Interview with Anna Morsett of Denver's The Still Tide

Interview with The Still Tide – Getting Ready For Red Bull Sound Select

As Denver’s music scene continues to grow, it’s always a pleasure to chat with people you have admired but never got a chance to meet. Case in point is Anna Morsett, who I did actually see and photograph when her band, The Still Tide, played at Treefort this year – but we didn’t really meet-meet. This week, we ended up hanging out on the phone for over an hour, and having quite a few laughs while I was supposed to be interviewing her about their upcoming appearance at a Red Bull Sound Select show.

Red Bull Sound Select

Have you heard about this program? They are in 18 cities with over 200 shows a year and highlight new music with the help of local curators. Tickets are discounted to support both the artist and the fans – RSVP here for Margaret Glaspy, Pearl Charles and The Still Tide at The Bluebird on October 20th.

Red Bull Sound Select - Denver Concerts

Interview With Anna of The Still Tide

So, describe The Still Tide, for people who may not yet know you guys.

Honestly, it’s changed so much over the years. But I started in a group in New York and that was called something different at the time. I started The Still Tide there as more of side project to house my own songs and used Kickstarter to make a record. Jake and I knew each other but we really bonded over guitar. I came to Colorado in 2013 for a short trip and fell in love, and then suckered Jake into joining me. I was playing with Ark Life for a while when I first got here, but The Still Tide has now matured to be our main focus. We’ve made two EPs since moving to Denver. I write most of the songs and then Jake and I work them out together. We also have been working with Joe Richmond as a producer and he plays drums with us live – which lead us to work with Brent Cowles a lot. I feel like we have a nice big musical family here.

What do you make of the Denver music scene?

I was lucky to come in under the wings of the people I worked with initially and they introduced me to so many other musicians in town. In retrospect, I really didn’t have a clue how amazing the people I met right away were. I immediately felt so included that it was almost alarming. People would say they’d come to my shows and they actually did! I am not usually nervous on stage, but that made me nervous – all these people showing up who had never seen me before. I know it’s hard breaking into any music community and it really depends on who you meet. But I feel like taking the time to reach out, go to other people’s shows, meet the people in town – that goes a long way. Also, here in Denver, I feel like I have the time and space to do the type of music I always wanted to do. There is a stillness to work that you don’t find in New York.

Who are some of your favorite Denver bands?

Well, Brent Cowles, of course. We play and tour with him a lot.

Denver band The Still Tide at Treefort Music Fesival

Yes. The first time I saw you play was with him at Treefort in Boise.

That’s right! But otherwise – there are so many. Porlolo. Wildermiss. InPlanes. King Cardinal. The Raven & The Writing Desk. Wildflowers – who recently moved to Denver as well. And, of course, Esme Patterson.

What about your personal musical influences?

Well, I grew up in Olympia, Washington – so a lot of the music from Seattle filtered down from there during the grunge era. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. It was also really pivotal that when I was just starting to learn how to play guitar, I received a book about Jimi Hendrix as a gift. To have it laid out that way really changed the way I looked at how I could play.

How was it been working with Red Bull Sound Select?

We are so honored to be included! I think it’s such a great format to introduce people to different bands, with Red Bull’s promotion and the low ticket prices. Especially for such great talents as the headliners that they have been including – I am a big fan of Margaret Glaspy and I love that our show features all female-fronted bands.

What’s next for The Still Tide?

We put an EP out this past August and still have lots to do with that music. We have a video coming out for a song from that soon. Then we hope to get back on tour in the Spring.

Many thanks to Anna for her time and good humor. Looking forward to the Red Bull Sound Select show on 10/20 and many more Still Tide concerts in the future!

Feature photo by George L. Blosser
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