Let’s Get Physical!

I am not a very *physical* person. By “physical,” I mean “coordinated.” Anyone who read this post, where I fell on my face for the Pioneer Woman, can see that loud and clear.

I took dance classes when I was a kid, but they didn’t last.

I played softball, but that didn’t last either.

And not to sound like I blame my mom, but she just never really pushed me. Not that forcing a kid is the answer either, but I think there was definite room for encouragement. To get me off my lazy ass.

So, with Declan, who is similarly lazy, we have a rule.

One physical thing at a time.

In a world of over-scheduled kids – we did NOT want to be running from one field to the next court over to this class, on and on. Not to mention, we DO go out the eat like EVERY night, right? We need PLENTY of time for THAT.

So, one physical thing at a time.

First we tried soccer.

It never felt right for him. Even though we were on a great, low-stress team that was teaching him the fundamentals of the game – he just didn’t like it. I think all the action buzzing around him was just too much, especially two years ago. Many times he just stood there on the field – overwhelmed. Which I know is common, but it became very clear that soccer just wasn’t his thing.

So we stopped.

OK, remember that rule Bryan and I were determined to uphold?

One physical thing at a time.

We did swimming lessons for a while, which was basically a necessity for life – and he was slow on the uptake with that too. This summer, his 7th summer on this earth, was the time when swimming finally kicked in and it wasn’t because of those early lessons. It was from being at a summer camp where swimming was part of the day-to-day. So, yeah. Swimming. Check.

What else?


After swimming, he took classes every Saturday for about a year. And you know what? My clutz lost some of his clutziness! There actually WAS something to all this pro-activity thing!

He did a handspring on to a vault!


Now is time to move on, and what has he chosen as his next thing?


Standing around and swiping at a ball.

Just kidding. I’m sure his instructor runs him into the ground.

And we can’t wait to see what graceful moves he picks up this time.

What about your kids? What are they up to?

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  1. Colleen

    I’ve been doing swimming with Zoe at the Y (off and on) since she was 6 months old (she’s 5 now) and she is a great swimmer. We’ve also done dance and gymnastics. This season we’re doing soccer (because it’s “the thing” all kindergartners here do).

  2. Anonymous

    That video was adorable! – m

  3. monstergirlee

    MJ is in ballet right now, once a week, and her instructor is wonderful! So good with the little girls. We’ve started going to a “movement” class that she teaches on Monday’s too.

    Sullivan does Tae Kwon Do twice a week (and I joined him in August – its way hard and way fun) and I just signed him up for a series of soccer games, they’re on saturdays and won’t interfere with TKD. I just think he needs some guided running and kicking to work off that energy.

    Thats a pretty good rule tho, I like it.

    btw – Dex’s handspring was spot-on! Totally cool!

  4. Beth Fish

    We have a one activity rule right now, since we just started full-day kindergarten. If she had her way it would be swim team and ballet and karate and soccer and baseball and gymnastics and whatever else she can think of. But we have this rule, so it is swim team.

  5. mayberry

    Both of mine ice skate and the girl is adding synchronized skating this year (hello, obscure sport). They also both do karate.

  6. mayberry

    P.S. Most uncoordinated people couldn’t balance on one foot and stick their other toe in their mouth. Just saying.

  7. Amy

    Where are you taking tennis? I highly recommend Gates. We have done tennis the last two summers there and City Park. Mason loves it! If Declan likes it – check out the summer program at City Park. Doing tennis several days a week (instead of just Saturdays) makes a big difference.

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Holy crap Cathy – I just spit my drink out.

  9. Paul Merrill

    Congrats on the gymnastics. Our 17-yr-old has mad that his sport – thought without the cultural norm of over-scheduling (ie: competitive).

    Tennis? It’s a good skill to have, though I never gave it any time. The ball never connected with my racket.

  10. Paul Merrill

    Oops – “made” that his sport…

  11. Jaclyn Rubly

    I love the video!

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