Peter Gabriel Concert Denver 2023 - Photos & Review - Ball Arena

Peter Gabriel at Ball Arena Denver

I feel like a broken record, but 2023 was a big year for me to check off my bucket list of artists. After loving Peter Gabriel for most of my life, I had never seen him in concert, much less photographed his show. That changed recently at Denver’s Ball Arena when I was lucky enough to not only take photos but stay and watch the entire show, till the very last note.

Originally from Surrey, England, Peter Gabriel first gained fame as the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Genesis in the 1970s. That’s when I heard of him, early in my childhood. But it was his breakthrough solo album So in 1986 that solidified him as one of my favorites.

It was high MTV days, and I can’t tell you how many times I have watched the innovative video for “Sledgehammer.” However, Gabriel is not only a musician, but also a passionate humanitarian who has championed various causes and founded the still ongoing WOMAD festival, which celebrates world music and promotes cultural exchange.

His 2023 concert tour proved Peter Gabriel is still an innovator, and the show was a structured journey around his forthcoming new work, i/o. The album has been in progress for years, and he has been releasing singles on each full moon this year – my fave thus far being “Panopticom,” which was at the front of the show (complete setlist below).

Peter took us on a journey throughout the night, quietly telling stories about the music, his band, and funny antidotes from the past. Sometimes, it was hard to hear him speak, but it also made for a very intimate feel in such a large venue. His sense of humor came through, giving us pauses between the seriousness of some of his songs… or from the heartbreak of ones like “Don’t Give Up,” which – ain’t gonna lie – had me crying for real.

His voice is still warm and gorgeous – and the multi-talented band made it all sound like we were watching an orchestra go at it, but still having that alt rock feel inherent in Peter’s music. The stage set up was very clever and used a huge circular screen to its best advantage – like a video of a man wiping down the time live before the show started, or celestial swirls changing into eyes and other amorphous forms throughout the show over the band’s heads.

Speaking of, his amazing backing band included: Tony Levin (bass), Manu Katché (drums), David Rhodes (guitar), and Richard Evans (guitar, flute). Newcomers to the band included: Ayanna Witter-Johnson (cello, piano, vocals), Marina Moore (violin, viola, vocals), Don-E (keyboards), and Josh Shpak (trumpet, french horn, keys, vocals).

It was another Denver show with many people I knew in attendance, and I got to watch the ending with one of my oldest friends – which always makes a concert even better. Sharing a lifelong love of a very special artist live, together. Given Peter Gabriel doesn’t tour all that often, I am so glad this bucket-list artist came to visit us this year and created some memories to treasure forever.

Peter Gabriel – Denver Concert Photos

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Peter Gabriel Setlist
10/16/23 Ball Arena

Set 1:
Washing of the Water
Growing Up
Four Kinds of Horses
Digging in the Dirt
Playing for Time
Olive Tree
This Is Home

Set 2:
Love Can Heal
Road to Joy
Don’t Give Up
The Court
Red Rain
So Much
What Lies Ahead
Big Time
Live and Let Live
Solsbury Hill

In Your Eyes

Encore 2:

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