Pictures of Bryan’s Birthday Party – But None of the Birthday Boy

I guess he was too busy playing on his Ripstick and grilling about 50,000 skewers of chicken. But I did manage to catch photos of almost every kid at the party (including Jeff and Danielle, ha ha!). Except for Trudy, that is, who was basically a blur the whole evening.

A great party with close friends on a lovely summer evening.

And also an opportunity to see what a precocious child I have. Apparently he was doling out parenting tips to anyone who would listen.

For example, Declan, Trudy and Chloe were caught spraying their juiceboxes on the fence. With Declan as the ringleader. (Sidenote: what the hell sort of demon has my child turned into?)

But, as Chloe was explaining what was going on to her mom, Shiloh, I went over to “discuss” the situation with Declan and Trudy. (Basically I told them, “Any more spraying, no more juiceboxes.” *I* am the ultimate in evil! Bwaa haa haa!) Then I watched Declan and Trudy walk back over to get Chloe to play with them once again. I meandered back to Shiloh, who had the funniest shit-eating grin on her face.

She proceeds to tell me that Declan walked up just as she was finishing telling Chloe, “I don’t care what anyone else does, YOU do not spray juiceboxes on the fence… do you understand?

And Declan, who has apparently been reading my stack of parenting books at night after we go to bed, calmly says to her, “Shiloh, my mom says ‘Comprende?’ instead of ‘Do you understand?’ – you should try that. It might help.”

And then he strolled away.

Me. Oh. My. What in the world am I going to do for the next 15 years?

For now, enjoy the photos:


Danielle & Declan



Jeff and Declan


(Click on any image to see it larger)

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  1. Anonymous

    Those are awesome!!!

  2. Sizzle

    comprende…hahaha. oh dear.

  3. TxGambit

    Comprende…. Love it!!! He is such a sweetie-pie!

    Sounds like a fun party and as always, love the pics.

  4. Sarah

    Especially love the ones of Chloe, with the purple, green and red!

  5. sue

    Ohhhh… you are in for it! LOL!

  6. Tree

    Too freaking funny!

  7. Nadine

    Hahaha! Comprende! Too cute.

    LOVE the pictures! They are gorgeous!

  8. Anonymous

    Comprende??? That is freaking hilarious.

  9. Damselfly

    Those photos really capture the kids’ personalities! Juice boxes and all!

  10. diana

    i just love your photos.

  11. Anonymous

    I love the one of Jed with the straw hanging out of his mouth!

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