I swear, I’m not lying.

But I *am* bragging.

We were at an event at school this evening designed to introduce all the kids entering Kindergarten in the Fall to the teachers, the parents and each other. Declan’s preschool teacher pulled us aside and told us some interesting news.

Apparently, she had his reading level tested today. He came in at beginning 2nd Grade. The kid is friggin’ 4.5 years old.

She asked if it was OK with us if she started sending him up to 1st Grade for reading sessions now, for the rest of this year, so he could get to know the teacher. He still goes to Kindergarten two days a week currently, but she has been trying to have him stay all day and he has been resisting. So, her theory is, that when he moves to full-time Kindergarten in the Fall, they will immediately start sending him to 1st Grade for reading, and given his perpetual shyness – she would prefer he gets to know the 1st Grade teacher and routine now, so that in the Fall he won’t be as overwhelmed by it all.

Whew. Did you follow all that?

I really am so proud of him.

But I must admit, I actually worry about his smartness, too.

My dad was wicked smart.

And a wicked asshole.

I know, I know, obviously Declan is not my father… but I can’t help but worry.

Good thing he’s such a nice kid too.

That’s what I’m REALLY proud of.

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  1. Diane C.

    Yay Declan!

  2. tmrperry

    WTG, Dex!!!

  3. Shell

    Go Dex! It sounds too like he is at a great school, where he gets a lot of opportunities. That’s awesome!

  4. monstergirlee

    good job Dex, good job Mommy and Daddy for doing such an awesome job with your boy.

  5. Tree

    That is just too darn cool! WTG,Declan!

  6. Sarah

    It really sounds like they are helping him along and doing the right things for him!

  7. Anonymous

    good kid AND smart kid!

  8. lvtwingrins

    That’s awesome… WTG Dex and obviously you and B are doing something right. I totally understand the worries too…

  9. aimee / greeblemonkey

    thanks everyone. appreciate it!

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