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Damn, I am having trouble getting back in the groove of things after such a fun weekend. I’ll keep this short and sweet with more emphasis on the photos since they tell the tale anyway. Besides the fact that I think I am still hungover. But if you want, like, WORDS and stuff – Amber did a great job of recapping the actual conference from the Mile High Mama perspective. Notice the wicked awesome trophy we took home with the help of the ladies from Samababy. ROCK!

But here is the *AFTER* conference fun. The part with less talking and more margaritas.

It’s not a Dooblehvay joint unless someone is wearing masks.

Andrew came by to get his fill of estrogen.

Tara and I acted like, um, Tara and I.

Tracey Clark virtually introduced us mid-conference. SO THANKFUL!

Amy and Amy ready for karaoke. Not sure if the place will ever be the same.

Gwen loving on Whitney Houston.

And her counterpart, Mr. Sensitive.

Barbara Jones channeling her inner Gwen Stefani.

The event was WELL documented. By Krista Parry included.

And finally. Here you go. Me, karaoke and George G. Smith Jr. Updated to add: I am singing She’s Always A Woman To Me by Billy Joel. It felt appropriate with all those chicks. Maybe not so much with me singing, but there you have it. I sang it directly to Gwen, of course. Mainly so I wouldn’t faint.

If you want to see them all, HERE they are.

Back to real life now. Sigh.

P.S. THANK YOU to all you lovely Delurkers yesterday! *YOU* ROCK!

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  1. fruitlady

    I have to say that there are a few of those photos that I am personally responsible for, and I know I was using a kick ass camera and all, but I’m a damn fine photog!

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    YOU ARE! I should have given you the copyrights. But I am not gonna.

  3. Mr Lady

    I was really disappointed to have missed this until you said Karaoke and then I realized that The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    You all have retained your hearing. Praise be to Him.


    Seriously, lay off the making me jealous and homesick before I start to cry. Or don’t. I’ll still love you.

  4. leaca

    that looks like so much fun.


    awww, me too Aimee, me too! next get together i will karaoke fo sho! you know we do bang up karoke up here in avon, just planting the seed. . . do love the photo.

  6. Mrs. Flinger

    Just another reason I love you. It says a lot about a person when they can make googley faces and do Karaoke. I swear I saw myself in one of those photos.

    Or, no, wait, I just wished I had.

  7. Mamma

    Look at all those fine women. So jealous I wasn’t there.

    And karaoke? So fun. Well maybe for me, but with my voice–no one else.

  8. Giyen

    C’mon. It’s so important to know what you were singing in that picture so we can get the full affect.

  9. Amber

    Ahhhhh, those picture are better than any write-up!! So sad I was feeling sick and bailed on the karaoke. Definitely next time!

  10. gwen bell

    Oh, and that song Aimee’s singing? She totally dedicated it to me right after we drank my first buttery nipple together. True story.

    Awesome, awesome weekend. (Buttery nipples aside.)

    Thank you for being a huge part of its success, Aimee. Rock star!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    what an awesome time! – m

  12. Oh, The Joys

    Oh, I have the SERIOUS Tara envy! Love that woman.

  13. Andi

    I am so bummed I decided not to go!

  14. georgegsmithjr

    I must say I’m glad there’s no picture of me doing Karaoke on your blog. The world is a better place.

    That being said – wowza! I do not know how to dance! c’est la vie! I had a blast!!!!

  15. GeekMommy

    It was, as always, great to see you – even if I think I got to say about 4 words to you last weekend!! Your photos were incredible and totally captured the spirit of the weekend.

    And your presentation rocked! 🙂

  16. Zena


    Thanks for covering the best part of #CWC09, networking with wonderful women outside the conference.

    I will be at SXSW, so glad you’re going. I’ll get my sleep prior to it, so I can hang w/ you 🙂

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