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OK, I didn’t think I was going to post about this, since so many others have done so and certainly have done it more articulately than I ever could… but every night Bryan and I talk about the situation and get more and more FUCKING PISSED BEYOND BELIEF I just had to say SOMETHING. Like I literally think my teeth are going to fall out of my face from clenching my jaw for a week straight. It got so bad last night I finally threw up my hands and yelled, “That’s it! We have GOT to stop talking about this!”

My ever-dependable husband calmly replied, “You’re right. Let’s talk about porn.”

He always knows how to make me laugh.

Because, really, there is not much to laugh about.

WHY are we going to give 700 BILLION DOLLARS to people who have mismanaged their money in the first place?

WHY can’t we just let them fail and give that money to families who need it after the crash?

Oh. Because THAT would be welfare.

Just a few more random tidbits that piss me off:

– When the first deal went to the table, there was no stipulation to protect CEO’s from gathering their fancy bonuses when these companies recover. Luckily Congress saw through that little ploy, but my question is… why do these CEO’s even get to continue gathering a SALARY? I’ve heard this bailout is going to cost each and every one of us $3,000. Which is A LOT of fucking money to some people. I say let those CEO’s contribute at least half if not more of their massive salaries to the bailout and learn to live like regular folks for a while.

– What kind of lesson are we teaching? As my friend Christina has pointed out to me, what is the NEXT big industry that will be on the verge of failing and will need a bailout to survive and stabilize the economy? Are we not just rewarding bad business practices? Isn’t the POINT is capitalism to let the cream rise to the top and the sludge sink to the bottom? Wouldn’t this just be called a MARKET CORRECTION? Granted a very large one, but still. I am most certainly a liberal, but I also have always believed there is something beautiful about working hard and being rewarded for it. I think most liberals (and conservatives too!) feel that way – and this bailout sends the WRONG MESSAGE.

– What do we get out of it? Believe it or not, this has happened before. In Sweden in 1992. Their government more or less ended up buying stocks, gaining ownership in the companies, and then receiving a return on investment when the market righted itself. While some people will scream this is borderline socialism! – and oh my god! – that will make heaven fall to earth and babies just start randomly aborting themselves! I am thinking our government handing over 700 billion dollars to companies would be far worse than owning a piece of the action.

– Are people being fooled by the politics behind all this? I sure the hell hope not! The good news is, all I hear is more and more PISSED people talking. At the grocery store, and the gas station, at the bank. PISSED PISSED PISSED. Which I am so glad to hear, actually, because it means that people are not just going to take it lying down. McCain suspends his campaign to avoid the debate work on this? The man who has admitted several times that economics is not his forte? And still makes public appearances all over the place, and is running ads, thus making me wonder if he understands what the word “suspend” means? And then Bush, oh lordy Bush, he goes on TV and tries to scare the fuck out of every single American so he can push through one final swan song, something that will saddle the next president, whoever he is, with so much debt, that no tax cuts will happen, no health care reform will happen, NOTHING will happen for a very long time.


Bryan had the right of it when he suggested we talk about porn.

Because think about it, the porn industry has been the leader in most technology advances (I am not kidding) – they were the decider in the Beta vs. VHS war, they led the charge for secure online ordering… I say let’s give THEM the 700 billion and see what they come up with.

You know it would be a hell of a lot more fun.

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Lawyer Mama

    Ahhhh, the voice of reason!

    The pron idea really does sound more appealing. I bet most Americans could get behind that! No pun intended….

  3. wheremytruthlives

    Randomly self-aborting babies – and you said there’s nothing to laugh about. Bwahahaha!

    Seriously now. I was mad and disgusted about the deal until I heard Bush’s speech and then I was outraged. Germany’s (and other countries’) leaders have had a lot of very tough criticsm about the US’s financial policies and part of me felt unpatriotic agreeing with it but you know what? They are right. These companies, and the politicians that made it possible (years ago) for them to make such poor decisions, need to lie in the bed they have made. Americans, even in the toughest of times, know how to roll up their sleeves and come together. The government needs to let the chips fall, and they need to start a new policy of total accountability.

