Many Random Things Pulled Together Into One Incoherent Post

Declan started soccer practice last night. It was basically a bunch of 6 year olds running around the field like lost little kittens, but it was very cute. Err, I mean riveting with it’s magnanimous physicality! Actually, Declan was much more coordinated than I would have guessed based on his genes being half mine. However, I am clearly not made out to be a soccer mom, because I didn’t have cleats for him yet, I forgot a blanket, forgot a water bottle for him, and barely made it to practice on time. Go me.


What did everyone think of Bill and Joe’s speeches last night? I missed them, dangit.


Doodaddy forwarded me a great article in the New Yorker about our governor, Bill Ritter and the shift in political thinking regarding the West. There has been talk in these parts about a “western strategy” for some time, and it makes complete sense.


Bryan starts teaching his class on game design tonight. I couldn’t be prouder of him; it’s been a dream of his to teach a class for a long time. I’m so thrilled that he finally gets to do it. And he’s been working super super super hard on it, so those 6 students that bothered to sign up better appreciate it.


Our peaches and pears have arrived. Let’s just say I will have plenty of fiber over the next week.


I have a post up over at Mile High Mamas today that talks about the feeling in Denver this week during the DNC. Go check it out!


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash tonight! And GO OBAMA!

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  1. Megan

    Congrats to Declan on soccer and Bryan on his class!

  2. ~Sheryl

    Aimee, I only saw Bill’s, I thought is was very good. However, I did DVR them, I could sent you a copy if you are interested. I will probably watch Joe’s later this evening or over the weekend. I’ll let you know.

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    aww, thanks Sheryl! But I have been finding all the speeches online in their entirety so I am sure i will catch their later too!!!

  4. Hip Mom's Guide

    Don’t even fret about the water bottle & cleats. In a few short years, you’ll have it down pat. Or, he’ll get his own…either way will work!

  5. Ali

    oh, the soccer mom..

    i’m hoping i can get out of soccer next summer.

  6. Tree

    I bet Bryan’s class rocks. He will be such a great teacher.

    Dex’s soccer sounds so cute!

    Loved the snippet about the DNC and the vibe in Denver. Have a super time this evening!

  7. Bridge

    Thanks for linking me to the New Yorker article. With you tonight in spirit here in Durango where the Dems are watching at a local theater.

  8. Anonymous

    how cute about soccer. and I thought the speeches were terrific.

  9. zenrain

    I got to hear clinton’s speech on the way home from soccer practice last night!! and don’t worry, i forgot the shin guards… 🙂

  10. Sue at eLuckypacket

    I’ve been following the DNC on their real-time video cast … that and catching speeches later on YouTube. Was looking forward to Bill’s but I have to confess that I gave up half way — found it very dry and uninspiring. And I’m a Bill fan!

  11. rosalicious

    Hopefully I will get to meet you tonight at the RMBB 🙂


  12. fruitlady

    Can wait to see you tonight! Woot! And, JSYK, I am a seasoned soccer mom and for Liam’s first practice last week I brought his brother’s cleats and a soccer ball with a hole in it. Luckily I remembered the water…

  13. Laura

    Aimee, I’m so excited about tonight! I can’t wait to meet you in person! Woohoo!

  14. carrie

    Yay for Declan! (I congratulated you on the post below as well – ’cause I wasn’t paying attention)!

    I saw the last bit of Biden’s speech and have to track Clinton’s down later . . . it was my mom’s birthday and we were busy eating cake!

    Anyway, I bet it is interesting to be in Denver right now . . . what I wouldn’t give to be there too!

  15. Anonymous

    Obama was AWESOME last night!!!

  16. aimee e

    what the hell r u doing with those peaches and pears???????????

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