Recent Declan Cuteisms


At dinner table:

Aimee (explaining about Rob being in the hospital): Remember Mr. Rob from work? Well, one of his body parts got worn out and sick. He is in the hospital getting better.

Declan: (very concerned) Is he all alone?


Declan: Daddy, I just did my saline spray.

Bryan: Um, what do you mean?

Declan: I sprayed my saline spray in my nose.

Bryan: (Knowing that *we* do that procedure and concerned that Declan just sprayed Windex up his nose) Um, show me which one.

Declan: This one! (Holding up Rhinocort, a nasal steroid that we have used for a while on him in the past, but was buried in a drawer, so Declan must have fished it out).

Bryan: (relieved) OK, that’s great. Here, give me that so I can put it with your other medicines (as in, way way away!)


Declan: Daddy, I made up a new game!

Bryan: Cool, what do we do?

Declan: We find colors!

Bryan: Well, what is the game called?

Declan: “What, Oh What, Is The Color of This?”


At dinner table:

Declan: Mommy, where did you go today?

Aimee: I went to work.

Declan: What did you do?

Aimee: (thinking he did not understand me) I worked today.

Declan: No! what did you DO at work?

Aimee: OH! Well, I answered 15,000 emails, wrote a proposal, designed a logo… (totally astonished at the question, a definite first for Declan to ask what WE were up to).

Declan: (mouth open) Wow! That’s a lot!


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