Obligatory First Day of School Post

I feel like this summer has been more like a tornado. I started it off by accepting a new job that has been wonderful, but certainly time consuming. And then, as school ended, all us parents looked around at each other and panicked that we wouldn’t see each other every day anymore. Screw the kids! (Have I mentioned how fortunate I am to have Declan in a school with a boatload of GREAT parents?) So we all flipped out our calendar devices and scheduled the crap out of the summer. And while it was fun, I have talked several times about how overwhelming it’s been. Then, there was a two week gap in Declan’s care, so I stayed home with him and we both promptly got the worst mothereffing colds of the year. I am STILL recovering! Then, the next week, my mother and aunt came to cover the other week. Have I mentioned we have a small house? A small, small, house with one shower? But seriously. What I will remember about that week is how over the moon in love with his grandparental figures Declan is. Learning to blow bubble gum bubbles from Pata. Tickling his Oma till she about tooted from laughter. Running around the house like a crazy person. AT. ALL. TIMES.

All of which abruptly ended with the beginning of 1st Grade yesterday.

My mom and aunt came to school to see him off for his first day and then weepily got in the car for their drive back to Maryland (yes, they like to drive cross country). We saw him into his lineup for school, dropped his school supplies in his classroom, and gave one last fleeting glance back as he sat in front of his new teacher with all his new classmates in his new classroom.

Of course tears gathered in my eyes. Of course!

I am never good with change, but we were ready for school to start this year. Kinda.

It’s been a fun, crazy summer.

The good news is, we had little Darth Vader (aka our friend Bess’ youngest son, aptly ALSO named Declan) to talk us through our feelings after dropoff.

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  1. zipper

    Little Darth has the force!

  2. Mr Lady

    You know that I am sitting here totally BAWLING right now, right? God, the sidewalk shot made me cry. GOD, I need to come back! Go look at those 5th graders. Look how big they are. Yeah, that’s 1of3, dude.

    Dammit, woman. Tell (googlable school name) I said hi.

    PS: who did he get? Did he get Ms. Round Object or did he get Ms Frozen Water? I REALLY hope he got Ms Round Object!!! You will have the Best. Year. Ever. if he did. Totally tell her today after school that you’re my BFF. She’ll squee a little. 🙂

  3. Ali

    first grade is so huge! Josh starts after labor day! crazy! i hope he had a great day!

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Mary Beth, I KNOW, Thriller was a definitely highlight of the summer!!!!

    And Lady, we will see you soon! we can go swing on the swings together.

    Thanks so much for the kind words, yall.

  5. Megan

    awww, so sweet.

  6. Mayberry

    OK I could die over those tiny yellow crocs!

    And Big Declan is looking very handsome!

  7. Hip Mom's Guide

    No worries with little Vader in your corner.

    And how cute is your son!

    Two weeks until my youngest starts KG. I’ll probably just post “ditto” and link to you! Oh, right, I don’t have a little Vader…

  8. Anonymous

    soo sooo sooo soo cute.

  9. Sue at nobaddays

    Oh Aimee … he’s getting so big!

  10. Amy

    Had I not been busy being a PTA b’otch yesterday I would have probably teared up (for joy 😉 ) Instead I was pissed about my obligation and my inability to have time to think about tearing up. But, I’m over it now. Dropped ’em at the curb this morning and off we went. Business as usual!

  11. Mary Beth

    I love that Darth Vader is in yellow crocs! I hope Declan has a great year although it’s going to be hard for that teacher to top the Thriller dance!

  12. Missy Wiggins

    That is a great looking kid you got there!
    How exciting 1st grade is and Darth is making quite a fashion statement in those yellow crocs!

  13. zenrain

    Look how big he is! I shed a few tears myself yesterday.. 😉

  14. carrie

    Oh, the tears . . . they to reign down on those first days of school.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be doing that for another 2 WEEKS! Yeah, I’m a little jealous.

    D looks awesome – so ready for anything!

  15. JenniBeanV

    Oh he looks so handsome! I hope he had a fab first day! First grade is so much fun!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    ha ha, pics of uncomfortable high schoolers are so fun!!!

  17. monstergirlee

    oh I am dreading dropping off my son for his first day of Kindergarten. I got a little misty reading your post. I’m going to Lose it I know.
    We haven’t gone supply shopping yet, that should be fun tho.
    Declan is such a big boy, he looks so grown up.
    (however our school doesn’t start until Sept 3 – but it goes until June 17 – which is alright the way the weather is around here)

  18. Amelia Sprout

    Darth Vader with Sponge Bob crocs. Sounds like the perfect therapist.

  19. Nat

    We don’t start for another week and a bit… alas.

    Love Little Darth..

  20. apathy lounge

    First day of school doesn’t start for us until Monday wherein I will snap away while my new high schooler stands uncomfortably on the driveway. Also, I will ask my college-age boys to take their own picture on the first day.

  21. KiniWoman

    It is so hard that first day, isn’t it? My Phoebe will be starting kindergarten in a matter of days now and while, yes, I also have one going into 8th grade, it is still hard.

  22. painted maypole

    is bryan thinking or having a bowel movement?

  23. Heather B.

    Oh my God, he looks so much older than he did in June. Wow.

    P.S. Can’t wait to see you guys!

  24. mae

    there can never be too many declans! such a great name 🙂

    my wee one starts kindergarten next week and i know i’ll be a whimpering mess (even though we are supposed to stay with them the first 2 days)

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