Acrylic Poured Art - Denver Artist Sarah Boyd

Meet Sarah Boyd and Her Celestial Acrylic Poured Art – With A Purpose

I have always been a big fan of local artists, and especially so when one of them happens to be a friend. In the case of Sarah Boyd, we have been to a lot of fun at concerts together, and I knew she had a serious day job – so I was surprised when she started talking about the poured acrylic art she was creating. It’s become a passion of hers – so much so, that she recently launched an Etsy store, Meridian Artwork, and I am loving the pieces. (So much so, that I scooped my favorite coasters up before this post.)

Blue Coasters Poured Acrylic

Sarah and I were able to chat about her process, why she started making these lovely pieces of art, and why she is donating half the proceeds from her first month to suicide prevention efforts.

Interview with Sarah of Meridian Artwork

Tell me how you started making this art.

I discovered acrylic pouring on Instagram last year. I was kind of in a deep in depression at the time, and I kept looking at this beautiful artwork. I thought, you know what? I should just go for it. Weird how that works. It completely clicked for me. Once I started, it was keeping me out of darkness by giving me something therapeutic to do – and I haven’t been able to stop creating them since.

And what about the store?

I just opened the shop and since May is mental health month and this is done so much for my mental health – I wanted to donate half of the proceeds to suicide prevention. Also, the Denver music scene has been hurt by several suicides lately – I just felt like I have to do this.

Poured Acrylic Art on Vinyl Records - Meridian Artwork, Denver

So, how you actually make it?

With this type of painting, it’s very unpredictable. Sometimes I look at photos for inspiration, a lot of galaxy photos. I gather the paint – colors I want to use together. I’ll be pouring the medium in terms of the colors and how I feel they should mix. There are a lot of different techniques, but somehow the paintings just seem to present themselves to me. What I love about it is even if you use the exact same colors, every single painting turns out differently.

How did you learn?

Would you believe, Instagram and YouTube? The videos there are very instructive but quick, so in the beginning, it was very much trial and error. I keep reusing my canvases over and over until I felt like I was getting a process that I liked, and paintings that I want to keep.

Poured Acrylic Art - Meridian Artwork, Denver

What types of things you have in the store?

Right now, I have canvas paintings of various sizes, paintings on vinyl records, and coasters.

And I know this is not your day job … do you want it to be?

I’m not sure. I do engineering for my day job, and I really like the juxtaposition. Being creative with this artwork gives a nice rhythm with my day job. I’m having fun creating these pieces and exploring a different side of life.

Thanks to Sarah for taking the time to chat with me.

Please visit Meridian Artwork and see her latest works of art!

Poured acrylic artwork by Sarah Boyd / Meridian Artwork

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