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Weathers at Denver’s Marquis Theater

The band Weathers is quickly becoming a fave. Sadly, their show(s) here in Denver were canceled several times last year (along with everyone else). Finally, we got to see them at the Marquis – and it was the perfect band for my first time “back” at that venue. I was able to interview these guys in March 2020 before their show with Echosmith at the Bluebird – and can you imagine what we wish we knew at that moment? 😳

Still, if you listen to their lyrics, these guys have a pretty good handle on the world – in the sense that they know we are all struggling. Wrap those real feelings up in fun songs, you get a killer concert. Even better for us here in Denver? Weathers returns right away this December for KTCL Channel 93.3’s Not So Silent Night. Cheers!

Photos of the Band Weathers in Denver

Photos displayed in random order. Click any thumbnail for a larger version. Then use the navigation arrows (or your keyboard arrow keys) to move left and right through the photographs.

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