead of going somewhere else to do it AND I would have fun doing it1

    and…PLEASE!!! 🙂

  244. Kary Rivera

    Here is why we need to win a wii fit: love handles. My husband has them, although they are great he has promised me the chisel look of those male models have at their hips. The wii fit will make this happen faster and will make all our wildest dreams come true.

  245. Corey~living and loving

    I’d love to win a Wii, because I am too cheep to buy one. 🙂

  246. well read hostess

    I want a Wii Fit because I am so gd busy that it’s ALWAYS a trade off between me working and spending time with my kids. There’s no way around it given the realities of my life this year. I’m taking classes and working full time and doing an internship and trying, more unsuccessfully than not these days, to be the WRH – both literally and virtually. If I want to exercise I have to check my kids in to the babysitting at the gym or wake up, not exaggerating here at 5 a.m. to do so. 5 a.m. works for some people, but since my kid doesn’t sleep EVER, I don’t get to bed until after 11:30, closer to 1, every night. The only time I get to be with my kids is the time in between school and dinner/homework/house/lunches/classes and work/bed, and that’s also the only time I can get to the gym. I could do Wii fit WITH my kids…they’d think we were playing, and I’d be working off some of my fat ass..and…and…and…

    OMG – CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!!! This would solve a giant Christmas present problem for the kids.

    Geez. Even if I don’t win, I feel better after spewing all that!


  247. J at www.jellyjules.com

    Just thought I’d come back and enter my name again, for the random drawing. 🙂 This would be a wonderful gift for our family, for both games and for exercise. I enjoy working out in the living room, so this would be the perfect way to make that happen. Fun!

  248. EatPlayLove

    well considered comments are open, I am back again. Today I think I would look sexy in my new knee high leather boots playing my new Wii. That’s why I want one.

  249. samantha jo campen

    Again: had a baby, still flabby, don’t go out much, this would be perfect.


  250. Julia

    I’d love the WII for me, because I need to move.
    I have two kids that need a lot of care because they have special needs and our 2nd is going for a kidney transplant soon. I work full time with my husband (need the flexibility, obviously) and we won’t spend money on a wii because of our health insurance costs ($2000/month)! I’d love the wii!

  251. amy nickerson

    Oh man, how cool!! I would LOVE to have a Wii and Wii Fit! Over a year ago I set out on a weight-loss journey and lost 75 pounds in a year. I’ve been keeping it off but it is still a battle to keep going and I would LOVE to have another way to exercise which doesn’t bore me. It’s always good to mix it up and I’ve been wanting one of these so bad! So, here I am crossing my fingers now! 🙂

  252. Cathy

    Reason #2 for us:

    There’s no way we could afford to buy one for ourselves – we just paid $700 for an MRI for my husband. So yeah, no money for Wii.

  253. Elaine

    OK, it’s ridiculous how many times I’ve tried (and failed) to win one of those damn things. Seriously, I’ve never been into video game like objects but I love that you can do active stuff with the whole family on this. And I need something to get my exercising more often (read: at all) and know that my natural sense of competition would be awesome here. Also? Totally broke, so it’s not going to happen unless I win one. OH, for the love of Pete, I want one. Chalk one up for consumerism.


  254. Sarah

    Its very hard for me to spend money on myself, spending money in general makes me faint, so the purchase of a Wii and Wii Fit would just about give me a heart attack, as would paying for a gym membership. And I really need to get fit, for my health and for myself. To feel like myself again and feel good about myself again. What a huge boost this would be.

  255. kerrianne.org

    I, Kerri Anne, would like a Wii Fit because I need to get my behind (and every other part of me) a lot more (Wii) fit, and from what I have heard (only good amazing things), the programming and options they offer are great ways to drop pounds and tone, and I have Great Expectations and high hopes to do both of those things before and during 2009. Also: gyms are expensive and I mostly hate them. So it’s Wii Fit or running outside, and while I’m already doing the latter, and I would very much like to be doing both.

  256. Stephanie Mac

    I just had my second child last week! Need I say more? Okay, I will anyways… I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids so needless to say I do not have the time nor the money for a gym membership. The Wii Fit would allow me to get work outs in between naps. How I long for my old self back! Thanks for this opportunity.

  257. carrie

    After inhaling a burger the size of a dinner plate after taking the kids to see Santa last night, I could really, truly use this prize! 🙂

  258. Lori

    Wii/WiiFit would be the best gift for the whole family to enjoy. What can be better than the family playing/exercising together. Not to mention that my family is extremely competitive when it comes to games!!

  259. kristin

    ok me again i just polished off all my t-day leftovers and made EXTRA gravy to wash it all down with. and here i SIT. yes S I T. not burning calories this way. nope Wii me please!