    The debate? Needs to go on. If McCain won’t show, I think they should let Obama use the entire airtime to have a heart-to-heart chat with America. Obama had it right when he said that a president needs to be able to handle more than one thing at a time. This would be an ideal time for McCain to demonstrate for us that he can juggle more than just his own two balls.

  4. daisybones

    Well put. I’ve admittedly been spinning and confused about that bail-out. I seriously do not understand economics and capitalism. I think my soul is socialist but my brain doesn’t grok all the complexities. I don’t profess to understanding p0rn either, but I digress;)

    I hope McCain doesn’t show, and Obama wins, wins, wins this election by a massive landslide. Because, in my scenario, McCain’s no-show opens people’s ever-lovin’ eyeballs and they see what a scary farce his campaign has become.

  5. Autumn

    Yea, what Aimee said.

  6. monstergirlee

    Awesome post Aimee. Seriously good post.
    My husband wrote me an email that really got me fired up – he summed it up quite succintly. Profits are private but loss’s are public. I could really use that $3000.
    Thanks for posting this Aimee.

  7. Sizzle

    Thank you for this post! It’s right on.

  8. Jamie

    I am still so damn upset with Bush it isn’t even funny. How dare he go on TV like that and just SCARE everyone! Uh, dude… you have like three more months in the white house… so you start THIS?!? Come on just let those companies die! It is silly to worry about them! Let them worry about themselves!

  9. treesflowersbirds

    Hah! You rock! Thanks for writing it so much better than me – along with the rightful point Bryan made 🙂 Now I know what to do on my blog today – link to yours!

  10. carrie

    It would be a TON more fun Aimee.

    I do hope they debate tonight though, I need something to drink to.

  11. Anonymous

    Another voice but this one has facts on her side.


  12. Jennifer

    I am with ya all the way. About the only people I’m NOT pissed at are the porn people.

    I’m just soooo thrilled about paying for someone else’s bad mortgage when I don’t even have one myself. And about chipping in for someone else’s retirement when my husband will probably have to work until he’s 80. You just can’t swing a dead cat around Washington without hitting another AWESOME idea. (end sarcasm)

  13. Every Day Goddess

    I love the ’We Deserve It Dividend’! I am so angry about this whole thing! Bail out my ass! How about they bail themselves out.

  14. JoNell

    I’m with you, but I’m also disappointed in Obama’s response concerning reforming bankruptcy laws that prohibit courts from changing mortgage terms for homeowners. Obama says that this reform shouldn’t be included in this bailout package even though he’s in favor of it in principle. Bullshit. We should be focused more on the people who are losing their homes due to predatory lending by banks. Now is an excellent time to address that issue and many democrats in the House and Senate want this provision. Obama needs to take the lead instead of going for the easy compromise.

  15. Becky


    Good call.

    Yeah I can’t even talk about this either… this and Sarah Palin talking/fumbling with Katie Curic makes me nauseous. And I know I don’t have my son’s stomach flu.

  16. fruitlady

    My question has always been why the fuck aren’t we helping people save their homes like demanding these institutions slash their interest rates like in half at least or just pony up the dough and pay off everyone’s mortgage and be done with it. Let me market start over in some new direction. Like we all have our money that we’re not spending on our house payments to buy healthy food grown close to our homes and clothes and shoes made here in America. Talking about re-stimulating the economy and creating jobs. We could all afford to put solar panels on our homes and start eliminating future spending by letting the sun do the work to heat our homes and run our appliances and stop giving our money to the energy companies who have been so reluctant to make these options affordable to us. So apparently I am half socialist and 1/2 capitalist. But knowing this will never happen and seeing these massive bailouts coming and then watching Paulson try to blame this crisis on “future administrations” (Colbert covered it did anyone else? makes me throw my hands in the air and throw up in my mouth more than a little.

