She’s A Lover, Not A Fighter

Here is Mothergoosemouse’s CJ giving tender loving care to Bryan, after he told her he had a boo boo. What she didn’t really understand is that his “boo boo” is male pattern baldness, but hell – there is nothing sweeter than a near 3 year old giving kisses to a big fat bald spot, right?

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  1. mothergoosemouse

    That was so cute I could hardly stand it. Thanks for capturing it on film – and thanks again for all the fun and deliciousness!

  2. zipper

    Hmm, kissing Bryan’s head… brave girl.

  3. Mayberry

    Look at that rosy-cheeked little angel! So much for her rep as a hellion.

  4. Nancy

    Such a little cherub face. Sweet, sweet baby!

  5. Anonymous


  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I know, Mayberry – the rosy cheeks KILL ME!

  7. Karen

    Aww, that’s cute

  8. painted maypole


  9. Nanette

    I agree – those little rosy cheeks! SO CUTE!

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    oh, and by the way, this was after her and Declan played “Dinosaur ROAR” – whatever that is – for 15 minutes. What a hoot.

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