  260. Kat

    I would really love to win this and here is why.
    Last year I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to take steroids for almost 6 months. Not only was I a total witch while on the steroids I also gained 50 pounds. Literally. The tumor has been removed and I am off the steroids now but I am finding it difficult to lose the weight I gained. I am a SAHM with 2 little ones and we only have 1 car so going to a gym isn’t really an option for me. Plus I have kinda funny hair.

    So here is my token ‘Pick Me Pick me!’

  261. Kat

    Reason # 2?

    I have a $64,000 hospital bill from previously mentioned brain tumor adventure so sadly no money for Wii 🙁

  262. Stephanie Mac

    I love my week old baby, I do not love my baby FAT. Wii Fit is the perfect fit for a stay at home mom of two. I just recently had another baby and have no time or money to hit the gym. I want to feel like my old self again. This would be great for me and my self esteem!

  263. Stephanie Mac

    And I think it would be just plain fun. I would love to show my daughter that being fit can be FUN and beneficial!!

  264. Caryn Bailey

    If I had a Wii I would work out at home all the time! : ) What a timesaver!

  265. Caryn Bailey

    If we had the Wii (hee hee) we would save on gym memberships…we woudn’t even need a gym membership

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  266. Caryn Bailey

    I would love to win a Wii…I’ve had such a hard time getting to the gym to get rid of the excess baby weight and I think it would give me great motivation to actually have a way to exercise in my house with my son there.

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  267. Tim Brauhn

    When I heard about the WII Fit, I thought it was a joke, but after looking into it, I was super-intrigued. My few encounters with the Fit in real life have been pretty cool, I feel. It’d be nice to have one around for the simple fact that it’s easier to get things done (exercise-wise) if you have someone guiding you. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  268. EatPlayLove

    I have discovered a new reason as to why I need a Wii, I am so off balance, you now must call me Pisa. I kid you not.

    Wii karma come to me, bring me balance.

  269. marlene72

    pick me!! over here!! i’m out of shape and would love to win a wii fit. besides, the husband gave away my dance dance revolution and i miss it.

  270. chloebear

    I have one, but I would love to give one to my sister for Christmas. She lives in NY and with the weather there, sometimes can’t go out to the gym. I really think she could benefit from this system. There’s to much to do, it would be hard to get bored.

  271. chloebear

    The best thing I like about this system is that it’s progressive, it get more challenging as you get more fit. I would give it to my little sis to help her get fit.

  272. Every Day Goddess

    So last night I saw the new snowboarding game for wii! I need the wii because this is the only way I will ever be able to get this butt to snowboard with my kids! My son would like me to come up the mountain to watch him, but with the wii I can snowboard with him.

  273. samantha jo campen

    I just ate a whole bag of Ranch Doritos, so I need the Wii dontcha think?

  274. monstergirlee

    Hi Aimee, I haven’t commented yet because I’m trying to take your request seriously.
    However I have come up with several good reasons, so I’ll post them individually to up my odds of winning.

    1. Mostly I’d like one because I’m so busy trying to work full time and be a Mom the other couple awake hours that I don’t have time to get to the gym and I think this would help.

  275. monstergirlee

    Reason #2.
    It rain alot in the NW and this would give us some fun family time when we have to stay indoors. I think we could accomodate the whole family for exercise.

  276. monstergirlee

    Reason #3.
    Help teach my son to be a Team player, and work off some steam when he needs it. He’ll be “watching” tv but really doing so much more.

  277. Katie H

    I think it would be so awesome to have one of these!
    Being a mother of two (both who are under the age of two), I have really let myself go. I haven’t been going to the gym or anything lately and I think this would be a great way to work out!
    Also, with the economy the way it is, I haven’t really been spending any money on myself, so it would be great to have a treat that is just for me.
    Yoga sounds like an awesome thing to try and I would love to do it in my own home, without people watching and laughing!
    thanks sooo much!

    Katie from Kansas

  278. Candace

    My husband and I are on a fixed income and would love to give it to our grandkids for Christmas. It would be so much fun for them.

  279. Marge

    Yesterday I didn’t walk and I didn’t do a DVD workout either because I got sick. I think it was the peanut butter I ate. Anyway, my calorie report wasn’t so hot.
    Wed – 1940 eaten / 2364 burned / Net -424
    Today is not loking good for walking since we are at 6 inches of snow and counting.

  280. Marge

    I bet having a Wii on a day like this would be great for keeping my circulation going when it’s so darn cold!

  281. Sharon Pula

    I totally need this to get mt fat arse off the couch!!

  282. Sharon Pula

    I would love to have a fun way to exercise at home, I think it would be really motivating.

  283. joansy

    It’s smaller than a treadmill and looks like a hell of a lot more fun.

  284. scollins1225

    Does it work if I say “Pick everyone else, pick everyone else???” Hey, it’s worth a shot…

    Seriously, I’d like to win the Wii/Wii Fit for my wife, Diane, who is a stay-at-home mom with 3 children, all under 4 years old (we have a 3.5 yr old, a 23 month old, and an 8-week old).

