Slow start to 2006…

Man, when you don’t drink very often anymore, you sure pay for it the morning after. Not to mention, when you are up so late that you feel like you can’t take your sleeping pill and then you only sleep for about 3 hours and are wide awake until the sun rises and after that you are so tired you earn the title Zombious Maximus – yeah, you pay for that in the morning too.

I got up with Dex, who graciously slept in till 8… played with him for a little while and then my hubby, who must have felt the zombie brainwaves, got up and rescued me. I went back to bed for 2 hours and after a plate of leftover rouladen (more on that later), I feel much, much better. I might even be inclined to clean up the kitchen (after I stop surfing the Net).

Last night we had Jeff and Danielle, and also Lily, Jenny and Jeff2 over for a traditional German dinner of Rouladen, potato dumplings, cucumber salad and red cabbage. Even after the mid-Rouladen-wrapping disaster of discovering we did not have enough string, I think things went over pretty well.

The kids played great with only a few minor meltdowns. Pretty amazing since Lily flew in from the west coast just that afternoon and Dex has just been in major overwhelmedness mode from the holidays.

Alas, Lily really wanted to sleep in her own bed (who can blame her!) so they had to head home before the Cranium Battle of the Sexes. At 1:30 am, we ended the skirmish with a tie – one game for the boys and one for the girls. The girls felt that was a major victory in itself, since Jeff and Bryan are the Dynamic Duo of Cranium.

Oh, and I videotaped pretty much the whole thing. I am sure it will be making it’s way through the Net, just like that blinking Christmas light house, so keep an eye out.

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