Please. Don’t. Hate. Me.

I bought a pair of leggings today.

Oh, OK. I will shout it on the rooftops: I BOUGHT A PAIR OF FUGLY-ASS LEGGINGS TODAY.

It’s all Danielle’s fault really. SHE invited me to go see Music and Lyrics this evening (and yes, totally as you might expect – it was absolutely adorable and a must-see if you worship Hugh Grant as I do, especially if you grew up in the 80’s as I did). And AFTER the movie, DANIELLE casually mentions there is a New York & Company near the theater. REALLY? The store that magically attaches clothes to my credit card every single time I go in there? The store that actually has clothes in girl-shape as opposed to half-man shape like most clothing stores? The store I swore to Julie just recently was the bees knees for my oddly shaped ass? And it is in walking distance from where I am standing at this very moment?

So we go and I try on more clothes than is humanly possible to stuff into a dressing room and come out with an outfit that I literally wore in 1989 while attending college, but DAMN I am cute. Danielle agrees I am cute. The sales lady thinks I am cute too – but, hello, that is her job. To make me feel good and buy more clothes.

And thus goes the story of how I, now, in the year 2007, own a pair of leggings once again.

Damn you, Danielle.

(But I do look freakin’ cute.)

And, oh well. I guess it’s better than the other place I always buy clothes.


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  1. mothergoosemouse


  2. monstergirlee

    and what good is this post without pictures? I want to see how dang cute you look!

  3. greeblemonkey

    OK, OK, I’ll take pics tonight. ha ha.

  4. Diane

    Can’t wait to see pics. I have been known to own 1 or 2… or more pairs of leggings in the 80’s 🙂

  5. mamalicious

    I can honestly say that I may never wear leggings in my life, but good for you, girl. I’m sure you look HOT.

  6. joansy

    I can’t wait for the pics!

  7. greeblemonkey

    oh crap, I am sure after all the buildup, it will be a major letdown!

  8. Heather

    I am with the others, where are the pictures?!

  9. Mar

    Since I knew you in college, I NEED to see pictures! 🙂

  10. Bryan

    She was cute, for sure. I will attest to that. I saw it. I lived it.

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