Sleigh Bells - Denver Concert Photos

Sleigh Bells and N3PTUNE at Denver’s Gothic Theatre

I saw Sleigh Bells perform on a stream of some festival years back and made a mental note that I really wanted to see them live. I jumped on that chance when they played Denver’s Gothic Theatre (which, OK, is technically located a bit south in Englewood). It was my first show back at that lovely venue, and I am going to go out on a limb to say Sleigh Bells was the best show I saw all year. Sure, as you can tell by my photos below, they were a little hard to actually *see* – but for real, do not miss the chance to see/hear/experience this duo live. Amazing energy! You can just feel how much they love performing and I didn’t stand still the entire show.

They also brought on Denver local artist N3PTUNE to open for them, who I had heard of, but never seen live. Mindblowing! Apparently Sleigh Bells felt the same, because they asked N3PTUNE to go along to Salt Lake City on the tour with them.

Sleigh Bells pick up their tour in February on the east coast. Let’s hope they return to Denver soon too.

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N3PTUNE – Denver Concert Photos

Sleigh Bells – Denver Concert Photos

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