    A former marathon runner, she’s been in the pregnant, “post-pregnant trying to find time to regain (at least to some degree) prior level of fitness”, repeat cycle… for about the last 5 years – *** plus a few Body-for-Life challenges along the way ***. Fitness and exercise as always been very important to her/us.

    I think the Wii and Wii Fit would be perfect her, and may even get the 3.5 yr old and 23 month old to work out with her!!!

    Thanks again – from an old dad of 3, Diane’s husband and WARRIORS alumnus!!!

  285. Melissa

    i would realllllly like the wii fit. why? because i’ve lost 80 lbs but have 40 more to go, and it’s not easy. i loathe the gym (well, it’s fine once i’m actually there, but i have a reeeeeeallly hard time talking myself into actually getting there) and have lost most of the weight with the help of daily long long long walks around the city with the kid. winter’s a-comin’, and three miles of daily NYC walking in the biting cold with a preschooler in tow just doesn’t sound realistic either. so….come on random number generator! we “need” wii fit!!

  286. EileenBeans

    So here’s my shpeal:
    We have one game system in the house, a Playstion (not even a playstation 1 because ours is the original and there was no 1 on it).

    Yeah, we need an upgrade, but our family isn’t really into all the TV watching and video game playing because we actually do stuff together and play sports and stuff!

    My kids are 10 years apart and I think (not sure) that this would be something we could actually all do together, even if the 2 year old doesn’t really get it.

    The winter is bad for all of us, it’s just too cold to go outside to play, so the Wii and Wii Fit would be an awesome way to stay fit during the winter so that when soccer season starts again I don’t have to take ice baths after every game 😀

    Also, we have lots of friends that are very young and trying to stay sober, and I want our house to be a great, safe place to hang out and have fun.

    My husband was out of work for 2.5 months so we don’t have $400 to spend on a Wii. Now that my hubs has a job, we are working different shifts so that one of us is almost always home with the kids and I hate being away from them (i.e. going to a gym) w/ a Wii Fit I could exercise with them!

    Ok, I think that’s about enough out of me, thanks for this opportunity and I hope you have excellent holidays!

  287. Renée aka Mekhismom

    I have no exercise routine and eating sugary snacks has not helped. I have regained the weight I lost from my pregnancy and I need to get in shape. I have only heard great things about the WII And WiiFit. I need it!

  288. Renée aka Mekhismom

    I have about 50 pounds to lose and I am at my heaviest ever. I had my baby 18 months ago and I would use a wii and wiiFit to exercise in the convenience of my home.

  289. Renée aka Mekhismom

    I am thinking about chronicling my weight loss journey on my blog. Many moms struggle with losing weight after having a baby. Using a WiiFit would be a fun way to get in shape and help others in the process.

  290. Stacy (sissy)

    How amazing is Aimee, first of all! (does sucking up help you win?…did I mention, beautiful, caring….??)

    Anyhoo, I am a Weight Watchers success story losing over 30 pounds and keeping it off for 2 plus years so far. In the last year, I have also become a running enthusiast, running my first half marathon last year. I am running my second this January.

    Ya see, I am an actress and a singer and compete against some of the most beautiful, fit people in the universe (yes, therapy has played a LARGE part in getting through these hurdles) and therefore need to keep myself in the best possible shape.

    So, why not continue running outside, you marathon freak?? Well, I currently live in South Florida where I AM able to be outside throughout the year (minus the ever popular hurricane that may breeze through). I am embarking on a move up north and as of February, will be living in Washington DC! (insert sound effects of snow blowing, windy, cold weather!). I imagine it will take a season or two to re-acclimate my system to the temps up there and boy oh boy wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of exercise option indoors……like……oh i don’t know…..maybe a Wii Fit???

  291. Ginger

    What Wii fit could do for me:
    1. Improve my balance–I fall down a lot
    2. Help my self-defense–boxing beats flapping my arms uncontrollably
    3. Stop the weight gain–I have a problem with pie

  292. Annie


    I think I’d use this every morning before work. Maybe it would motivate out of bed.

    I have gained a ton of weight lately and need to do something to fix it as I feel like trash about it.

  293. San

    The Wii Fit sounds great and all. I am sure I could fit it into our TINY apartment and get hubby to do some exercises 🙂

    But actually, I want the Greeblemonkey Christmas Mix much, much more 😀

  294. GDevers

    Do I need one? No.

    Do I want one? You betcha!

  295. Gretchen

    Sign me up!

    It would be a great addition to my workout routine.

  296. Corey~living and loving

    oh and I don’t think I have really lived until I’ve seen my hubby try to hula on that thing. SERIOUSLY!

  297. Renée aka Mekhismom

    I read on MomLogic that a woman lost 50lbs using the WiiFit and on Cool Mom I read a similar story. I really want to merge my love of gaming with physical activity to see if I will have similar results!

