June Greeblepix Winner!

I am sorry that this is going up so late in the day! I have been literally running from one thing to the other ALL DAY LONG. Dentist, work, Apple Store (cough cough, iPhone 3GS for Bryan), Whole Foods, Summer Camp, Doggie Day Care, Momslant’s house for dinner… home… bed… HOLY CRAP I FORGOT TO POST THE WINNER!

And here she is!

Toni’s crazy sky photo taken through the windshield of a moving car. Talk about in the moment! And I think Toni wouldn’t mind me telling you that Jeremie and Waynette were inches away from a three-way tie this month – so thank you all for contributing again to this great contest and voting away like crazy. I also love how everyone has been visiting and commenting on each other’s photos – what a nice sense of collaboration!

Toni will receive a $250 camera equipment rental from Pro Photo Rental. Be sure to check out these guys for Canon, Nikon and Olympus equipment. I love them. They are from Boulder, but ship all over the country. Awesome.

Toni, email me at [aimee at greeblemonkey dot com] to start the process.

See you all next month! Remember, Greeblemix (music) is 1st Monday of every month and Greeblepix (photos) is the 3rd Monday. Happy weekend!

[Whew! 45 minutes to spare!]

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  1. Waynette Traub

    Very Good Toni

  2. Waynette Traub

    (BTW – I’m up this early to exercise not to check on contest… downloading my podrunner podcast music to run with!)

    All the entries were really good and this was a lot of fun. Thanks for doing this. It is only 5:57 a.m here.

  3. zipper

    Congrats Toni! Great photo!

  4. Anonymous

    awesome! – m

  5. ray page

    congrats! what a great shot.

  6. simplyblogged

    Gorgeous shot. Great pick.

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