Lunch Chat 2: Accents

I *really* need to figure out how to hold the camera properly.

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  1. SP

    Umm, it says it’s private. I want to see. 🙁

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    OOPS! SP, fixed now! Thanks!

  3. James

    It’s not private anymore. Ya’ll take a gander. It’s a good’n.

  4. Neil

    Sorry, but you still have a little bit of the Maryland accent in you. You are never going to lose it! Wait until you hear my New York accent. I sound like a character from a 1940’s movie.

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey


  6. SP

    I love this. But you need longer arms. I feel like I’m chewing on your nose. And the midwest accent is a battle I fight every day. Must. Not. No.

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Karen, it’s DEF more pronounced in Balmer.

  8. zipper

    that was hilarious.

  9. Anonymous

    ha! I am so loving this idea. Keep it up – m

  10. Mayberry

    Like CP I basically have the non-accent, but now that I live in Wisconsin I can turn on the upper Midwestern craziness if I need to (think “Fargo”).

  11. Meghann

    I’ve been told I don’t have an accent either. Born in Missouri, but raised in Houston. Houston is such a huge melting pot, that I think it keeps people who grow up there from getting one at all. When I think about it, none of my friends who grew up there have one either.

    However, I DO say “y’all”. I think that’s something that once you start saying it, you can’t stop.

    p.s.-yes, in Texas they dream of being their own country anyways, so it’s all good. 😉

    p.p.s.-one accent that gets me is Utah. My husband’s family is from there, and he has some of it too. I tease him incessantly, especially when he says the word crayon. He says “cran”. Where’s the rest of the word?!?!?!

  12. meg manion silliker

    i’m from connecticut originally and we don’t have an accent!! (:P ) i’ve been in boston for 27 years and have managed to avoid the pahk yah cah in hahvard yahd……wicked pissa. i honestly love the nyc accent and the long island accent. fabulousness!!

  13. MamaKaren

    Y’know, I’ve live in MD all my life (and my parents both grew up in MD), and the “Maryland accent” everyone talks about is something I never heard until I moved to Baltimore. I’m just saying…

    I pick up everyone else’s accents. I had a Texan roomate in college, and it took me a year to stop “fixin’ to…” all the time. And the Canadian broadcasters I listen to all through hockey season are probably the ones who make me “sooory” about so many things.

  14. Janey

    I don’t have an accent. And I didn’t hear one in your video either, not sure what Neil is talking about. 😉

  15. The Casual Perfectionist

    Aimee, one of my college roommates spent her formative years in Maryland, and that’s her primary accent. I can recognize it anywhere!

    My accent is actually a non-accent. I’m from the “Midland” part of the “Midwest.” That accent is the one they use to train newscasters.

    I can easily replicate the typical Minnesota or Missouri (or even Wisconsin) accent, but most everyone agrees that I don’t really have an accent.

    (Of course, to someone who has a strong one, I sound “weird.”) HA!

  16. Alison

    I’m from Pittsburgh, but I don’t sound like I’m from there (thank God, although I’d love to be able to speak Yinzer like the best of them). Now that I’m in Kentucky, I put on a drawl sometimes, but only with my husband.

  17. amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay

    darling. Loving this.
    I have no accent really bc I made sure of it. My mother is from WV- nuff said.
    But- after living with a Brit for over a decade—-I can easily slip into my posh Brit accent. My kids for sure sounds British from time to time! lol.

  18. zenrain

    gawd, i’m so gla’ad i don’t have that suthern accent anymower!! at least i don’t thank i do… 😉

  19. Anonymous

    My accent is really strong upper midwest.

  20. Naomi

    I’m one of those midwest girls too (NOT a Fargo type) but the kind where people say I have no accent.

    My husband is from the south (Geoooorgia) so our kids have a weird slow drawl.

    We’re looking forward to seeing what happens when we move to India and add that lilt to our existing accents!

    Loved the Lunch Chat today, Aimee!

    How about a topic of discussion revolving around the topic of relationships … friendships ? How to keep them strong and thriving?

  21. Ashleigh

    You have an accent?


  22. Anonymous

    lol . . . it’s interesting to think about accents, but also the words we use to describe them a “posh” british accent or a southern drawl. or twang. nothing is worse than texas toddler, i’ve heard.

  23. Sarah Bellum

    you= fucking adorable

  24. katherinecenter

    Texas is a state of mind! That said, it’s also, like, a hybrid between the South and the West. Cow skulls and bibles, baby.

    And I LOVE that crazy Maryland accent. Those Os! I can’t get over how awesome they sound. I wish I could DO that accent. But all I can do is Texan. Which is NOT the same thing as Southern–and I’m talking to you, Julia Roberts!

    LOVING Lunch Chat!!

    Actually, wait–I just remembered I can do the NY accent: “Oh My Gwod! I spilled hwot chwocolate on the dwog!”

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