  298. JennyMoose

    Wii wish for a Wii

    I am praying our family is chosen for the Wii because I realize for the first time my health choices are going to affect someone besides myself- my little girl, Whitney Claire. I want her to see that technology is not just something to keep us cooped up inside like couch potatoes, twiddling a joystick, but technology can be used to our advantage. As winter approaches here in Maryland I see the days of icy sidewalks are nearly upon us, and I don’t want to get out of the exercise habit. I want my daughter to see me demonstrate that healthy choices are a lifestyle, not a diet, not a phase. I want her to see us pack healthy snacks before we leave the house, so that we are not temped to eat drive through fast food. I want her to see that exercise can be fun, and that the benefits last a lifetime. I want her to see that good cardiovascular health is not an accident, that endorphins are not only heralded by ice cream, that we will sleep better, our bones will be stronger, and we will have a more positive outlook on life by investing in our health. I want her to know that our family can stay fit together, have fun together, play together. While I was able to play and practice on Cottonwood Drive, bare feet in the sunburned, sprinkler soaked grass, and learn the joys of the hula hoop, it sure would be cool if, as a mom, I’m able to teach my girl how to do it too, on the Wii. I want TV to be more than the enemy promoting a sedentary lifestyle, I want her to see that it can be a tool to stay motivated. Thank you, Aimee, for considering us in the contest, it is a big job teaching kids healthy habits, I need all the help I can get!

    Love, JennyMoose

  299. CassJustCurious

    I have a wii fit on my vision board…I know that I am attracting one, so who knows maybe this is it. I want a wii fit because I want something to get me motivated to be fit. I’ve lost over 55lbs of baby weight and while I’m “back” I’m not anywhere near “back” and I could really use to feel a little bit more like me to kick off 2009. So who knows, maybe your random number generator will pick me.

  300. Autumn

    I need to have the Wii and Wii fit because I need to have a really cool and fun party like you did and get really silly and take pictures of my goofy self and post them on my blog for the whole world to see. That is the worst run on sentence I’ve ever written… I hope it wins me a wii. 🙂

  301. Roxanne

    I’m a FT working mom that has NO time to workout. I am telling people I’m trying to lose the “baby weight” even though it has been almost 3 years. I would LOVE a WII Fit!! Thanks!!

  302. Monique

    Another reason why this Wii Fit would be awesome for me….I am a chef, so I cook….lots of delicious food all the time and I’m a foodie, so I go out to eat all the time. And you know what? It shows…it shows on my buns on my hips on my belly. Don’t make me stop eating all this fabulous food!

  303. mocho1996

    I am so uncool that last year I walked into my friends’ house, the kids were playing a great bowling game and I said “oh, is that a Wi- I” (rhyming with Wi-Fi).
    I am feeling more decrepit by the day. Maybe the board will keep these creaky bones moving while preventing future embarrassment for my kids.-)

  304. daysgoby

    I want one because I want to A) Have THE thing my son keeps asking for and B) because I am SO FREAKING TIRED of having my exercise stuff commandeered to become ‘horsies’ and ‘magical jumping places’.

    My youngest? IS SO FOUR.

  305. TxGambit

    Very cool giveaway. I would love the Wii Fit. As a single mom with three children, 2 teens and a 1st grader, I find that we have a hard time finding time for exercise let alone time together. My older two children have a problem with weight. It is a problem we have fought for a long time and they love video games. I think the Wii Fit would be a great way for my family to get in shape and spend tme together.

  306. chloebear

    Wii makes it fun to exercise! You don’t even realize your using your core!

  307. chloebear

    Who can’t benefit from increased coordination and posture. Everything you need is there in a fun setting!

  308. chloebear

    my sister is so wonderful and I know she would die to have this system. It’s awesome. The yoga rocks, and the skiing is so much fun!!

  309. Valerie

    Ok, so why do I want one..well the obvious answer that almost everyone here has stated is that I need to loose weight and my kids would love to do this with me..It would give me an excuse to stop screwing around on Flickr all day long! LOL

    We don’t have any other game system in the house except for the kids smart cycle and I am WAAAAAAAAAY to big for that!

  310. Cathy

    Reason Number Three:
    My husband and I are very competitive and often play Scrabble after the kiddos are asleep. Playing Wii together would be way better for our health. AND I think I would totally kick his arse at yoga.

  311. Valerie

    My second reason is that my 4 year old son patted me on the but the other day and said “mommy you have a fat butt” *sniff, sniff*

    Seriously~If he noticed…

  312. Valerie

    Oh 3rd reason…I have tried to go to the gym and I can’t leave my kids in there. They cry the entire time and the girls in there totally give me that evil eye and the huffing and puffing as I am walking out and they are balling their eyes out! They HATE me there. So I canceled my membership. But with this wii I could stay home and NOT have to deal with all of that!

