Let’s Panic Winners… and Back to SXSWi!

One thing that stinks about running contests where the comments are the entries is I can’t comment back. I especially wanted to comment on your entries for the Let’s Panic About Babies books. I especially liked how Katie threw up on he sister’s sweater and then her sister accidentally wore it. I also especially liked how we had a few dudes enter and one of them actually won.

12 – Shannon
6 – Tarable
25 – Leask

Double congrats to Tara, who is about to give birth, like any minute, but still did very pregnant and very foul-mouthed standup, like last week.

Winners, email me your mailing addresess, por favor.
[aimee at greeblemonkey dot com]


Also, thank you all for the support and love regarding my big news this week. Family and friends have been emailing and calling as well – showing I have a really really really awesome support network. And I really really really appreciate it.

My last day at work is next Wednesday, and almost immediately (like 12 hours later), I fly to Austin for the annual SXSW Interactive conference. I have been attending this conference for many years, and as it’s an amazing combination of learning and fun, part of me can’t wait.

However, part of me wishes I could snuggle up into bed for that week, and just process the enormosity of what I am doing with my career right now. [Yes, I know enormosity is not a word, but if Sarah Palin gets to make up words, SO DO I.]

Are you going to SXSWi? Have you ever been?

Here is a video I made last year that captures the spirit of the event. After watching it, you might want to sleep for a week too.

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  1. Tarable

    Sa-weet! I can’t believe I actually won! Thanks Greebs. There’s no way I’m going to panic about my labor & delivery now.

  2. Zipper

    Fun video!

  3. Bejewell

    Congratulations on your big change… I’m kind of in the same boat and it’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. The best possible thing you can have is a strong support system — having family and friends behind you makes it so much less scary.

    Have fun while you’re here in Austin — look me up if you want!

  4. Heather B.

    Hi. Dinner Thursday? Yes?

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