Son Rompe Pera - Denver Concert Photos - Levit Pavilion

Son Rompe Pera & Don Chicharrón at Levitt Pavilion Denver

I was thrilled that my first Levitt show of the season was Son Rompe Pera & Don Chicharrón – especially because it was Son Rompe Pera’s first time playing in Denver. They are from Mexico City and play Mexican marimba music mixed with cumbia rhythms, as well as other genres such as rock, punk, and ska. Levitt Pavilion continues their tradition of providing 50+ free concerts per summer – and there was so much excitement from fans to finally see Son Rompe Pera.

Don Chicharrón is based here in Denver and their goal is to make you dance. That plan worked at Levitt, as you can see below! They perform next at the Underground Music Showcase.

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Don Chicharrón – Denver Concert Photos

Son Rompe Pera – Denver Concert Photos

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