  313. Brenda

    So I am totally bummed I was not there last night, so for that alone I should qualify for entering this contest (and winning!) Today is a perfect example of why I need a Wii Fit, it is snowing outside and I have not gotten any exercise today and I am in no mood to bare the cold weather to go workout at the gym, but nevertheless I need to workout to keep the 25 lbs I’ve lost in the last 2 years from returning. I too want to become a Wii Fit Enthusiast! Best of luck to all those competing!

  314. Cathy

    Okay. Reason #4.
    Every time I try to leave the house to go work out I have to listen to my husband huff and puff. And now today – I’m still waiting while he prepares himself for an entire 90 minutes with the kids by himself. I would LOVE to be able to work out at home while the kiddos are napping or in bed for the night!

  315. Sara

    I have never BLOGGED before, so that in and of itself is a miracle for me…so here I go…I hope

    I am turning 40 this Saturday. For my birthday I vowed to lose wieght…I did. I lost 25 lbs to date…HOWEVER I have a ways to go…BUT…I am bored, frustrated, stuck, all that stuff you read in the books…I am there.

    If that is not enough my kiddo got the boot from daycare today for hitting—UUUGGGHHH. Now, I figure in order not to follow my first reaction…I do not want to not do the same to her I need help (all you social workers stay away…I said I do not want to not that I will…good Mom here)Well we are going to become the dynamic duo cooped up in this house for a while. I figure it would do us both good to try this thing out….

    AHHHH–I feel better already getting this off my chest…All is well in Toddler land (for now)…thanks!

  316. Stephanie Mac

    I want to be a positive role model for my two children, even though my youngest is only 1 week old!! I want them to see that fitness can be fun and beneficial. And since I have 2 small ones regular gym workouts are basically impossible. This could be so great for me!

  317. Sarah

    My husband and I are not what you would caller DOers, we are talkers. We talk about getting healthy, we talk about exercising but that is about as far as it gets… However we are also very competitive gamers, which means the Wii Fit could fit us perfectly! Hello exercise! Let’s do it!!

  318. Cathy

    Reason #5
    I really think that having a Wii and Wii Fit would really improve my sex life. I’m serious. The physical competition stuff usually gets couples going, doesn’t it?

  319. Cathy

    Reason #6:
    I used to go to a yoga class regularly – and LOVED it. Then, one day I farted (loudly) and never went back.
    With the WiiFit I could do yoga and pass gas all at once in the comfort of my own home.
    Boy – you’re learning a lot about me, aren’t you? ; )

  320. Cathy

    Reason #7
    My husband keeps talking about buying a treadmill, or something else that’s HUGE. We don’t have room in this house, unless he gets ride of his pool table, which isn’t going to happen. So maybe if we win a Wii and WiiFit he won’t have the urge to spend lots of money on something we’ll barely use (treadmill).

  321. EatPlayLove

    Today I decided I need a Wii to go with my Wii Fit, so I can give my neices the second Fit and be the super coolest Aunt ever.

    And I am afraid what will happen to my balance board with out it’s mommy, the Wii.

  322. Darren

    Well…our family loves to sit in the basement once a week or so and have “Family Movie Night”. It’s a great bonding time with the teens and the 7 year old. We really think it would be great to have a “Family Exercise Night”…or 2 or 3 to help us get healthy together. We need it!!

  323. Tisha

    I want to see my daughters play the hula hoop game! That would be TONS of fun!

  324. Sarah Bellum

    I have been using the recession as my reason for everything. “Oh, I can’t make that meeting because of the recession.” “No, I can’t babysit for you, you know, because of the recession.” The list goes ON AND ON.

    So, I think I deserve this Wii because of the recession.

  325. Busymomma66

    Please pick me!! Me, me, me, please pick me. (okay obnoxiousness stopping). My rather large butt might be a good enough reason alone, but there’s the rest of the body that goes with it.

  326. Paige

    I would be very excited to win a wii and wii fit because I played wii tennis this weekend at my mom’s house and for the next two days could not move my right arm. And that is sad. I clearly need to exercise, but it is damn cold outside and I would love to exercise in the comfort of my home. And it would be fun. YAY!

  327. chris in ri


    This would be great because we are a family stuck in the 20th century, and this would catapult us forward in time in a fun and healthy way. Did I mention we just played our first Wii at a relative’s house over TGiving? Please help us before we are viewed as a living diorama of 1989!

  328. editdebs

    I’d love to get a Wii fit. It’s cold here in Chicago, and too hard to get up early to work out. (It’s 7 degrees this morning. BRRR!)

    Love your blog!

  329. tom s

    aim – congrats on being pulled into the corporate machine – i guess you know you’ve made it as a McBlogger when the big boys come calling.

    as far as d wiiFit, what a great thing to be able to give away. but by the looks of your video arcade w/ the multiple tvs you may need the extra wii more than any of us. since you have to “legally” give it away, i think you should send it on to south cackalacki.

    why? well i could say i have kids who i need to spend time with (i do) or i need to look hip in my kids eyes (well i do) or i need something else fun to do with the wife (that’s always good). but much like tendo came calling to you, i am the ultimate brand advocate – i luv my brands as long as they have great products and great personalities. i hear that the fit is way cooool but i’d have to live it for me to truly spread more of the wii little luv.

    so please put me into the random selectorama and maybe karma will be on my fam’s wiiSide.



    tsloan at thinkcargo dot com

  330. Nikki

    I am 5 months pregnant and am starting to look at options to get this weight off of me when my little one is born… a wii fit would go a long ways towards that.

