iOS7 Is Making My Head Hurt

I have been ranting on twitter for two days now.

So sick of 25 year olds designing UI for other 25 year olds. Light gray on white doesn’t work for anyone over 40, #iOS7.
— Aimee Giese (@Greeblemonkey) September 19, 2013


While you can’t see anything else in #iOS7 because it’s white and gray, the bright green phone icon is being picked up from space.
— Aimee Giese (@Greeblemonkey) September 19, 2013


Assuming that Apple’s marketing plan with #iOS7 is that old people are gonna die soon anyway so who cares if they can see the screen.
— Aimee Giese (@Greeblemonkey) September 19, 2013

But basically:


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  1. zipper

    hahaha! TRUE!!!

  2. William

    I gotta say I love it. Much cleaner. And flashlight! haha

  3. Anonymous

    hahahah that is hilarious. iOS7 sucks.

  4. D.T. Pennington

    25 year olds? I’m 28 and I can’t see it either. Maybe there needs to be a crossover phone between iPhone and those novelty touch-tones with the enormous buttons.

  5. Whodat?

    Amen, sister!!! I can’t see anything and I’ve had my eyes laser-corrected!

  6. pwash

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. karen

    Did you see the video of the 4 year old crying? That is me.


    and oh yeah, “THANKS” for effing up the calendar which is the thing I use MOST on my phone and ipad to make appointments. I have exactly one inch to see my day. 🙁

  9. Paul Merrill

    One thing that helped (for a few of the bad screens) is that I changed my background to a really dark one.

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