My Brave Clown

Yesterday we made our annual trek to the Anderson Farms Pumpkin Patch in Erie, CO. Other than being windy enough to power the entire country, and thus dusty enough to completely fill all our ears with dirt, it was a really fun day. But more on that later.

First to fully understand the story I am about to tell, Declan really wanted to get his face painted. He waffled several times on exactly what he wanted to have done, but in a last minute decision, went for a clown face. As I was telling Rude Cactus lately, I *hate* clowns. Ever since that clown burning in the closet episode on Fantasy Island. But I sucked it up and took one in my arm for my son. And look how damn cute he turned out. Maybe I am changing my position on clowns in general.

(Click to see larger image)

Of course, the minute the lady was done Declan started asking for it do be washed off because it was bothering him, but such is life with children, I guess. We managed to keep him in clown mode till dinner on the way home, where I used paper towel after paper towel in the bathroom of Outback and did the best I could. He ended up looking like the singer from Insane Clown Posse, but – again – such is life with children, I guess.

But, all this is *still* not the point of my story.

After Declan had his face painted, we went to let him play on this huge wooden train. Bryan and I stood chatting while Dex scrambled all over and up and down.

And then Declan came running over, looking like a very sad clown, indeed. He exclaimed, “that boy is being mean to me!” We asked, “what is he doing?” “He told me I can’t play on the train.” And I said, “Declan, that is just not true. The train is for everyone. Tell him everyone is allowed.”

See, Declan has trouble standing up for himself. In general, he is a confident little boy, but he is definitely not vocal in crowds and can get cowed easily. Especially by those kids. You know, the ones who ride roughshod over the whole playground. Exactly like his mama, basically.

He ran over to the front of the train where this little boy was playing, with his dad standing right there, I might add. Bryan and I casually walked over to act as reinforcements if need be, but were really trying to let Declan handle it on his own. The little boy was in full crazed mode, yelling nonstop, and clanging the bell for at least 5 minutes straight. Declan (who really hates loud noises as well as asshole kids) stood there with his hands in his ears the whole time, just watching the kid. Bryan and I exchanged glances, wondering what he was doing.

(Click to see larger image)

And when the kid finally stopped banging the bell, Declan looked him right in the eye, said very loudly, “Everybody is allowed on the train!” and stomped off to go play elsewhere.

My. jaw. dropped.

My. kid. is. so. awesome.

He literally waited there, politely taking his turn, and then firmly stood his ground with ADD-Boy. There was no nervousness in his voice and he was totally cool with the whole thing.

Rock. on. Declan.

And as Dex was off to another part of the train, the little boy went off on a rant about Declan while we are standing there, and remember – his dad was standing there too. About how he was allowed to tell Declan to stop playing! About how he was four and half! And what was that stupid clown paint about anyway?! All while his dad chuckled under his breath and never said a word.

As they walked away, Bryan said, “…and that is how asshole kids grow up to be dickheads just like their fathers.”

But such is life with children, I guess.

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  1. Anonymous



  2. Anonymous

    What a sweetheart. Love that photo.

  3. Bre

    Way to go, Declan! You know – those kids grow up to be the college students that make my life miserable – yuck!

  4. painted maypole

    yay declan! boo mean boy and his dad!

  5. zenrain

    this is one of the many reasons we love declan so much 🙂

  6. Sarah

    I can’t get over the 1st photo. It’s amazing.

    What a cool kid.

  7. joansy

    I have clown issues too. But no issues over Dex standing up for himself. That’s fantastic.

  8. sue

    I’m sorry, but I hate clowns, too… but I’ll have to admit D makes a cute one! I might have to make an exception… lol

    Good for him standing up for himself!

  9. monstergirlee

    Go Dex! Atta boy!

    I hate clowns – god forbid one of my kids starts to like them ’cause it ain’t gonna happen in my house. ((shudder)) My problems started before Poltergeist, but that movie certainly made it worse. I hate ventriloquist dummies too.

    However Declan does look very sweet and cute as a clown.

  10. Tree

    I am so proud of Declan! Very good way to stand your ground.

    Bryan is spot on with that comment.

  11. laurie

    What a sweet kid. BOOOO to the asshole boy, though!!

  12. Christina

    Awww, as one of the shy kids who would have just walked away and played with something else without a fight, I have to say congrats, Declan! Good for you for standing up for yourself!

  13. Tartan

    Awww, that makes me sad and happy at the same time.

  14. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I love the idea of the Asshole Police!

  15. Kelly O

    1. A clown has never been so adorable.

    2. Aw, your little boy is turning into a little man. *sniff*

    3. What an effing idiot that dad is. I loathe parents who sit back and let their kids be jerks. Hello, learning opportunity? My kid isn’t perfect, but I will pounce on her if she’s being a jackass to another kid.

  16. TFO

    i agree with kel on all three points…and it’s not just cuz we’re married! : – )

    Assholes really do make me want to form an asshole police force and start walking the streets and “arresting” offenders. Man, my jail cells would be full of the creeps.

    And just like on the Andy Griffith show, once in a while i’d have to go spend a night in there myself.

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