Speaking of Fools…

Last night was Polly Esther’s, The Sequel.

We, along with Cap and Jenny, got a babysitter for Declan and Lily, met up with Jeff and Danielle… and headed out for another night of silliness at the local 70’s/80’s dance club, Polly Esther’s. The boys put up the the girls getting very squealy over every silly song that came on and even danced with us quite a bit. Even Cap, who threw a gauntlet down earlier in the evening by declaring he did not dance. Ha! He is no match for 3 girls!

A club like that is very interesting people watching. Some people trying to relive their glory days. Some people dancing for the fun of it. Some people just acting downright dorky. I think we were a combination of all three.

There was an older couple there and I commented to Jeff, “How cute that they still get out to shake their groove thing. I hope we can still be going out at the age, even if it is ridiculous.” To which he gamely responded, “It’s ridiculous now.”

OK, he’s got a point.

But where else can you dance to “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees and “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC in the same night?

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