OK Go Concert Photos Denver

OK Go: Concert Photos from the Gothic Theatre

OK Go is tricky. I was warned there would be tons and tons of confetti –  I actually had over an inch of the stuff in my camera bag when all was said and done. But they also had a sheer curtain up in front of them for several songs, which was fun to watch – but hard to photograph. No matter, I am up for a challenge and I had a blast photographing and listening to OK Go in concert.

Everything was fun, as one would expect from that band that puts out those awesome videos. But everything was also musically great. I loved how rich Damian Kulash’s voice sounds live and his trip directly out into the crowd was highly appreciated. I mean, seriously. Denver sometimes has a reputation for tame crowds, but not when they are OK Go fans.

Not only did the band have killer graphics on all those screens surrounding them – they stopped for several Q&A sessions. Literally. “Who thinks up all your music videos?” God.

I love a band that can put on a great rock show and have a great time.



OK_Go_07 OK_Go_16



OK_Go_21 OK_Go_15



OK_Go_18 OK_Go_19





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  1. Traci

    These are fantastic!

  2. Ben D

    I love OK Go! Great pics as always.

  3. Will F

    Oh man, these rock Aimee!

  4. Toni McLellan

    One of the great things about being friends with someone over time on social media is getting to see them really dive into something they love, and continue to get better and better at it. You are so adept at capturing what it feels like to be at a show. Fantastic work, Aimee!

    • Aimee

      Such a nice comment, Toni – THANK YOU! And I totally agree that it is awesome to watch people do their thing over time! <3

  5. Rise

    That was a fun show, and you captured it nicely!

  6. Andrea

    Loved OK Go’s latest video – these pics are great!

  7. Vintage Photographer

    The photography is exceptional . The first shot is awesome. Capturing all the colors and the lights is very ticky but you seems to ba an accomplished photographer.

  8. Dave Brown

    Wow these are fantastic shots! I love the first ones with the screen in front.

  9. los cocina

    thanks for this topic

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