Recent Declanisms

An announcement at dinner:

“I know what the word “family” means. It’s people who live with you and can name your babies.”

(chuckles from Mama and Daddy)

“OK, I know what the normal meaning is. It is people who live with you, and take care of you, and eat your food quickly.”

(burst of hearty laughter all around)


Declan: “I just heard a snerkel!”

Aimee: “What’s a snerkel?”

Declan: “When Finn [the cat] toots really loud!”


Aimee: “Aunt is going to have surgery on Monday – so we will have to send her healthy thoughts that day.”

Declan: “Just like fruits and vegetables!”

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  1. g-man

    Kids do say the darnest things. I wish I could remember a tenth of what they say, oft times I say I should remember that, cause it was just too funny to forget, then poof it is gone. (I need a note pad)

  2. Schloobie

    That’s what “Save As Draft” in blogger is for! 🙂

  3. Bryan

    Oops! I just snerkeled.

  4. Anonymous

    That snerkel thing sounds like something Bill would have said LOL

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