May Greeblemix Contest

It’s May Day! And Bryan is getting a colonoscopy today too! Well, he is actually getting a scope down both ends, but I honestly can’t remember what the one down his mouth is called and COLONOSCOPY is so much more fun to type anyway, seeing as WHO KNEW he’s be getting such a thing at age 38!?!?!

So, for this month’s Greeblemix contest, you get to play a doctor on the internet. Because Bryan’s doctors don’t know what the hell is wrong with his stomach, go Googling and come back with 1 guess as to what they might be looking for with a colonoscopy.

Remember the rules!

1. First three commenters with an ailment that a colonoscopy is used to diagnose will win a CD.

2. Please, only guess one ailment in your comment, to leave room for other commenters.

3. One guess per person!

Have at it!

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  1. SP

    I know that it is used to detect colon cancer as well as to look for polups (polyps?). In some cases I bet it could even be used as proof that he truly does have his head up is a$$ (Not Bryan but you know, men in general).

    I hope you find answers and that those answers ease your fears.

  2. Jenn

    Polyps, which are a precursor to colon cancer.

  3. alejna

    Okay, your post has a funny example of an ambiguous sentence. I first interepreted your first rule to mean “the first three commenters who are afflicted with an ailment that can be diagnosed with a colonoscopy…” And I thought, “That’s odd. Does she expect that she has a large population of readers with disorders or diseases of the bowel? Are people really so eager to share that information, even for a free CD?”

    But then the second rule clarified.

    It looks like you already have three diseases (guessed!), but I haven’t seen anyone mention Crohn’s disease. Wouldn’t want to leave that one out.

  4. joansy

    I’m going with tape worm. Here’s the youtube video: Do not eat breakfast while watching that video. Unless you’re turned on by that kind of thing. Gross.

  5. Steph

    My guess is Diverticulitis

  6. Gretchen

    For what it is worth, I have had three – all before I graduated before college!

    Perpare for a very gassy man tonight…

  7. Franklin5

    Is IBS the same as inflammatory bowel disease? Probably, yes, but I’ll try it nonetheless. Because a birthday Greeblemix would SO ROCK.

    Have no experience with a scope in the… erm, business end, but have endured an endoscopy.

    As a door prize, I was awarded a few lovely full-color photographs of ulcers and a hiatal hernia.

    In turn, I was fond of sharing them with people who knocked on my front door to sell me magazine subscriptions.

    Oh ho ho, you should have seen them run! Good times.

    Hope all goes will with Bryan.

  8. Holly

    I’ve had the upper gi/endoscopy without sedation…. tell him good luck with both ends. I had an ulcer.. simple as that? Divertic… sounds good too.

  9. Annie

    First time commenter — look at me go!


    Love the site.

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Well, I admit I was really not good at writing out the rules this time since I was in a hurry to get Bryan out the door this AM, but mainly I was looking for anything a colonoscopy could turn up.

    So, I am taking the first three commenters as winners:

    Missy Wiggins

    As for Bryan specifically, they were mainly checking all over for Chrohn’s Disease, Celiac, and of course, always on the lookout of cancer however remote the possibility.

    The good news is that the scope came back mostly clear! There was one little weird part in his esophagus that they biopsied but the doc was not worried about it. Definitely no major diseases, no polyps (with photos to prove it) – WOOT!!!

    Thanks for all the guesses, and Gretchen… you are, errrm, correct in your prediction already.

    And Bryan is thrilled he finally gets to eat!

  11. Candy

    I’m going to guess diverticulitis. Because I have it. heh.

    And the mouth thing is an endoscopy. But you probably already know that.

  12. Beth Fish

    They are trying to determine whether or not his colon resembles my husband’s colon. Duh.

    Hey! Send me the pictures and I’ll make Chris get a colonoscopy too and then we can post them and have another vote. This is going to be awesome!

  13. Aimee Greeblemonkey


  14. missy wiggins


  15. Becky

    Inflammatory bowel disease

  16. missy wiggins

    I spelled it right.

    I know because we have a history of colon cancer/polyps in the family and my sister had to have a colonoscopy when she was 36!

    This concerns me naturally because I know the procedure isn’t a walk in the park…

  17. Amy

    I will guess celiac disease. Hope everything works out!

  18. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Hey! My SIL had a colonoscopy today and she’s only 27.

    It must be “Get a Colonoscopy day!”

    You’re right. It is fun to type! Who knew?

  19. WiredMonkey

    It’s used in the diagnosis and follow-up care of patients with colitis, for one. I know there are several other uses – diagnosis for lots of issues with the large intestine.

  20. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Zeynep, first, you must read Beth. She is 10 times funnier than me.

    And for those who missed the big face off between Beth and myself over they look-alike-ness of our hubbys, I give you:

    Decision 2008

  21. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh wait! And her concession speech.

    Wrong, All Wrong!

  22. Wenderina

    You and your readers are all very disturbed individuals. Obviously the Doctor was looking for your foot. You know the one you use to kick him in the ass when he needs it like any good husband. (I think I deserve and honor award for this one!)

  23. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Wenderina, you definitely get a cyber high five.

  24. Li'l Foot's Mommy

    the other one is called an “endoscopy” and it can detect celiacs disease!!! Do I get points (or a Greeblemix) for totally not following the rules and telling you the other test name and what they could possibly find by doing it? Heehee

  25. Zeynep

    I don’t know Beth, but I fell off my chair, too. What a wonderful, imaginative way to start a new contest 🙂 Love it!

  26. carrie


    Butt (pun intended) I’m late.

  27. sarah


  28. EatPlayLove

    Your hubby ate those small magnets that were recalled from Polly Pockets, he couldn’t resist their brightly colored plastic appeal.

  29. Karen

    I think I should get something for knowing the upper scope procedure is an endoscopy

  30. womaninawindow

    Oh, I don’t want to win and I sure as hell hope it’s not colon cancer! My mom just faught the law and she won! It’s a curable one if caught early enough. It’s really funny to see Becky’s smiling photo over there beside “Infammatory bowel disease,” smile! Hope he’s ok!

  31. imaginary binky

    The endoscopy is also used to detect stomach cancer and to aide in the insertion of stomach feeding tubes. Oh, how I wish I didn’t know that.

  32. growingapair

    This past winter, my doc shoved a camera up my bum to diagnose/rule out Crohn’s Disease. Weeeeee.So, you can use it for that.

  33. blogapotamus

    While I have never had a camera up the tradesman’s, I have had cameras shoved in every other orifice in my body (and even one orifice that didn’t exist before a surgeon put it there) so I send my most sincere condolences and a nice shot of whiskey afterwards.

  34. Bryan

    Wow. You are a knowledgeable group. But the real question is: What type of lens is best to use during a colonoscopy, Telephoto or Macro?

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