Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

If you don’t feel like reading all the details below, take this one sentence away with you: We had an awesome Christmas!

We had an excellent dinner at Jeff and Danielle’s last night and then a rousing game of Balderdash with the crew after Declan went to sleep.

We pulled Declan from slumberland and drove home right around midnight, and I swear we could hear Santa Claus as he jingled through the sky. At least that’s what we told Declan to get him to go back to sleep when we got home.

This morning was an extravaganza of present-opening… the family outdid themselves again this year. It took us till nearly 1 pm to get through the packages, since Declan was still fairly overwhelmed by it all this year. But we took it nice and slow, so it was an enjoyable day for all. Not to mention, we raked in a butt-load of loot. 😉

Of course, Declan’s very favorite present of all were the $1.98 office supply star stickers that were in his stocking.

See the results of his handywork below.

This evening we went to the “Blossoms of Light” at the Botanic Gardens. Couldn’t have been better weather for it, as we only had to wear light sweatshirts while oohing and ahhing over all the twinkles.

Overall a big thumbs up for Christmas 2005.

Although we missed our family in Maryland, we talked to Mom and Aunt Heidi at least 5 times each over the weekend – so it was almost like being there.

Declan was especially good this whole week (must have taken to heart that big “lump of coal” speech) and it made for an extra special time.

Bryan was excited as a little gurl over his telescope and was severely dissapointed that it is too cloudy this evening to star-gaze from our front porch this evening. He and I have been having a blast all weekend, even given the sleep deprevation on both ends.

I really am the luckiest woman on the planet.

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