Just a little vent here.

OK, before you call me Scrooge, I love love love getting holiday cards with photos in them. In fact, I need to figure out a new solution for next year because there is just not enough room on my mantle for all the cards we get.

But here is my issue.

Why, in the name of Father Christmas, does every so-called professional portrait venue leave huge gaps around the people (i.e. not crop at all)??? It’s like an epidemic. I realize that many of the people who work there have not been trained in photography per say (unless you count being able to push a button as “training”)… and I realize the focus is the kiddoes and not the heinous backgrounds… but that is exactly my point. Focus on the kiddoes and cut out that fake burning log thing.

Of course, I do still take Declan every year to get some photos done at Kiddie Kandids. (It seems like a right of passage that he must endure, in my opinion.)

Of course, I am also that freak woman who takes over for the staff and crops every single photo herself.

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