Pied Piper

I have this theory that kids can smell fear. Any mom with a newborn knows that is a fact.

And I also have proof that kids smell out adults who are willing to play with them. When Bryan walks in a room, he must send off the playful pheromones like nobody’s business. At the park, it takes exactly 15 minutes for kids to sniff him out. By 20, he has a circle of children cornering him and demanding he play with them. I always call him the Pied Piper of the Playground.

It gets worse when the kids actually know Bryan. For example – Declan’s friend Anjel had her 5th birthday party today. I have no less than 10 other photos just like this one with all the kids piled up on top of Bryan.

Anjel’s mom actually thanked me for bringing Bryan to the party.

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