  331. Mrs. Wheezer

    Posting another comment, because my sister would really enjoy getting a Wii for Christmas. One thing I discovered about the Wii Fit this week… It reminds people about birthdays! Specifically, it reminded my daughter that MY birthday is coming up.

    Who wants to bet a 13 year old boy needs to be reminded of his mother’s birthday?

  332. MPPs Mom

    Let me leave you with a Wii Hiaku:

    Aimee has a wii
    She gets to pick a winner
    Let it be me, please

    **summary of other reasons posted:
    new baby=flabby midsection
    tight midsection=husband action
    regain hula title
    donate system to MIL & her senior friends

  333. chloebear

    My sister would be perfect for the Wii fit because she lives in NY and it costs so much money to live in Manhattan that she doesn’t have much left over for indulgences like the Wii. I really like all it capabilities. Wii fit goes beyond just what comes with a Wii when you purchase it. It’s easy to stay fit when you have so many games to choose from.

  334. MPPs Mom

    Wii Hiaku:

    Wii is good for us
    Wii Fit is even better
    Nintendo’s Wii Rocks

    *just in case anyone thought my first hiaku was against the rules.

  335. Caryn B

    I need to have something to entertain my guests in our new home!

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  336. Caryn B

    Speaking of our new house…since we’re having a housewarming party…don’t you think it is only “fit” that we have a housewarming gift? : ) I think a Wii Fit is in order!

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  337. Laurie

    After almost two years of graduate school, I am mentally and emotionally exhausted and physically SO out of shape. My primary goal (not a resolution, please…that’s a weird word for me) for the coming months is to get back into my body again. I need to start eating more normally and to start moving for health again, not just running running running after stories all the time.

    I am absolutely broke from grad school too, so the gift of a Wii Fit would be awesome and timely…not to mention a great way to work out at home during the coldest part of our Maryland year. Thanks.

  338. Lori

    I want to win this because I JUST found out that had I forsaken my daughter’s Grade 1 music program last night and instead gone to Amber’s Wii Fit party, I would already HAVE a Wii.

    You’ve heard of Buyer’s Remorse? I’m having Mother’s Remorse.

  339. samantha jo campen

    Okay, yet another reason I need the Wii Fit:

    I just took my kid to the ER (he’s fine, thanks for your DM!) and, uh, I need something good to happen. In addition to all the other healthy reasons I listed previously, of course.

  340. Renée aka Mekhismom

    I have not but naughty only nice and this pair have been on my Christmas list! I know that I am not going to get them but I would love if Santa could come my way in this contest. It would be so nice to lose weight, have fun and enter into some friendly competition with family and friends!

  341. chloebear

    My husband and I could work out together!!

  342. pinkfred

    I would love to have a wii fit… my fat ass needs to get in shape.

  343. Every Day Goddess

    I have tried to take up yoga, it is not easy! I think using the wii will make it much more enjoyable than watching those people on TV do the yoga moves! I need the Wii!!!

  344. Busymomma66

    Last minute effort to win this!!

    Save the butt! Save the body!

    Save my mind!!

  345. Mrage

    tick tock tick tock
    I felt I should comment some more. I don’t ahve my number from yesterday but I didn’t eat much and got a little exercise so it can’t be too bad. I’m usually a non-comformist and bandwagons don’t appeal but I want a Wii Fit BAD. I really want to lose this weight. At the rate things are going I won’t have one until they are ‘like so yesterday’ and there’s one on the gently used shelf at a thrift store.

  346. Marge

    On being too poor to buy one: I just realized that if I win this Wii, then when the TV goes dark in Feb (we decided it’s not worth the $ for a new antenna and digital converter box)I will have something to keep my mind off the episodes of Frigne and Simpsons I’m missing.

  347. LW

    What a cool opportunity!!

    As many have posted, I too have faced challenges this year, and am still in the midst of recovery & healing. I would love to win the Wii Fit to continue to support my healing by providing activity & fun with friends!

  348. LW

    Oh right – we can enter multiple times!!

    I’m always looking for fun new theme ideas for the sleepovers that I host for my nieces. A fitness theme would be great to add the mix!

    Good luck to others as well!

  349. LW

    Nothing like getting in multiple posts at the last minute!

    Wish I had read this sooner!

    Another reason: I NEED TO GET SOME EXERCISE! (And I would love for the kids to think I’m ‘with-it’ because I’m using a Wii).

