Kick Out The Jamz – and Win a New Pro Series Microphone!

Every summer, we host a sangria party in the backyard. Every year, it gets bigger and bigger. Every year, someone ends up singing something, very loudly and very off key. I am shocked we haven’t had the police called yet, and that I haven’t been arrested for “encouragement of caterwauling.”

There was one year were the kids even put on a singing competition that lasted for hours, until the parents decided to join in, which of course made it zero fun and the competition was closed down. By the kids.

So, you have heard of Paperjamz, right? (You know, the “paper” guitars? My 39 year old neighbor got one for Christmas. This is how *I* know of them.) Well, when they emailed me about their new portable microphone, I knew I had to try it.

Something I can clip to my belt and sing Katy Perry at ANY party, not just our sangria party? And it makes your voice SOUND like Katy Perry? OK, maybe not exactly like Katy Perry, but at least not like a cat falling off a roof into a bucket of nails???

I am not actually sure if they were going for Katy Perry or Lady Gaga in the commercial, all I know is Declan and I are going to fight over this thing.

You want one too?

There are 3 ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post, and share an especially awesome story about your family and music. Be sure to include your email in the comment.

2. Like The Greeblemonkey Facebook page and/or the Paper Jamz Facebook page. Comment there about the contest.

3. Follow me on Twitter and tweet a link to this giveaway (with an @greeblemonkey in the tweet)

The more you do, the more chances to win!!!

And OMG, read back half this post in a Game Show Host voice and it’s really hilarious. But wait till you get your Paperjamz Microphone. Because that would be EXTRA hilarious.

Maybe we need to start a YouTube channel of us reading our posts with autotune on.

Just an idea.

For my next sangria party.

P.S. The winner will be chosen and contacted on Tuesday, July 19, 2011. Sorry, US entrants only.

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  1. Karianna

    We do karaoke in the mountains so nobody can hear us. Or at least that’s what I thought until people started filming us with their phones. Ah well!

  2. Megan

    I have to be honest, I have never done karaoke in my life! But I would love to try!

  3. Melissa Taylor

    We got these huge hula hoops from our friend who makes them out of sprinkler tubing. It helped my 6 year old totally get the hang of it. I’m getting to the music part . . . my kids sing to their music while hula-hooping — it’s so funny to watch.

  4. MandyStone

    Wow, that looks fun. And I want sangria nextyear too!

  5. Heather S.

    Z got a Paper Jamz guitar for his birthday, he needs a mic to go with it!

    And my secret alter-ego is the lead singer in a band. She’d appreciate it! 😉

  6. Tree

    I want to be like you when I grow up! Sangria parties, microphones, jumping into swimming pools with clothes on….

    Okay, so music is what actually makes our short 10 min ride to school easier and gigglier – whether is the Black Eyed Peas, Laurie Berkner, or Mozart, it helps our mornings be happier.

  7. CecilyK

    OMG, my daughter LOVES her PaperJamz guitar like CRAZY. She’s already learned all three songs. It’s fucking awesome. A mic like this would be perfect for my little singer!

  8. Imelda

    My kids love music as much as I do. We are always playing music in the car and in the house. Last night my 6 year old requested to listen to Phish as he was going to sleep. I played a few songs but the songs he was requesting like Sparkle, Suzy Greenberg and Tweezer and not really sleepy songs. They are much more loud, fast, fun jamm’ out songs. Mason instead danced in bed and kept singing. TOO MUCH FUN! I bet he would love a karaoke machine to sing with.

  9. MPPs Mom

    I agree with Tree. You guys are always having fun!

    My son has the guitar and the drums, the microphone would be fun!

  10. Everyfann

    I WANT ONE!!!!! How fun is that?????

  11. Naomi

    My kids both love music and hopefully possess more rhythm than I do. Roo likes to write songs and has pages and pages of lyrics. She strapped on her guitar the other day and plunked it atonally while chanting “mother!” over and over again in a plaintive wail, very Patti Smith. Perhaps I should have known this was coming when she started reciting PJ Harvey lyrics as a toddler. (inappropriate!) Anyway, as much as I’d love for her to spend her teen years wallowing in angst and a sea of black eyeliner, the girl probably needs some Katy Perry levity. And some autotune.

  12. Ri, the Music Savvy Mom

    Oh, Lord…I’m torn on this. Liam ALREADY sings at the top of his lungs – while playing the ukulele. Do I REALLY want to amplify it??

    (Well, of course I do.)

  13. pierce

    I would love to get my hands on a voice changing microphone. Need to change it up for my next Idol audition. They told me not to come back but this way they will never know it’s me.

  14. sarabethjones

    Just went on a cruise for my 40th birthday, and one of my best friends did the absolute best karaoke rendition of “Baby Got Back” that you’ve ever heard. Brought the house down. People came up to us the rest of the week asking if she was the one who had done it. Hilarious.

    But the best comment by far was the middle-aged man who stopped us on our way out of the room, grabbed her arm, and said in a horrified tone, “Are you somebody’s mother?”

    If I win this I could hear that song on a regular basis and I feel that it would definitely improve the quality of my existence…

  15. Liz

    My boys LOVE to sing and dance, mostly to music like Dynamite by Taio Cruz :).

  16. TheVar

    I feel like music is in my bones. When we were kids, mom would wake us all up on a Saturday morning, put the old Motown on the record player (that’s right, vinyl records), and we’d clean for hours. This was always highlighted by dancing lessons from mom with duster in hand and cutting rugs like nobody’s business. *sighs* The good ol’ days. That was just how we rolled.

    Music became the symbol of true family time. Where did those days go? Where are the Marvin Gayes, Princes, Four Tops, Michael Jacksons, and Aretha’s of the day?

  17. Suburban Turmoil

    We played a Karaoke game on Xbox last Christmas while my parents and grandmother were visiting. So I got to watch my 86-year-old grandma sing “Billy Jean.” Beat that. ;D

  18. a mom in the 'burbs

    Must.have. 🙂
    I have a singing tween. With the right equipment, I could sing CIRCLES around that girl! Eat your heart out Miley/Selena/Demi! Okay, and that nice Bieber kid, you know, with the hair…?

  19. Angie

    That looks hysterical. I think the kids and I would have a blast.

  20. Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN}

    Following on the facebook. 🙂

  21. miriama

    I am one of those sing loud in the car moms…and my kids really have no choice…either cringe in horror or join in. 🙂 Like you on FB and commented there, too. Great giveaway, amusing post.

  22. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I forgot to tell you guys, Melissa Taylor won this! Congrats Melissa!

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