If I am tearing up now, I am going to be a blubbering idiot soon.

Today is Declan’s last day at his current school. On the way in, I said, “So, remember, today is your last day! Then next week you are home with mommy and daddy… then the week after, you start your new school.” To which I got a very 16-year-old-sounding, “I KNOW.”

OK, OK, so we have been working on the transition with him a lot!

I took some pictures of the occasion today. This one shows a pretty typical scene. Declan just kind of standing in the middle getting his bearings before his day kicks in. By pick-up he is usually running around like a maniac and doesn’t want to leave – but he definitely eases in to his mornings. (I wonder where he gets that). Also notice the teachers gathered and chatting while the kids are scattered. Just one of the reasons we are leaving his school – but I digress.

And here is Declan’s cubby – which has always been right next to Lily’s. I am so glad they are moving to the new school together. How nice to have built-in friends.

Of course, by Declan’s reaction this morning, I am way more nervous about all this than he is.

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