  350. Toni

    OMG I really need to win this! Why you ask? lol I am one of the 6 Wii Fit Mommiis and I don’t have one yet! 🙁 It would definitely get put to use! Thanks for the chance!

    If you need to know what That means find out about the Wii Fit Mommiis here!

    info at grocerypricebooks dot com

  351. jess

    well i need one of these. using “i have two kids” as an excuse for being 15 pounds overweight was valid about..7 years ago. my daughter will be 8 in february.

    i would LOVE to have this.


  352. RookieMom Heather

    I will master the 10 minute hoola hoop.

  353. Suzanne

    It’d be totally awesome to have a Wii on a different TV so that the kids don’t fight Dad’s tv watching-and the Fit would go to my sister in law, who’s doctor really wants her to exercise. She wants one but hasn’t been able to get it.

  354. Sarah K

    A reason I would like the Wii fit.
    My hubby and I could exercise together vs. taking turns going on runs!

  355. abritdifferent

    Hi Aimee,

    I have never ever owned a game system, not even a Commadore 64. How freakin SAD is that?? I would LOVE one of these. I think the Wii Fit would be great for our fam cos my hubs is overweight, ok, he’s 300 pounds and he needs that incentive.

  356. Lori

    we are spending the holidays at my sisters house this year. having a wii would keep all the kids busy for hours! and the adults could use it when the kids are in bed.

  357. Tisha

    I am realizing that both my husband and I need to model some better lifestyle choices for our kids. We eat pretty well but making time for the gym is very hard. I would love to be able to use a fit to show them at home!

  358. David

    A Wii fit is something we are already contemplating buying, but we haven’t been able to pull the trigger due to availability and timing. I’d love our Wii, and I’ve never been a huge video game person. I love the opportunity to have the different levels of activities in the house without having a room for each one, and the Wii Fit just gets us even more active. Not only do I want to involve our kids in the activities, but I sorely need a couple of minutes a day to take stock, breathe and exercise that I just can’t seem to do now. I’m not saying it’s going to bring world peace, but it might help our home.

  359. bejewell

    My husband’s friend was over the other day and told us this hilarious story about how his wife was playing Wii Tennis in the other room and he heard her making all of these “Uh!” and grunting sounds and thought she was doing something *else* and he came into the living room to see and maybe get lucky but as soon as he walked in she took a swing and accidentally let go of the remote thingy and it flew and hit him in the face.

    Did I mention that he was naked?

    So THAT is why I want a Wii.

  360. EileenBeans

    So here’s my shpeal:
    We have one game system in the house, a Playstion (not even a playstation 1 because ours is the original and there was no 1 on it).

    Yeah, we need an upgrade, but our family isn’t really into all the TV watching and video game playing because we actually do stuff together and play sports and stuff!

    My kids are 10 years apart and I think (not sure) that this would be something we could actually all do together, even if the 2 year old doesn’t really get it.

    The winter is bad for all of us, it’s just too cold to go outside to play, so the Wii and Wii Fit would be an awesome way to stay fit during the winter so that when soccer season starts again I don’t have to take ice baths after every game 😀

    Also, we have lots of friends that are very young and trying to stay sober, and I want our house to be a great, safe place to hang out and have fun.

    My husband was out of work for 2.5 months so we don’t have $400 to spend on a Wii. Now that my hubs has a job, we are working different shifts so that one of us is almost always home with the kids and I hate being away from them (i.e. going to a gym) w/ a Wii Fit I could exercise with them!

    Ok, I think that’s about enough out of me, thanks for this opportunity and I hope you have excellent holidays!

  361. bejewell

    (Also it should be noted that I never had any interest in owning a Wii until I heard the naked remote in the face story. But now I am obsessed.)

  362. bejewell

    P.S. My husband’s been unemployed for four months so there is no Wii in my future unless I win this. That should earn me some sympathy points, right? No?

  363. bejewell

    Just read some of the other comments and I now realize that there will be no sympathy points for me and my measly husband’s-unemployed story. In fact, some of these people are so much worse off than me I almost want to give THEM the Wii if I win it.


  364. Cathy

    Reason Number 7 or is it 8?
    Last night I went to work out and it was 10 degrees outside. But it felt like a negative 3. Oh my god. IT WAS COLD. But I went anyway. Would love to stay home and work out!

  365. WiredMonkey

    Hey! Time for one last comment about how cool and appreciated a Wii Fit/Wii combo would be in my household.

    We (my wife and I) are bemoaning our cancelled gym membership – sacrificed for many reasons all leading back to lack of time and having a small child. The Wii Fit would give us a gym IN OUR HOME!! How way cool is that? PLUS, it’s Nintendo, so it’d be like Nintendo opening up a gym. What would you call that place? Power Up? Level Up? OOH!! Mario Super Pudgy People Land. It all comes back to Mario….

  366. EatPlayLove

    Tis the season of chaos and I think the Wii would be a great escape. Kind of like a peaceful island (on the Wii Fit) in the middle of a storm. How Poetic.

