June Greeblemix Contest

Bryan and I had a huge faux argument over breakfast whether today was June 1st or May 31st. We literally could not remember. Lo and behold! It *IS* June 1st! May was clearly a blur.

And you know what June 1st means – Greeblemix time!

Are you in blur mode too? Doing all kinds of fun summery things? (I figure that’s the perfect subject for the contest this month.)

What are you most looking forward to in the month of June?

The first three commenters answering this question get the mix this month.

And remember, if you won last month, please take a month off.

And even once we have the winners, please keep sharing. What’s happening in your world?

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  1. Rhiannon

    The rain usually FINALLY stops around the end of June in Portland. YAY!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    My trip back to NJ for my friend’s wedding. I always said that only his wedding or someone’s death would get me back to Jersey.

  3. Anne

    Am I too late? I’ve never won one of these before, but I do have plenty of your mixes in my collections already!!

    Let’s see… June means heat in Oklahoma… I am looking forward to my early Fridays, though. My company has “summer hours” where we all get off at noon which makes for a teensy bit longer weekend.

  4. Anne

    Proofing AFTER I post = not a good idea.

    By plenty, I didn’t mean I had enough already… just want to make sure I didn’t sound unappreciative! I love your mixes and want as many as you care to share :).

  5. charlotte

    Margaret’s Second birthday.
    Finishing the fence in the backyard.
    Getting the motorcycle running again.

  6. Don Mills Diva

    My first swim in the lake!
    That’ll probably be late June here in Ontario…

  7. Reese

    I’m looking forward to decluttering, organizing and actually *living* in my apartment. I’m looking forward to getting help with this whole hoarding crap.


  8. joansy

    My husband is taking our two kids to our vacation property for the month. He will be joined by my best friend’s husband and their two kids. Lori and I will join them on the weekends, but this means that for five days a week, for four weeks, we have nothing to do but watch chick flicks, drink cocktails, spring clean our houses and keep them clean for more than an hour, and anything else that we want to do. I can’t wait.

  9. Gretchen

    Having the weather warmer than 50…

    Kids playing outside without having to put on coats, snowpants, hat, mittens, boots…

    The end of school – four days and counting…

    Softball and Tee Ball…

    Project days with the kids…

    Sleeping in on a Wednesday morning…

    Trying to figure out a family vacation…

  10. Sizzle

    I’m clearly late for the cd mix game but I’ll still answer-

    – picnics at the park or by the lake
    – taking water aerobics at the local pool
    – long sunny days
    – weekend getaways
    – outdoor movies

  11. Sarah

    Saskatchewan turning green!

  12. Crunchy Carpets

    I want some decent sitting on the patio weather.
    I want my mil’s house to sell
    I want dh to find some AMAZING job…

    oh and we have to plan my daughters birthday too!

  13. Assertagirl

    1. Release party for Petite Anglaise is on June 6.

    2. Getting my community garden plot actually growing something.

    3. Vacation on the lake at rented cottage begins June 28.

  14. Mayberry

    As much as we’ve all loved kindergarten, it will be damn nice not to HAVE to be somewhere by 8 a.m. every day. Only ONE drop off/pick up — and no late bell.

  15. Joy!

    I’m looking forward to reworking the front garden–finally building a stone wall, filling with a new dirt mix, putting in lots of lavender and purple salvia… mmm!

  16. jessica

    looking my newest client dead in the eye and saying, “i quit you.”

    and not feeling an ounce of guilt about it.

    (and i am so. not. a big meanie like that sounds. SO. NOT.)

  17. jessica

    oh, and i totally thought anne was coming back clear up her use of “get off.” because i KNOW i wasn’t the only one wondering where in the world that girl worked!

    and then i remembered that i am 12. and that when the friends i hosted for dinner tonight kept telling their kids to “eat the cherries, eat the cherries, not until you eat the cherries…” i was pitifully ashamed when i could not stop laughing. unsocialized creep that i am…

  18. carrie

    As soon as the kids are out of school mid-June, I will be looking forward to, in no paticular order:




  19. jon deal

    My birthday!

  20. Amy

    I am looking forward to putting a calendar reminder for June 30th so I can get to Greeblemonkey early on the 1st to win myself a mix!! Dang it! 🙂 Oh, and there’s this bbq on the 8th that is high on my list of expectations…And did I mention I was NaBloPoMoing this month. Yeah, I’m looking forward to that too!

  21. Anonymous

    Swimming at the pool!

  22. Sue at nobaddays and eLuckypacket

    1) Lots of sunshiney days
    2) Fridays off for Sue time
    3) Seeing Sex and the City

    Hi – I’m back from vacation!

  23. painted maypole

    wow, there’s a lot going on this month, but I might just have to say Vacation Bible School being OVER. 😉

  24. well read hostess

    OH MY GOD LET ME JUST TELL YOU THAT this school year is over on June 17th, as in that’s the last day I have to GO to work physically until the end of August, but way way way way way more than that I am looking forward to next Wednesday when I give my 4th block class which has made me old, bitter, cranky, nasty, and salty all F-ing year long their final exam and say GOOD BYE. Na na na na, hey hey, GOOD BYE. And don’t come back. And WOW would some new music make that all the sweeter. She said. Hopefully.

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