Officially on Crazy Meds

Does that make me a crazy person? Or just a person ready to accept defeat, and get help wherever they can?

So, I met with the PsychRN yesterday. My therapist warned me she wasn’t a “people person” and she was right, but she definitely seemed like she knows what she is doing.

She put me on :

– Lexapro (very low dose) – antidepressant similar to Prozac. She chose Lexapro because of the low side effects and because it was effective with a close genetic link.

Topamax (also a very low dose) – a migraine and epilepsy drug when used at higher doses. She said it is used at lower doses for sleep disorders and help with over-active brains, basically getting the brain to chill out and relax. Oh, and this drug is an appetite suppressant too, which is always a plus. Or at least maybe it will offset the weight gain that is a common side effect of anti-depressants like Lexapro.

Lunesta. She is letting me keep my beloved sleep drug. She wants me to try and lower my current dose a bit, but is OK with me using it longterm.

I am on these for 2 weeks and then have a followup.

Let’s all hope I am cheerier version of myself the next time I see her. And seeing as I frightfully woke Bryan up three times the other night, maybe he will be a cheerier version of himself, too. Last night was an interesting start. Bryan says I woke up once and was literally rubbing the wall in a fascinated, kind of happy way and said “wow” a few times… And then just plopped back to sleep. No anger or screaming. Just acidic hippie love for the wall. Well, I guess that is improvement, right?

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