  367. Cathy

    Reason Number 8 or 9?
    I would totally USE the Wii. None of this, “I need it I’ll use it, but then it’ll end up not used.” I’m very dedicated and already go 3 times a week to the gym. Would love to go more, but it’s such a pain, so I’d be able to use this at LEAST 4 days a week, if not more.

  368. Cathy

    Reason 9 or 10
    I suck at real bowling, but the last time I bowled with the Wii I did awesome! Please – let me get it so I can beat my husband at bowling – if only for just pretend bowling! =)

  369. Cathy

    Reason 10 or 11
    We’re a little worried that my oldest son is getting a little heavy, but it’s hard to get him to exercise when he can’t go outside to play in the winter. So – he would totally love to move around and burn some calories. please.

  370. WiredMonkey

    Okay, I really like the haikus that MPPs Mom did, and now I’m inspired to leave a comment in that style as well…hopefully it’s not too pandering.

    Sad and out of shape;
    Please don’t look at my beer gut.
    Aimee, can I win?

    Okay. It’s too pandering. Ah well…surely that won’t matter to such a fabulous monkey such as yourself.

  371. Laura

    Hey Aimee! What a fun contest. I’d love to win one of these – I think all my kids would enjoy it, but I think my son would get a lot out of it, especially. He’s in a lot of therapies for his autism, and I think this would be a great tool to go along with what he’s already doing.

  372. Cathy

    Reason 10 or 11….
    I’m a teacher and every Friday we take turns bringing treats. Today I ate about 5 pounds of Rubin Dip. Yummy, but boy oh boy do I need the WiiFit now!

  373. Cathy

    Reason Number 11 or 12….

    My tummy hangs over my jeans. And it doesn’t look good. And I refuse to buy a new pair of jeans.
    Wii Fit will fix that, right?

  374. Cathy

    Another one…
    WiiFit will apparently fix everything that is wrong with me and in my life. so come on, I should win it!

  375. Cathy

    Alright – last one.
    We never buy anything expensive that we want. Wii and WiiFit is on our list of things we’d love but never buy. Also on that list – a new tv, new garage door, iphone, vacations, etc. We’re just way too conservative with our money. So, if you ever give any of that away – let me know. Money, or those things listed….

  376. Cathy

    Oh and also –
    I’m not sure who’s rule it was that we had to list why we need the WiiFit, but if that came from Nintendo – it totally worked. Because now I want one more than ever! Maybe if I don’t win I’ll ask for Toys R Us gift cards for christmas so I can buy one. Nice job, Nintendo!

  377. EatPlayLove

    I’ve decided I need to win this Wii now, because I will torment myself looking for one, even though we shouldn’t buy one, and I am assuming it will be quite the hunt to find it.

  378. Cathy

    And a few more…since there’s still time…

    I would love to be able to talk with my students about the Wii games. Can you believe I teach preschool and almost all of these kids Wii and I don’t?? come on. I need to get with it!

  379. Cathy

    I would also like a Wii because I think it would be fun for my neighbors to watch us looking like fools in our living room as we get Fit with Wii!

  380. Cathy

    Oh – and also – our family is very BOY heavy – and Boys Are Crazy in the winter when there’s no where to burn off energy. This would be great for our Holiday Party this year – where we’ll have 8 boys under 10 years of age. At least we can get 2 of them going at once to get them moving and doing something other than breaking my stuff.

  381. Cathy

    And – if I win – I would totally do a great Wii post – maybe even a series of Wii posts – about how much it’s helped me lose all this weight – and all of those posts would link to you! And you know – new readers are always fun, right?

    Oh – but another reason.

    Because I WANT one. And being a mom I rarely get what I WANT anymore.

  382. Lori

    There are so many good reasons to want a Wii. I want to give it to my son, who’s in the USAF.

  383. Lori

    I want to give it to my mom who spends most of her free time at a nursing home with her husband. She needs to take care of herself and she could use the wii at night, at home.

  384. Lori

    I want to give it to my other three kids. They would have so much fun challenging each other on the wii fit age!

  385. Cathy

    I need one because I’ve never been a part of the “in” crowd – and I want to see what’s that like.

  386. Cathy

    I have horrible balance. ANd the balance board has got to help with that, right?

  387. Cathy

    I pee a little when I sneeze sometimes.
    Does Wii Fit help with THOSE muscles?
    IF so – consider this my last reason.
    If NOT – feel free to delete. =(

    Also – thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  388. Lori

    my kids asked for wii ski but they need the wii and balance board first.

  389. Ginger

    Any way that exercising can be made fun (especially at home!) is the perfect reason to own a WiiFit.

    This is a great opportunity–thanks!!

  390. Elizabeth W.

    I’ve been looking for a good comparison between Wii Fits and their real life fitness equivalents. It would be interesting to read someone who’s savvy with a WiiFit comparing that to the equivalent gym class.

    For example- Can Wii replace boxing?


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