  17. Nat

    See when the rich stop getting richer, it freaks out…

    I don’t understand… I really don’t understand..

  18. monstergirlee

    I don’t have CNN so I won’t get to watch the debate tonight. Thats annoying.

  19. Izzy

    You speak the truth. Not much for me to add to it, although, I hope McCain, flip-flopping fool that he is, doesn’t show up for the debate and Obama gets to answer all the questions by himself.

  20. Meghann

    For once-me and you see totally eye to eye on something political. I feel bonded now.

  21. Dana

    I can’t stand reading about the bailout in the news. It’s making me ill. And I get depressed thinking about the millions of dollars going to companies, when so many Americans could use a bailout, too.

  22. Anonymous

    If you want to know who caused it take a few minutes and look at this video. It is quite true IF you take the time to actually look things up–o

  23. Jeanette

    I agree, and I’m not from the US… and I work in financial services 🙂 LOL! In fact, I was going to post a similar opinion on my blog.
    Even though it’s great that this “plan” will save some jobs (including in this country), I agree, what happened to all the profits that the companies were earning for so long – they clearly didn’t reserve it properly, and now it’s everyones problem.

  24. Anonymous

    I am not sure I buy that video. – M

  25. thatgirlblogs (shelly)

    Bush scares people just by showing up, this is nothing new…

  26. J at

    I’m way too repressed to enjoy porn. All I can think about is how these people are someones children, blah blah blah. Sad, huh?

    This whole bailout thing is freaking me the hell out.

    Regarding the fucking executive compensation…it makes me mad that they’re having trouble regulating compensation for CEOs of failed companies. They say that they need to keep the motivation high, so that execs will be ‘motivated’ to work for their money. Assholes. How about staying motivated to keep your business strong, and to keep your employees working? I hate this whole thing. Hate it.

  27. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

    Amen Sister!!! Well said – They need to get off their backsides and figure this DAMN mess out. Pissed is an understatement.

  28. Jennifer A.

    The porn discussion is more fun.
    As a Libertarian, I think its now on the businesses to figure out what the hell to do. Have the CEO’s give up a year of pay to get the companies back on track. So sick of the bailout package talk. I want to keep my $2300 per family member

  29. gina

    I don’t mind “helping people” but I do mind only helping the rich people. I don’t get that they are all “less government less government” until big business is in trouble.

  30. jerseygirl89

    But what’s cool about the porn industry is that they have never, ever needed bailing out. This whole situation has made me so freaking mad that I feel my blood pressure rise whenever I read about it.

    Clearly I should start thinking about porn instead.

  31. Christa

    Say YES to porn! NO to politics!

    Listening to all this political posturing and platitude spewing I can help but ask myself:

    Is ignorance bliss?

    Feel free to weigh in @

  32. Oz

    Have you driven by Shotgun Willie’s recently? They’ve got something up on their sign about the bailout – something like “Socialism…No Bailouts!!!” And then the back of the sign has something about an amateur strip off and 2 for 1 drinks. So someone in an adult industry is thinking about this stuff…

  33. nutmeg

    I’m finding it difficult to breath these days. I almost don’t want Obama to be elected because the Bush administration has so set him up to fail. Nobody can turn this around in four or even eight years – that’s what really freaks me out. And when the next president is forced to mop up the mess with more tax payers money, will they remember that the problem was the direct result of a moron for president supported 90% of the time by the deregulator? No. They’ll blame it on the present administration. For that reason alone a part of me hopes it’s the Pig and Lipstick.

    Yes, I’m bitter.

  34. nutmeg

    And if we’re going to reduce it to porn, which is a brilliant plan, here’s some straight talk – who would we all rather see doing it: The Pillsbury Dough Boy or Mr. Beautiful? (Just ignore the ears.)

  35. Mr Lady

    I say we hire Bryan for Paulson’s job.

  36. Kim

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Mélange

    This is the greatest fucking blog. Ever.

  38. Lars

    Ya’ll got me straight trippin’, Boo!

  39. Anonymous

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