Kindergarten is the New 6th Grade

One of Declan’s homework assignments last night was to draw an outline of himself and then correctly draw where his internal organs were. I swear to God, the only one we told him to do were his intestines. We figured they needed to “represent” given his Daddy’s recent trouble with them.

Lest you think my kid is a world class genius, we did help him with all the spelling, though.

Oh, and the dot on the stomach? It’s not cancer. It’s his belly button.

(Click to see larger image)


P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I am thankful that my kid is so smart. It’s seriously fun to talk to him and watch his mind expand. Of course, trying to keep up on his homework in a few years is going to be a challenge.

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  1. Sarah Jackson

    Very cool homework! I’d be hanging that on the wall in his room if it survives going to the classroom and back.

  2. Woodland Fairy

    Wow, that is just crazy that they ask for this in kindergarten! Very cute pic though.

  3. Nat

    What kind of school do you have him in? Holy cow? And they have homework in SK? I will stop bitching about ABC project now…

  4. Tree

    What an awesome picture! Can you imagine if we had to do that in K?

    Nathan’s science class made vests (out of paper grocery sacks) with their internal organs labeled in them. The organs on the back were on the back side, etc. He wore it home and on the way, I had to sop by the grocery store and the post office. Freaking hilarious.

  5. sue

    Wow. I’m always floored at how much kids know at such younger ages now. Cool project!

  6. Alida

    This is so funny, my kids did the exact same thing in a science class, yesterday.

    I showed them the picture and now they are insisting that we go to Colorado and do the project again with their new friend Declan!

    Kids are a riot!

  7. Mr Lady

    I don’t think you were there yet, but a few years back we did this in K class, but M.G. had the parents all donate t-shirts and the kids used puffy paint to draw their organs out on them. We did kidneys on the back and everythign. All the K’s wore their shirts to school later. It was seriously the single cutest thing ever.

  8. Mayberry

    Goooo Dex! That is awesome.

  9. ~Sheryl

    Yep, he’s a boy. Notice how his the way to his heart is through his mouth?

    That’s a great project!!

  10. Sizzle

    he IS very, very smart! before i clicked the picture larger i was thinking, “if declan can name more internal organs than i can, i need to watch more hospital-inspired shows!”

    phew. i knew all the same parts he did.

  11. K.

    I totally remember doing this in Kindergarten! Except, you know, after we outlined then we used stuff like macaroni to make hair. I THINK I put the hair in the right place…

    Nice going, Declan! Amazing work!

  12. Kelly O

    Oh my word, that is the cutest picture EVER. But how is his drawing going to fit in a scrapbook?

  13. monstergirlee

    Awesome. Is he in training to go to work for CSI next? LOL!

  14. Siri

    Declan is very cute and he is indeed very smart 🙂

  15. tiffany

    What a cute assignment, and what an adorable boy! If he happens to know where the spleen is located, could you have him e-mail me? I have no idea where mine is, and it’s always bugged me.

  16. Melek

    hahaha…that’s so fun! i love that he labeled his elbows and knees as internal organs 🙂

    is this his training to be the ‘chalk-outline guy’ for the police academy?

  17. Amy


  18. L Sass

    It looks just like him!!

  19. Lisa Milton

    He is mighty cute. They do start the homework early these days…

  20. painted maypole

    wow, your kindergarten is way harder than our kindergarten!

  21. All Adither

    It reminds me of the Operation game.

  22. Flower Child

    You should get him the Operation game so he can figure out where to put his funny bone!

  23. JetPass

    Love it! what a smart and gifted boy you have there.

    My son is in 4th grade. He’s doing power point presentations and bringing home backpacks that weigh more than he does.

    He started algebra and geometry in the third grade. Mind you it’s very simple versions, but versions nonetheless. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  24. joansy

    What a great project. And D is as adorable as ever.

  25. soccer mom in denial

    That is so cool! We had to make sedimentary rocks last month with epsom salt and sand. Had to go buy some epsome salt first.

    Great photo too! Thanks!

  26. arse poetica

    Love this picture, and Declan has such nice handwriting!

  27. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Nat and Alpha Dogma, it’s regular public school!

  28. Alpha DogMa

    I don’t mean to take anything away from your child and your parenting — because you and he are awesome — but I am so frightened by Declan’s home work! Is he in public school? Is this standard-level curriculum in the US?

  29. zipper

    I love the throat into the mouth.

  30. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks so much everyone. 🙂 And welcome newcomers! And Oldcomers too. I feel bad I have been such a bad blog friends lately.

  31. LFM

    HAHAHAHA…this cracks me up…I love it!!!

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