My Parking Psychosis

Do you have a thing that you know is crazy but you don’t care, it just bugs you?

My thing is people parking in front of our house.

Yes, I know we live in an urban neighborhood.

Yes, I know it is a public street.

Yes, I know I am being an idiot.

But it drives me bonkers. Mainly because even though we live in an urban area of Denver, our street is actually pretty clear. So our neighbors all have space to park in front of their houses.

Across the street there is a pretty big Victorian, and the owners just moved – deciding to rent the house. To five people. Five people equals five cars.

Here is a text message conversation with one of my best friends and a former neighbor who is well aware of my “problem.”


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  1. StevieFriend

    You crack me up.

  2. Anonymous

    haha. You are crazy, but that is funny. – m

  3. monstergirlee

    Welcome to my world. But actually the last couple years things have been pretty cool, we all look out for each other’s “spaces” and even the renters know not to park in front of the other residents houses.
    Of course we live across the street from a J-Dub church and sometimes they park where they shouldn’t. My neighbor leaves them a note heh-heh

    Love you!

  4. Bethany

    LOL, you are awesome! Oh, what can’t invisible Obama do for us?!

  5. JoAnn (The Casual Perfectionist)

    We live on a cul-de-sac, and our neighbors’ friends have a tendency to park IN FRONT OF OUR DRIVEWAY. Who does that?!

    I posted a photo of the culprit one day totally BLOCKING my side of the driveway, and one of my online imaginary friends said to put bird seed on it. What a fantastic idea. Much more boring than my idea of buying a rocket launcher…

    Good luck to you, Aimee!!

  6. Anonymous

    ours are just choosing to use their 2 car garage as an extra storage unit for stuff. 2 GIGANIC SUVs now live in front of their house.

  7. Laryssa

    Haha, this is how I feel when people take “my” parking spot too!

  8. pdxhadey

    We live in an urban area (in Portland), and have the same problem. We don’t have a driveway or garage, so our only parking is on the street in front of our house. It drives us BONKERS when our neighbors have friends over for a party (or just visiting) and they park in front of our house. Or, when our neighbor across the street pulls into our street on our side and is too lazy to turn the car around and park on their side of the street. I especially love it when I’m just coming back from grocery shopping and have my 2 year old and 5 year old with me. Good times!

  9. Lisa

    OMG! I have to show this to my husband so he can stop telling me that I’m the onld crankey lady on our street! This is such a peeve of mine!!!
    I live in a suburban area, on a one way street. Every house across the street has driveways because you can’t park on that side. On our side there is enough space in front of each house for one car. More than half the people on our side have handicap signs to prevent anyone from parking in their spot! AND THEY ARE NOT HANDICAPPED. Years ago our mayor would give our the signs like candy to anyone who asked..Etiquette says the people who live in that house get to park in front of it right? Well, no on our street, the people with driveways park on the street ALL THE TIME. Most famous for this are the people directly across from us. Their driveway will sit empty while their 3 cars take up spots on the street. I am so tempted to park in their driveway half the time. I just think it’s RUDE to take someone’s spot! I’m all about basic consideration for the people who live in the homes. If someone is in my spot, I glare and curse but I won’t take someone else’s spot, I’ll park down the street where there is extra spaces.

    I am always trying to think of ways of getting back at the inconsiderate parkers. Tacks, dog poop under the door handles, spit my gum on their car….maybe I’ll make a sign “Invisible Obama Parking Only”

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