Note to Self

My Mac at work has been dying a slow death for about a year now. I finally got fed up yesterday afternoon (and had no pesky meetings to muck up the enormous amount of time it takes to transfer computers) so I finally started making the switch to a much nicer, newer computer we just had sitting around, just waiting for me to make friends with.

Have I mentioned how annoying I am with tech stuff? That I understand just enough to be dangerous? That I ask Bryan the most retarded questions? That he and I can barely communicate when performing any computer-related tasks?

So, um, Chris, our IT guy, “took over” helping me yesterday. Why wasn’t he helping me from the beginning? Because the creative team is a bunch of freaks! Meaning, I have no idea!

Chris and I were sitting here at my desk, happily setting up all kinds pf permissions and crap, when all of a sudden Chris says, “Aimee. Why is your mouse moving? All. on. its. OWN?” I look up and sure enough, my hand is completely removed from my mouse but the cursor is swishing and swashing across the screen. A new document opens. A note starts typing to me.

“Aimee. Hello. This is your Mac. Why do you think you can move to a new computer and leave me behind? It is so unfair…”

Note to self. Never let your husband have the password to your computer, which gives him access to the feature in the new Mac OS which lets outsiders take control of your desktop.


P.S. Yes! I was interviewed on Good Day Colorado this morning to promote Being Savvy Denver! Yes! I nearly threw up! Yes! I will have video to show you soon!

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  1. Anonymous

    ha ha, what a riot!

  2. treesflowersbirds

    Oh, that is hysterical!Especially since he also had the IT guy freaking 😉

  3. Tree

    Bryan is such a card. That man slays me.

    I saw you this morning! You were super!

  4. daysgoby

    You must smile all the time,being married to him. (And slug him in the arm a lot, too…)

  5. zipper

    Seriously. The old Mac must be PISSED.

  6. MB

    I love it. I knew it could only be Bryan.

  7. Karen

    Hahaha, that’s great.

  8. Sizzle

    Congrats on making it through without puking!

  9. Anonymous


  10. ben

    he got you good – m

  11. Amy

    Congrats on the interview and not throwing up! 🙂

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