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Seattle Weekend with #2DaysInSeattle – Day 1

Note: Visit Seattle hosted us for this trip, including expenses. All photos and words are mine.

We have visited Seattle a few times before, but it was usually for work. Once we were able to come see friends and finally see the city – it was fabulous. That is why we were so thrilled when Visit Seattle invited is back for their #2DaysInSeattle program, because we could explore even more. Including returning to a few things we loved, and also seeing many other things we missed last time around.



We flew in Friday afternoon, and I always need to remind myself that DEN > SEA is such a quick trip. We were able to work in the morning, catch a mid-day flight and do some sightseeing in the afternoon.

The Great Seattle Wheel was first up on the agenda, since it was not yet open the last time we visited. It’s right off the water near the Aquarium and gives you an amazing view all around the city. We had fantastic weather that day; the sky was crystal blue and the sun was shinning bright. Really, really, really bright.


Seattle_2014_03 Seattle_2014_12


Seattle_2014_11 Seattle_2014_02


We walked around the area, which is really close to the famous Pike Place Market. I have to be honest, though… we purposely avoided the gum wall – because EWWWW. But everything else smelled and looked and tasted delicious. One of my favorite parts of Seattle, for sure.


Seattle_2014_15 Seattle_2014_23

Seattle_2014_28 Seattle_2014_20


We headed back to our hotel which was right in the heart of downtown at the Hyatt Olive 8. My only complaint about this place is the high cost of parking ($37 per night). Other than that – was it was outstanding, and we would absolutely go back (sans car).

I mean, seriously? This view?


With the exception of the last Super Bowl, I often think of Denver and Seattle as kindred spirit cities. So, it is no wonder that I have a lot of friends from the blogging world there. Many of them met us for dinner on Friday night at Salty’s Alki Beach – on the other side of the bay. Here’s the funny thing about bloggers. We share so much online but when we get together, we kind of, um, forget to take photos. So, while there was a crystal clear view of Seattle’s skyline that night (I mean like CRAZY clear) and a bunch of friends in attendance, and we literally closed down the restaurant… the only photo I have is this one my 11yo son took of Mama Kat. Oops.


The next day, we were up bright and early to visit Chihuly, the EMP, have a Duck Boat Ride, and then a wonderful seafood dinner downtown. Because what do Denverites do when they visit any coast? EAT SEAFOOD. Day two coming soon!

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  1. Kat

    You’re pictures are beautiful! If I didn’t already live here I would definitely schedule a visit!

    And it’s true…I sit like that everywhere I go. A very natural pose. If you want to use the black Instagram photo I took at our table at Salty’s it’s all yours! 😉

    • Aimee

      I recognized you from the pose!

      And thanks again to you and all the gals for meeting us out. Love you!

  2. Ben

    I love Seattle. One of the best cities ever, despite killing us in the Super Bowl. I love your photos.

  3. Will F

    Come on! The gum wall is hilarious!

    • Aimee

      I love everything about Seattle except that! 😉

  4. Amy Evans

    Wow girl. This pictures are crazy good. I always feel like we are on vacation with you!

  5. Kate

    Take me with you!

  6. Heather

    I have never been to Seattle, now I really want to go! Get those other posts up soon, girl!

  7. julieanders40

    what an amazing trip! and i love mama kat!

    • Aimee

      Thanks you! And yes, Mama Kat rules.

  8. everyfann

    What an amazing trip!

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