Meet my Phone-To-Be

I am sure about 50 million of the same exact posts went up all over the web today but look what Steve Jobs announced at MacWorld. The iPhone. You really need to watch some of those demos, it’s absolutely amazing. My IT Manager, who gets his jollies by ragging on Apple on a daily basis, has already asked me if he can have one.

It’s part phone, part iPod, part TV, part Internet, part email, part calendar, part map, part widgets, part chat, part photo book… and going to be ALL MINE come June. I have already told my Accounting Manager to put the extra money in the budget. I don’t care if I need it – I WANT IT. I don’t even care if I have to switch the the Cingular network. I have been waiting for this.

I am SO glad I didn’t buy a Treo.

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