Recent Declanisms


On the way home from the Wiggles concert (hour long car ride).

DECLAN: I have to go potty!

AIMEE: OK, but can you hold it till for a few minutes? We’re almost home.

DECLAN: Sure! It’s OK, the poop in my behind moved over to my penis and it’s holding the pee in.


DECLAN: Daddy, what was that place we went last night… that had all the cookies?

BRYAN: The Neighborhood Babysitters Club meeting.

DECLAN: Oh, yeah – that. Do you know what they do with their apple juice?

BRYAN: What?

DECLAN: (whispering conspiratorially) They don’t put any water in it!

(I guess we have him trained well that any juice he gets from us is liberally diluted with water!)


DECLAN: Why is that man holding a sign? (notices a homeless man on a street corner)

AIMEE: Because he doesn’t have a home or any money and he is asking for help.

DECLAN: Why is he so angry? (the guy was raging and waving his sign)

AIMEE: I think he is upset because no one is giving him any money.

DECLAN: Why don’t we give him money?

AIMEE: Well, Mommy and Daddy like to give money to companies that help lots of homeless people, not just one person on the street corner.

DECLAN: I have a lot of money.

AIMEE: (giggling) You do?

DECLAN: Yes, pennies for the horsy ride at the grocery store. I can give those to all the hungry people.

AIMEE: (trying not to cry) That’s really nice of you, Declan.

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