Sad Day

Greg Page (the yellow Wiggle) is expected to announce his departure from the Wiggles tomorrow. Seeing as he is my favorite, I am seriously bummed.

But maybe they will replace him with someone really, really good. I personally vote for Rick Springfield. A fellow Australian who is hot and can sing. It’s perfect! I mean, I must admit, I always like Sammy Hagar Van Halen better than David Lee Roth Van Halen.

But, hopefully they will figure out what is wrong with Greg and and he can come back eventually. And at least Declan was able to see the Wiggles in concert, with the original lineup.

Of course, part of me is also amused because I have received 5 emails within a span of 5 minutes of this news hitting the wires. One was even from our neighbor, who has no children, and was absolutely astounded only a few weeks ago when I was describing the Wiggles phenomenon. The fact that I know all about the Wiggles and more importantly, actually care, is what astounds me.

Best wishes, Greg.

UPDATE: Yes, he’s leaving. Here is his video message saying goodbye and handing over the yellow “skivvy” to Sam Moran. Yes, I am a complete freak and totally cried.


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