In The Whale - Denver Band Interview

In The Whale : Denver Street Interview

No joke. One of my favorite bands in Colorado is made up of just two guys, Nate Valdez and Eric Riley. This duo is able to make some really loud, really good rock and roll and have fun while doing it. I was able to interview them last week on a street corner (literally) before another show here in town.

It definitely inspired me to do more of this sort of thing (interview bands on street corners), so stay tuned. Although I think I need some external mics. And maybe city permits to keep people away.

In the meantime, check out the video interview of In The Whale. They are straight talking guys in their social media and in their real life. They are funny and they are talented. However, be warned there is some NSFW language, a drive-by screaming and a random fan recognition.

Also, I sing part of their song Girlfriend and pretty much nail it.

APRIL 4-5, 2014

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  1. Zipper

    That was awesome!

  2. Karen

    Ha ha those guys are hilarious. That was fun, you definitely should do more of these.

    • Aimee

      Karen, I always get this itch to more video and don’t follow through properly. Really need to push myself!

  3. TwinTimes

    Eeks you almost lost me at the diarrhea but I made it though. They were funny guys and I love how fine ransom guy walked up to you on the street???

  4. Will F

    Love In The Whale! this interview is great. So them.

  5. Anonymous

    Not sure were you are going with this. I know you aren’t writing the same things anymore but this was pretty gross.

    • Aimee

      Hi there, sorry you didn’t dig it. The guys just say it like it is and I love that about them. I am a pretty frank person myself, so I had fun interviewing them. I guess as Dex gets older, I am more willing to put myself out there!

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  8. Ben D

    That was awesome.

  9. Sarah P

    That was hilarious. Please do more of these types of interviews. Us moms who can’t get out and see these bands appreciate it!

  10. julieanders40


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