It’s a sad day in American journalism…

When the death of Anna Nicole Smith gets VASTLY more coverage than the death of Molly Ivins.

I hadn’t even heard of Molly’s death till I read it on Joansy’s blog. Granted, we don’t have cable but I do read headline news on the internet and I guess all the baby wrangling going on after the Anna’s death trumps news of a well-known, well-respected journalist who finally succumbed to a long battle with breast cancer. However, I *do* eat out almost every day – and CNN ran story after story over lunch on Friday from the circus that was Anna Nicole Smith. It feels like Molly didn’t even get one of those little ticker things along the bottom of the screen. Even more revolting is the thought that Anna Nicole Smith will be forever compared to Marilyn Monroe.

I mean, yes, yes, I feel sorry for that little baby – whatever her fucked up name is.

But I *really* feel sorry for the American public – who has to watch this shit.

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  1. TxGambit

    I heard about Molly’s death. It was on Yahoo as a headline and maybe on too (Hometown paper).

    But, you are right. ANS’s death is just dominating the airwaves. She died, okay? Is anyone truly surprised?

    I feel for the baby though. I just hope that the dad turns out to be someone who is at least somewhat normal and can actually raise that little girl so that she isn’t just a plain ole mess.

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